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  1. This is actually an amazing idea for a catch event. Good stuff
  2. Value Advice

    Machop line?
  3. Value Advice

    Shiny Beautifly?
  4. Value Advice

    Shiny Hariyama, Sandslash, wingull, marowak?
  5. Ayyyy

    1. Jate


      Ayyy lmao

    2. RealLifeAngel


      God I miss that meme lol

  6. Not sure his value, I just came back after about 2 years of not playing. Also Zard does not have the ancient power egg move Best offer atm, I want to give it a little bit though
  7. OU Charizard Hasty (Male) 22/31/23/31/21/31 252 Attack, 112 Sp Atk, 146 Speed Wing attack, overheat, belly drum, sub Blaziken Adamant (Male) 30/28/19/31/20/31 252 Atk/Speed, 6 Hp Swords Dance, Thunder Punch, SuperPower, Blaze Kick Starmie Timid 26/15/31/23/22/31 252 Sp Atk/Speed, 6 Def Tbolt, Ice beam, Psychic, Surf Miltank Careful 30/31/29/22/28/31 252 HP, 52 Atk, 194 Sp Def, 12 Speed Body Slam, Milk Drink, Ice Punch, Heal Bell Alakazam Timid (Male) 22/31/24/31/21/31 252 Speed / Sp Atk, 6 Def Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Psychic (lol) UU Glalie Relaxed (Male) 29/22/29/31/28/31 252 HP, 202 Def, 56 Sp Def Ice Beam, Light Screen, Explosion, Spikes Quagsire Brave (Male) 28/24/28/31/30/31 252 Hp, 194 Sp Def, 64 Atk Surf, Earthquake, Curse, Recover Pikachu Hasty (Male) 22/7/24/23/20/30 252 Speed, 200 Sp Atk, 58 Atk Focus Punch, Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, T-wave Breeders Smeargle Jolly (Male) 30/31/29/31/30/29 Smeargle Naughty (Male) 31/22/31/30/28/31 Smeargle Bold (Male) 31/20/29/30/30/30 Smeargle Hasty (Male) 30/31/20/31/30/31 Granbull Adamant (Male) 30/31/31/23/29/30 Snorunt Bold (Male) 31/27/26/31/29/31 Shelgon Adamant (Male EV Trained) 24/31/31/21/31/31 Beldum Adamant 29/26/28/28/16/23 Seadra Modest (Female HP Grass EV Trained) 30/20/31/26/31/31 Snorunt Rash (Male) 29/26/24/31/30/31 UTs Azumarill Adamant (Female) Huge Power 27/31/25/28/31/31 Toxic, Sub, Focus Punch, Return Dratini Mild (Female) 23/31/29/31/22/31 Ice beam, Tbolt, ddance, sub LF Cash Offers Pls dont ask how much Also LF Common Shinys to buy :)
  8. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Yo is that s h i n y telf?
  9. Value Advice

    How much is a shiny spinda worth?
  10. How long would an average hunt take you? I know that it is purely RNG but just to get an idea of whether its worth doing or not
  11. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    Someone carry me
  12. Thanks Mariah, long time no see. That's pretty cool, seems like its via hordes. Could anybody link me a thread about horde mechanics, or how to shiny hunt through them? Ive seen pics with big hordes but my first couple are only 3 pokemon

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