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  1. Seems to be related to the club part? does anyone speak
  2. Sethen

    Now the limited-time fashion blue skull mask launched in 2016 costs 3000m, and I still continue the habit of fighting NPCs that reward 3000 yuan every day. I think I will be able to get it soon. 😄

  3. 我和我的父亲是怎么认识的?
  4. If it is a Chinese player, it must be YIBU
  5. I want to know I think they have the power to make the system automatically distribute these gift Pokémon and until now, it is still Squirtle to adjust the data to distribute these Pokémon Just because players love Squirtle's OT? (i like them too)
  6. ?? 这是啥 意思是是仿照那个玩意儿做的?
  7. Desu will only watch the second dimension! He doesn't understand PokeMMO
  8. I wonder if we just give out prizes based on the people on the list, then there will be a lot of duplicate players who occupy some positions and our prizes will be much less than they should be.
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