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  1. voto porque el lc sea añadido, igual ni voy a jugar y ni se de estamos hablando, pero seguro necesita el flow de lc
  2. IGN: deathsaurus preferred tiers: gen8lc,OU lc(plz never put me in lc dubs, unless its in showdown) Competitive accolades: in terms of competitive accolades , i dont have competitive accolades discord contact: el muertesaurio#1735 fluff: uh yeah......next question. Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: dont have tbh
  3. https://pokepast.es/b353aa47b03204fc okay so this is a team, i normally use, hitmontop and togekiss help a lot this team, wideguard blocks heatwave-muddywater-eartquake-rockslide-discharge, pretty common moves that can destroy or seriously damage this team , now my english isnt the best but i will try, speed with hitmontop and togekiss is needed in case u want to outspeed certain thins, like non speed ev blastoise, or in the case of togekiss with tailwind on his side, outspeeding crobat , the rest its simple, rotom-w and mamoswine work pretty well since mamoswine can hit dragons and grass and help rotom with priority(ice shard) while rotom can boost thanks to his bulk , or keep pressing with eartquake and discharge combo , anyway going into chandelure and scizor, theyre the best option agains tr, chandelure hits really hard a lot of tr setters, and scizor can just boost and bpunch you to death or bug bite to death, i forgot to said tailwind helps the team with the main issue which is SPEED, overall the teams works pretty fine with the support that hitmontop and togekiss offers, as well as the coverage the mons have. IGN: juaie
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