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  1. Nombre del equipo: Nohands Jugador UU: Wallarro Jugador NU: lLatios
  2. IGN: lLatios Pref tier: all but lc dbs Discord: Latios#4547
  3. Woopers won the week OU1: Artemisaaa vs Quitezy OU2: qmanzanop contra Azphiel (w) UU: xNotYourFriend (w)Vs MadaraSixSix NU: xJossue Vs ByronerAJNG (w) Doblajes : YJos(w) Vs Rickypoke LC: Kokenosaurio (w)Vs xWhinkz MC - OU: zLumiere(w) vs Edwardinho MC - UU: Huargensy(w) vs BadButWin
  4. xd, I didn't know that you had to ask for permission to use the term "psl" xd
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