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  1. How sounds a Leather coat black/ brown / red ( In tyler we trust ) for you guys ?
  2. next week, episode of 1h brah, keep your beers ;)
  3. yeah my bad i meant no guard , well just hope we will think about the older one.. pokemon like machamp makes sence only with these hidden abilities, at least for shiny prize that we cant trade or something thanks for your time
  4. my english is not that good and i have some trouble to follow everything, just want a summary, i won a shiny machamp in tournament with this current ability guts , just would like to know if will be possible to get Guts on it cause this pokemon is kinda useless atm thanks
  5. im a fair player, if you want revenge on game 3 at home , let me know ;)
  6. damn jovi forgot to come on forum , lets do that for game 2 if you want , oh and Bow, you can mail me if im not online ofc ;P
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