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  1. Yeah, it can be challenging creating a theme, and super tedious as you want to go through each change to ensure it looks the way you want. I am glad you like the theme πŸ™‚
  2. Yeah, that is somewhat my goal. I want a way to fuel some money to me so I can start building COMP teams but also assist with the PokeMMO community with there own themes they would like. I look forward to the many request as you have mentioned, but I know I am going to eat my own words in the future if I get busy with lots of request. I think prioritizing them is just being logical and realistic to be honest and no hard feelings here at all. I definitely didn't think you were stepping on my toes or trying to tell me what to do, so all good. I still stand by what I said... if you want to come back and do the theme shop thing, then go for it! It is not about being rude or anything of that nature. Let's be real, we have different styles of work so someone could choose what they would want similar to the type of car they choose from different dealerships. lol. *I will say, I thought about it and I have revamped my original thread to somewhat of a similar approach (I might as well copied you at this point) and decided to let the person name the price as that would be fair. Maybe down the road do a tier list system once I have done many requests and built a good foundation. So, I appreciate the idea! πŸ™‚
  3. I have modified my main post for a 4th tier list called "blended" that would better help with the price amount one is spending. Get to pick and choose what you want per say πŸ™‚ Whatever you decide, not a problem at all. I would say throw anything and everything at me with what you would like to see in the theme and I should be able to do reflect that in the theme quite well. But as mentioned, whatever you decide.
  4. Nice! Yeah I understand what you mean. If that is what you decide, that is all up to you. The main reason I chose 3 tiers is to help simplify the process and of course the amount of money attached to the tiers. Lets be real, it takes time and effort to make a theme.. especially a super customized one. I feel the prices are reasonable.
  5. Create your own PokeMMO theme (Theme Shop) By: AnonymousPoke Hello everyone! I have decided to put my skills to use for the entire PokeMMO community. I have recently ventured into creating PokeMMO themes and I thought, why not make some themes for the entire community (for a cost of course). Below I have an example of what I have completed and posted within the client customization section and to show how far and heavy changes I can go with creating a theme. I initially setup a tier list system for you to choose from, but I decided to take a similar approach to what @Staggiie has done a previous GUI Theme Shop. Below my example work, I will have an outline/template to help guide how you want the theme done πŸ™‚ *Note: There is no technical timeline to get "your" theme done. I will work to get them done asap and payment will not be required until I have the theme completed. I will PM you my IGN once your theme is completed for the price you have agreed to send over for my time and effort. My Work: Template Submission: IGN: ??? (So I know who I am working with) Theme: ??? (Needs to be PokΓ©mon related or color theme related) Additional Info: ??? (Anything more specific you want to put about the theme) Price: ??? (You name the price) Please post in this thread below with your template submission and I will look to get started on it. Just remember, I will put time and effort into these themes and I will make sure they are perfect as if they were my own theme I created. *** THIS IS FOR PC GUI ONLY. I WILL LOOK TO ADD ANDROID GUI SUPPORT IN THE FUTURE *** Install Instructions (Once you have the theme I created): 1.) Download the theme I have created for you. 2.) Unzip and extract the folder to: \PokeMMO\data\themes 3.) Open PokeMMO 4.) Go to Settings -> Interface -> Theme 5.) Select: (Your Theme Name)
  6. Lol? I can understand if it were any other pokemon.. but it is Snorlax. He is just sleeping ;)
  7. I have now updated the theme to v1.2 Ultimately this theme was to have anyone use/enjoy by ensuring multi-language support with certain GUI aspects of the theme. This is now all done. I also made a fix to selection boxes showing active and disabled - making the disabled not visible essentially. So, all is good. Enjoy! πŸ™‚
  8. This is the design intent of the theme. Due to how stretching of GUI boxes work, I decided to only show the main mechanics (Location/Money/Time) and anything else would simply be under the box. I deemed it still looked okay, so I was pleased with the outcome. Think of the additional text under the box as a bonus πŸ™‚
  9. How about this, let me take a look as this soon and I "should" be able to make the elements in other languages look the same no matter the language being used. Which should make everyone happy πŸ™‚ I will provide an update soon.
