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  1. Shiny Mawile, Shiny Roselia/Roserade
  2. I'll do 100k on each of the night games Pats, Skins, Rams
  3. Finally have access to a laptop Current top 12 not including duplicates
  4. Figured I'd miss something in gen 5 (wasn't a fan) well we can hope it works like that! Otherwise we'll know what poke will be on every team in gen 7
  5. You're probably right that it won't reset, but they didn't make it clear in my opinion that that's confirmed. If im not mistaken, that'd be the first ability ever to have a singular use in that way, that's why I thought switching out would reset it probably wrong about that being the only ability but I'm on my phone and it's harder to look stuff up haha
  6. Munsdale is probably my favorite out of that set. Hope that move it uses in the video is something worth using competitively You guys are right about Mimikyu or whatever will easily be banned if it has above average stats. 3 resistinances and a free sub when switching in? (Assuming the ability works multiple times) is just crazy
  7. Literally don't use it on anything but stuff I know I'll keep around like the Lapras I posted before Unfortunately my laptop shit the bed this morning so I can't post the picture but as I was coming home I found the last rhyhorn I needed for rhydon! Always been one of my favorite pokes
  8. You get two sets of the x3 type at level 20, can't remember the last time before that I got a set tho Really think they should give one for every level up after level 20 with how much exp they demand Or maybe even give another infinite one at level 20 rather than the two sets Page SeaKing
  9. After getting an Eevee of all pokes (which are disgustingly common where I live) with my first 10k egg, I finally got my first S-rank poke out of this 10k egg Basing the S-rank off this list, although I've seen other lists floating around where people lump 35+ CP as S-rank https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/4se870/pokemon_cp_tier_list/
  10. Hit level 20 after my run this morning. Gives some pretty good items as a trade for having to get 50k to reach level 21 Current top 12 The 1021 Clefable was the first poke I found after reaching level 20. Should have a 1000+ Nidoking and Vileplume by the end of the day as well. Need about 20 candies for both respectively Eevees are roughly as common as Rattatas around here
  11. All kinds of characters out and about searching with me today Some kid says to me "The most incredible part about this game is it got me to leave my house. This is my first sunburn in 3 years!" Naturally I didn't know how to reply and proceeded to walk away
  12. A bit over halfway to level 17 and I haven't tried the lucky egg leveling up method yet Takes 20k exp starting at level 15 to level up tho, shit is rough man
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