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  1. If u would see me in real haha me like an anime girl in real life xD
  2. Thats only what me could tell from my memory. I have watched a lot of more but yeah that would be a littel bit too much :D
  3. Me doing great. At the moment me enjoy the rain outside and chill in discord. Feels free to add there me can write more ez sometimes. Only ingame its hard xD Thank u sister. Im honored to meet u
  4. Thank u very much. U can add me ingame if u like :3
  5. The best Sensei in entire PokeMMO. I love him <3.

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    2. CuteMisaki


      Its a strong poki

    3. Bestfriends


      Noivern is alright, but it may need to hold Yache Berry to take the Ice Attacks (Noivern is Generation 6, so this pokemon cannot be obtained here on PokeMMO as of the time of this response).

    4. Sunclan123


      Heavy duty boots on noivern normally 

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