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  1. Kei

    Wow how low, they removed your "Fuck Starlite" post... why?

    1. Kami


      The truth hurts...

    2. Kei


      Yes it does, so does eating Cap'n Crunch... My poor mouth

  2. Kami

    Yo whuzzgudd.

    Thanks for the greetings! -Daryl I didnt actually mean for it to come off as attitudy, it's just from what i've seen while browsing people are extremely intolerant of anything that dosnt match their own opinion.. And that was just in the first couple threads i randomly clicked on.
  3. Kami

    Yo whuzzgudd.

    I'm Kami, (Kamical in game) i'm prone to not caring about your rediculous and invaild opinions. Come at me bro.
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