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  1. Jate's Shop (Comps, Breeders & UTS)

    Added voltorb hue
  2. Voltorb Lotto

    Wait im alive, ive just been schoolin real hard
  3. Is Gen4 here yet or nah?

    Understandable have a nice day
  4. Jate's Shop (Comps, Breeders & UTS)

    No thanks, Im gonna hold off on new shinys for a bit
  5. LF Gen 5 follower sprite mod
  6. My 3 years+ being banned.

    They got banned in 2014, probably during bikemmo
  7. [Sig] Alito's Free Signatures

    Those are sick, thanks a bunch!
  8. [Sig] Alito's Free Signatures

    Name : Jate Team Tag (If you want): VVVV Characters/Pokemons : Buzzwole Background (If you want any): Whatever you think looks best Additional things (if you want too): Thank you in advance!
  9. Voltorb Lotto

    100, 95, 3, 14, 44
  10. Veni Vidi Vici Vixi Versus

    If anybody has the new cod on xbox and wants to play hmu
  11. Jate's Shop (Comps, Breeders & UTS)

    Beedrill gone added Volbeat
  12. Aerun why do our characters look damn near identical

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