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  1. i take legendl and garyy winning here
  2. you made my day, thanks
  3. maybe i missed it but diglett too fucking op to be on the list ?
  4. diglet b is a joke right guys ?
  5. I know what is gambling given that i work as a casino dealer irl thanks mate. Plus, not saying to implement poker but just a game where you can gamble or having fun.People love gambling, thats a fact, and maybe not you but some rich players here do. we do have some lottery on trade corner, we have a thread for psl bet where millions are spent every week. And as you said , no one use these casino anymore coz playing machines for tms is boring and useless now. My point was here, do something with theses places where people who want to try their luck and put their balls on table can. Otherwise you can still grind money by farming berry. But im done playing garden-mmo.
  6. its not the point here
  7. Yo, well a new idea came in mind, i know i think too much these last days. Natural gift BOYOs ! With all these berry , why dont exploit this atk (4th generation i know) for the competitive scene, sounds pretty good and its just an atk to implement. Change the type of this atk would allow us some fun around
  8. Hi devs and people of our beautiful community. Was wondering what you guys think about implemented more fun game in both casino which would allow us to gamble our money, or winning prizes. These are nice places and sadly kinda useless nowadays. Thought about black jack, roulette etc I realize its far away from beeing the most usefull thing to do but sounded cool and fun in my mind. Let me know what you guys think, ideas etc. Cheers
  9. Yop tonton gyp, nous voila rendu au playoff du PSL, dis moi quand tu es dispo pour le faire, je suis dispo le soir en semaine et ce weekend.

    1. dastan


      Yo bro ! Yes 'nous voila en demi grace à un super ratio ( 1.4) de ma part  haha. Je sais pas trop encore pour mes horaires, je te propose qu on essaye de se capter au hasard pensant la semaine et au pire on se fait ca dimanche ma grosse. Biz

    2. MisterHide


      Ok ça marche comme ça

  10. time to link mine i guess =)
  11. Stall is à uguu strategy