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  1. Is there any guide that has ALL TRAINERS, not just the ones in the money-making guides?????
  2. Why do you keep accusing me of spamming????? It's been a day
  3. Can someone help me train my pokemon? If not, then can you tell me the best training areas in Sinnoh for every type?????
  4. Why is there no list of encounters for the Sinnoh region on this website?????
  5. People will ignore tho! So there's no way that will work! Plus many routes in Sinnoh have Staravia & Starly, so there aren't good training areas!!!!!
  6. How is this spam????? I said help to train Buizel & Roselia, not Luxio
  7. I need to train the following pokemon: Prinplup (lvl 25) Roselia (lvl 28) Buizel (lvl 24) I keep losing to everyone with these pokemon!
  8. Are there any areas in Sinnoh to train a lvl 21 Roselia?
  9. Is there a good area to train a lvl 25 Luxio! I tried every area and my Luxio sems to faint every time! Any suggestions?????
  10. For some reason, I can't destroy Gastly! I'm using a Buizel with the move pursuit, and it seems to do the same amount of damage even if I EV trained????? Do EVs not exist in the game????? OR is Gastly buffed up when compared to its game counterpart?????
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