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  1. IGN: DragoVertex Tier: OU Pokepaste:https://pokepast.es/a4bd0e74176604e8 Garchomp: Put the rocks or if the foe is OHKO-able Eq. Flamethrower for skarmory. Weavile: Fast boi, Late game sweep. Get sword dance if possible. Cofagrigus: Main defencive bulk. Will-o-wisp + Hex combo. Haze if opponent tries to set up. Blissey: Main special defencive bulk. Toxic stall. Block for opponent stalls. Flamethrower for ferrothorn,skarmory or incoming scizor. Scizor: U-turn for momentum. Bullet punch to clear low hp pokes. Conkeldurr: Main offensive pressure. Drain punch+mach punch for most of the things. Facade for those who resists. Ice punch for dragons and flying. If ghosts switches in switch to blissey ( mostly ghosts are special ).
  2. I'm trying to locate where is the ookemon cry sounds located in the polemmo apk via extracting it. But i can't seem to find it. Does anyone know where is it located?
  3. Is there any real cry (basically anime version of pokemon cry) mod compatible with android? I have tried to use 2 Real cry mods i found on the forums but none of them worked. Does anyone know if there is one for android? Thanks Mods i have tried to use : And
  4. So, i am trying to install pokemmo android on a android os. But it seems its not working? Any suggestion how? Sorry if im asking in the wrong section :)
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