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  1. Understandable have a nice day
  2. If anybody has the new cod on xbox and wants to play hmu
  3. Aerun why do our characters look damn near identical
  4. we should just make all vanities free that way no one ever has to feel left out or let down
  5. Jate

    Value Advice

    Shiny Hariyama, Sandslash, wingull, marowak?
  6. Jate

    Value Advice

    How much is a shiny spinda worth?
  7. How long would an average hunt take you? I know that it is purely RNG but just to get an idea of whether its worth doing or not
  8. Thanks Mariah, long time no see. That's pretty cool, seems like its via hordes. Could anybody link me a thread about horde mechanics, or how to shiny hunt through them? Ive seen pics with big hordes but my first couple are only 3 pokemon
  9. So is shiny hunting actually a thing in thisgame now? I've been gone for like 2 years, someone pls update me
  10. Jate

    WTT Shiny Telf LF Ban

    1. Telf


      you just gotta post it in every trade thread, eaz.

  11. That's really awesome man, good stuff
  12. Yo @FuzzyRegirock is this you? At 2:44 https://youtu.be/xWWogyX84CU
  13. Jate


    Played some matches last night with all 1 hero teams. Soldier 76, genji, and junkrat. Genji actually kind of worked, we didn't win but it was competitive still Lmao
  14. Jate


  15. Jate


    But he's still not that good, people are just really bad still. But @Gilgameshcan I get your tag or am I not worthy
  16. Jate


    Zenyatta can be good if you don't suck.
  17. Jate


    You guys gotta let vorred and I in on this shit once the game comes out
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