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  1. Thanks for the event ! Really great event !
  2. This is the most stupid petition i’ve ever seen in a game … and the “reasons”/text that follows the petition is even worse… Plz fix yourself and stop crying. This game is wonderful and it’s impossible in any game to make 100% player base happy. More important than 1 or 2 players, it’s the economy and balance the game has and this feature is a must in those 2 terms. So plz, stop crying and make yourself a real pokemon player and go grind just like we all do, for money, for shinys, for dex, whatever is your thing.
  3. Best event ! Again. Thank you Danger and all the hosts! (Neil, Walrus, Moh, Fongus) Next one will be even bigger!
  4. I was 😄 Green dude in grass ahahaha group of Danger
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