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  1. If there is a true want from multiple members in the forum community here, I can definitely look to make the redesign concept come to life in the form of an actual GUI theme that you can use. I have created this theme (https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/136375-gui-abdg-a-better-default-gui-theme/) recently and I actually took some ideas from the concept itself and was able to make it happen. Le me know everyone :)
  2. Glad to see the VirusTotal verifying all is good. I was partially joking about BitDefender, but more digging at all anti-virus software. When it comes down to it, built in to Windows 10, the default anti-software/firewall does the job just fine. I work in the IT field and majority of the time is "user error" when receiving viruses or any form of malicious software. So, I only see the 3rd part anti-virus as another layer of protection if you like to download from areas that could potentially be unsafe - that is my too sense. Hope you enjoy the theme! :)
  3. Let me clear a few things up. First off, I know I have had numerous people download my theme and have had no issue nor is there anything malicious within the theme package itself. Second, If you pay attention closely to what BitDefender has prompted to you... it states that MediaFire is a "suspicious" site and could be a possible issue. There is nowhere where it mentions anything about the file itself (So this is also why I have added multiple mirror downloads). Third, it is my right to be anonymous.... I do not want to get messaged in-game because I made a theme on the PokeMMO forum.
  4. I am looking to create this theme on the "Android" platform. Would this be something others would be interested in before I try to mimic this theme I have created? Please let me know as I will more likely not start this process unless others have stated they would like this.
  5. Just noticed the theme was missing the custom "arrow_set.png" file for the pokemon summary moves (arrows going up and down). I have added into theme and reuploaded the theme under all new links in the "Download Link: (Multiple Mirrors)" section in the original thread post above.
  6. ABDG (A Better Default Gui) Theme By: AnonymousPoke I decided to have a go at a pokemmo theme for the community. I have taken inspiration from the default theme, Dark Blend, and the PokeMMO UI Redesign Concept and created a theme that should look good no matter what is going on within the game. The idea was to keep as many default elements in place, but add a new look a feel that would all blend perfectly. Hope you enjoy! Key Feature Changes: Added custom dark background on login screen to override login screen animation. Removed text background in pok
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