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  1. HIDE N' SEEK Date September 26, 2021 Time 8:30 pm (PHT) Location Unova ch 2 Rule's • no cheating - paying our host to win in the game is prohibited our rules. • accept your lose - accept your lose have some sportsmanship and enjoy the game • every round has a duration • the first person to see and trade with our host wins Host TooEazyForMe Keep safe everyone
  2. Ditto Farm Price List: 5x Ditto = 15k Ditto Per Box = 190k Message ProfessorIVZZ#2560 on Discord for more Details
  3. Price: All Stats + Level = 40k All Stats + Level + Happiness = 55k Mail To @RukawaXXX your Receipt Mons & your Fee Send to @RukawaXXX the following format below in your mailing Format: - Ev Stat and Spread - Want To Keep Movesets - Want to Evolve the mons or nah It Takes 30mins to deliver your Ev Trained Mons so be just Patient, Have a Good Day Everyone
  4. KATIPUNERO''S LITTLE CUP UNDERGROUND PRACTICE Hosted By: DocTzy Date: August 1, 2021 Time: 4:00 Pm Week 1 Player Bracket: JacobTzy LadyRimoro MEAVB RukawaXXX Paulmanrique Toxxicc
  5. SHINY SHOWCASE DangerousAspect: Paulmanrique: Chrishybaby: AyushGhalley:
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