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  1. Oohh! My favorite since last year is Drifloon! I feel like I'm quite fickle cause my fave changes depending on which I see as the cutest >~< haha
  2. From what I know in Sinnoh FAQs you need to fill in Sinnoh Dex first.. You can check it here : https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/107222-sinnoh-faqs/page/2/
  3. I would just fish for magikarp for super easy and quick battle for grinding roselia on that level until around 30.. But that would depend on whether you are willing with that method or you have plans with EVs and such.. Cause I'm a casual player that doesn't think much about EVs~
  4. @Calahoo38 You can use this https://pokemondb.net/location#tab=loc-sinnoh I usually check encounter in that site..
  5. The art is beautiful! Can I use this as my wallpaper pls?
  6. Revuja


    Thank you for all the warm welcome :3
  7. Revuja


    Thank you! Much appreciated :D
  8. Revuja


    ah, okay thank you very much!
  9. Revuja


    Yeah I know that.. I was just making sure whether items that we can't pick color from can also be dyed with it or not.. like the racoon tail
  10. There is search function tho in Global Trading.. I used that to browse around.. didn't have enough to buy anything as of yet
  11. Revuja


    Hello! Newcomer here, Just made the character 2 days ago.. Wondering if I bought the costume from gift shop that has no color option ,can I color it with the dye from the gift shop?
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