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  1. Please respect the rules and stay on topic Emlee, we were all agreeing that Aoba was indeed best newgeimu and that New Game was AOTS.
  2. By global trade do you mean something like the grand exchange in runescape ? i'm not current on whats coming next
  3. Its a fun game dont get me wrong, but the writing is awful, they butchered alot of rpg mechanics and yeah the dialog is one of the major letdowns for me, with patches for all the bugs, dlc and mods its gonna bump it up to a great game though. And the funny thing is you can actually have intercourse with a non-human ayy lmao
  4. I'm waiting for DLC and the modding community to save FO4, right now it's pretty bad given all the hype that went around it.
  5. On the other hand i've bought some really SICK 1x31/2x31 dittos for really cheap because of people only caring about 31's.
  6. wow didnt even think about storyline scarves, i must have a few free ones then
  7. Shiny rates back to 1/8k ? I need to login, been way too long since my last OT shiny starter, purple comp mudkip here I come.
  8. I would love to have the cacturne just because of the OT, rip Mars ;_;
  9. Whenever i give a random low level poke like bagon/beldum/dratini/larvitar etc.. to a new player it literally makes their day, and before they get caught up in the whole competitive extreme grinding fiesta thats probably the happiest they will get while playing this game.
  10. Where the hell are you guys getting lvl 15 quags though
  11. He actually caught one ?! I knew he was a huge bulba fan so I'm happy he finally got it wow
  12. I understand. "You'll get bored of that bulbasaur in a week" - AestheticsBrah (April 2013)
  13.  WHO OWNS THE BULBASAUR   give you 159 hardstones + 37 harbor mail for it
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