  10. That is because you are using a different language other than "English". The other language attack types have been untouched as you see. I do not plan on doing the other language portions of the theme.
  11. The theme has now been updated to Version 1.1. Please read the "Changelog" for all changes/fixes done and recheck the screenshots as you will also notice the change made in many areas as well. Enjoy! πŸ™‚
  12. If there is a true want from multiple members in the forum community here, I can definitely look to make the redesign concept come to life in the form of an actual GUI theme that you can use. I have created this theme (https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/136375-gui-abdg-a-better-default-gui-theme/) recently and I actually took some ideas from the concept itself and was able to make it happen. Le me know everyone :)
  13. Glad to see the VirusTotal verifying all is good. I was partially joking about BitDefender, but more digging at all anti-virus software. When it comes down to it, built in to Windows 10, the default anti-software/firewall does the job just fine. I work in the IT field and majority of the time is "user error" when receiving viruses or any form of malicious software. So, I only see the 3rd part anti-virus as another layer of protection if you like to download from areas that could potentially be unsafe - that is my too sense. Hope you enjoy the theme! :)
  14. Let me clear a few things up. First off, I know I have had numerous people download my theme and have had no issue nor is there anything malicious within the theme package itself. Second, If you pay attention closely to what BitDefender has prompted to you... it states that MediaFire is a "suspicious" site and could be a possible issue. There is nowhere where it mentions anything about the file itself (So this is also why I have added multiple mirror downloads). Third, it is my right to be anonymous.... I do not want to get messaged in-game because I made a theme on the PokeMMO forum. And just to throw it out there, we all know BitDefender is trash ;)
  15. I am looking to create this theme on the "Android" platform. Would this be something others would be interested in before I try to mimic this theme I have created? Please let me know as I will more likely not start this process unless others have stated they would like this.
  16. Just noticed the theme was missing the custom "arrow_set.png" file for the pokemon summary moves (arrows going up and down). I have added into theme and reuploaded the theme under all new links in the "Download Link: (Multiple Mirrors)" section in the original thread post above.
  17. ABDG (A Better Default Gui) Theme By: AnonymousPoke / Version 1.2 I decided to have a go at a pokemmo theme for the community. I have taken inspiration from the default theme, Dark Blend, and the PokeMMO UI Redesign Concept and created a theme that should look good no matter what is going on within the game. The idea was to keep as many default elements in place, but add a new look a feel that would all blend perfectly. Hope you enjoy! Changelog: * I have removed my name out of all screenshots below to stay anonymous * Login Screen: Trainer Card: Location/Money/GameTime: Hotkey Bar/Party Bar/Game Bar: Chatbox: Item Bag: Global Trade Link: Gift Shop: Pokemon Summary: PokeDex: PC Deposit Box: Breeding: Battle: PokeMart: Matchmaking Signups: FAQ: Install Instructions: 1.) Download the file called "ABDG (A Better Default Gui) v1.2.zip" (From one of the mirrors below) 2.) Extract the folder to: \PokeMMO\data\themes 3.) Open PokeMMO 4.) Go to Settings -> Interface -> Theme 5.) Select: ABDG (A Better Default Gui) v1.2 Download Link: (Multiple Mirrors) - Version 1.2 Mediafire - https://www.mediafire.com/file/bizlkeh4wer6oa3/ABDG+(A+Better+Default+Gui)+v1.2.zip/file SendSpace - https://www.sendspace.com/file/k78q2g FileDropper - http://www.filedropper.com/abdgabetterdefaultguiv12 ZippyShare - https://www101.zippyshare.com/v/qJqgRTHy/file.html File.io - https://file.io/nQjhv25NcfDQ UFile.io - https://ufile.io/1i7qnodb Really Like the theme? Feel free to donate by PMing me to show your appreciation towards the hard work I put into making this theme / ** DONATION IS NOT REQUIRED OF COURSE ** WARNING I have not themed the contest window as I will never use this feature in the game. I can look to theme these elements if really wanted - just let me know. I will not be making a rounded version of this theme or add anything extra to the theme, so please do not ask. I will look to theme elements of PokeMMO that I may have missed - just let me know.
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