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  1. Easy bro, it's not your fault that the particles are seen in the last xDD image.
  2. Ok, you are going to that point, the truth is I know that maybe no tickets are sold, maybe 100 are sold, because I know this community perfectly, and I know that there are players who will try to find the weak point of Everything, and it is understood, but it is not the best, I do not make my publications in order to scam, but to give something to the forum and the players, the ticket is at 22k, maybe someone only buys 1 and wins the raffle, from That is, and no, I will not take all the money, most likely I will give 50% or a little less to the people who helped me make this publication possib
  3. Hi guys, here CifrusS! Today I will do a raffle with the help of the staff member BrokenBulb, the raffle pokemon is not a shiny :c, but it is a 6x31 Munchlax with its farming moveset and 6 particles >:'3. Price of each ticket: 22k. Maximum tickets per player: 20. My Nickname in-game: Aperroxd Start date: 10/06/2021, 10AM (Colombian hour) Finish Date: 25/06/2021, 10AM (Colombian hour) Helped by: BrokenBulb Good Luck to everyone :D List of Players with tickets: [email protected] = 1 ticket (22k) [email protected] = 2 tickets (44k)
  4. Buenos días / tardes / noches, aquí CifrusS!, tengo una pequeña 'inquietud' la probabilidad de aparición de un Pokémon variocolor por huevo es la misma que la probabilidad de encuentro con un variocolor salvaje? Muchas gracias a todos y suerte en lo que estén haciendo ^^ ///// Good morning / afternoon / evening, here CifrusS!, I have a little 'concern'. Is the probability of a Shiny Pokémon per egg the same as the probability of encountering a wild Shiny Pokémon? Thank you all very much and good luck in what you are doing ^^
  5. Hello everybody! I would like to know what I need to do a raffle, thank you very much for your attention. psdt: I speak mostly Spanish but also some English xD. psdt: my in-game name is ´Aperroxd´ (I know it is not the best name but it is what there is xdd)
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