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  1. The tournament schedule is extended 3 - 4 hours more, depending on the duration of the OU Shiny Official PvP, stay tuned for any changes, Thank you
  2. Team Welcome to Sky [ESky] opening tournament 05/29/2022 - UTC 10:10pm / ET 6:10pm / PT 03:10pm / 🇪🇸 00:10am / 🇦🇷 🇧🇷 7:10pm / 🇮🇹 🇵🇪 🇨🇴 5:10pm /🇨🇱6:10pm Tournament: Teams. Tiers: OU, Randoms, NU ( 3 Friends) 1st place $6,000,000 2nd place $600,000 3rd and 4th place $150,000 Location: Team Galactic's HQ, in Vellstone City. Ch1. ================================================================================================================= Rules - team tournaments: #1. If a team member is absent and has not yet fighted, the rest of his team will have 15 minutes to replace him and tell the organizer of the tournament what is the name of the player they will replace the absent member; if not a replacement in time they will be granted the victory to his opponent. #2. If the absent member has already been replaced, then the replacement will occupy the place in the team for the rest of the tournament, expelled from the team to the member that was absent. #3. If a team member is gone to internet connection in the first 5 shifts of the combat and lose because of it, both him, and his opponent will be to combat again. (this doesn't apply if they have already defeated a pokémon in those 5 shifts) #4. In the event a team is over in a tie with the rival team, the unempathet will be decided back to repeat their last duel. (if one of the players who faced the last duel is not present, then the previous duel will be repeated to the last one.) #5. This rule is the most important, in order to participate in this tournament you must necessarily join our Discord server, where the registration for said event will start, do not hesitate to do so ❤️ ^^ https://discord.gg/4mHe7cGEZG ^^
  3. IGN: xSofy Preferred Tiers: lc OU - lc UU Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked): Maybe Idk Discord contact: Sofia#1331 Fluff: ª Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: Alls ^^
  4. IGN: XSofiaQwQXx Time Zone: (UTC-5) Tiers: Doubles, LC, UU Fluff: Hopefully i had a lot more experience with this game ,but despite the short time that i have been able to spend, i have come to control many of the tiers, and i would like to continue improving through this PSL.🥰
  5. Nombre del equipo: CoreSeven Etiqueta del equipo: CØRË Jugadores registrados: JossueCR, Wallarro, Bund, Silverraid, zXsenshiXz, Rodrigosalas, xSofiaQwQxx, zkot, TezcatYT, darmoiZ, JoshueCM, AxelitoMix, XxxVictor, INTELL, danielZF, Vosfijate. Capitán del equipo: JossueCR
  6. En nombre del juego: XSofiaQwQXx País / Región: Soy de España,pero no podré jugar por ahí, asi que ire por Cuba Niveles preferidos: Dubs Lc Nu Uu Nota personal: Soy muy mala :s Etiqueta de discordia: Sofia #1331
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