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  1. does anyone know how to extrak Sprites from PokeMMO?
  2. Celebi part is make sense since Celebi can do time traveller, but i forget to Mention HG and SS has more than 8 Legendary Pokemon and one of them is Mewtwo ( i exclude all Legendary from Event)
  3. many People always ask why they never add Johto Region, well i ask same too but i have some reason why they dont add Johto to the game 1, HGSS is featured Kanto we all know HGSS is featured Kanto after we beat Elite four and we already have Kanto from FireRed but i have solution for this, if player want to leave Kanto from Firered Player will never be able to back Firered Kanto again (this will be fair, since people in Global Chat agree with me) 2, Free Access to shiny Gyarados yeah we know that in HGSS there is Shiny Gyarados in lake and yes everyone can catch that obviously, but many People who spend they time finding Shiny Magikarp will mad at this so this my Solution, Make the Shiny Gyarados cant be catch like Giratina battle in Sinnoh or we can just leave it and make our Shiny rate for finding shiny Gyarados on that lake became 1/50 3, Apricorn tree we all know Apricorn tree is spread arround Johto Region, and cant be planted like berries, and yes probably dev will remove them like Sinnoh Berries (no more craftable Pokeballs :''v) i dont have any solution for this one 4, Catch able Legendary yeah i know this not relate to Johto Region, but please let everyone catch it and keep it, but as result it cant used in PVP or tournament well anyone has any idea?
  4. and none of Sound mod work, either real Cry or Music mod
  5. the Sprite is too small when as enemy?
  6. yeah i will share it, but i cant be sure when its done
  7. yeah i think we never get Mega Evolution Update so i tried to make mod that Change normal Pokemon into Mega Counterpart i also do the Backsprite
  8. yeah doesn't look really well, idk how to take the Sprite from PokeMMO lol
  9. so using normal as base, oke noted, thanks for the tips
  10. so after i see this Here bruh so i think why not make the battle sprite too, yeah i know its not easy but how am i supose to do with only 1 frame for creating the mod (finding the Sprite is hard)
  11. i tried to understand how modding in this game so it would take a while if and yes i dont find any sound mod work in Android
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14-BR8brh5DCGFN_fsb7X6pOBXLZjIGuv/view?usp=drivesdk Mega seems hate me, it doesn't allow me to acces their application or they website, so i reupload it to Gdrive
  13. oke wait, i gonna reuplod it via Mediafire
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