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  1. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    It sounds like you're trying to start a Rivalry. This is a very Reckless Endeavor - the Aftermath of this Fighting may involve some Guts. Run Away while you still can.
  2. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Sounds like someone's dragon staff into this. Careful or we'll steel the show.
  3. Unova soontm , prepare for the bird war.


    Pidove #1

    1. RacheLucario


      My Pidgeys will win.

  4. Rachel, go to bed

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kizhaz


      B-but, you need to sleep

    3. RacheLucario


      Sleep is a foreign concept to me.

    4. Kizhaz


      Nah, you're a sleepyhead 

  5. fd989fbc6ab7841595e1839e51b466d8.png

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    2. Moetal


      Oy what the fuck you doing

    3. RysPicz


      Nothing interesting, shooooo

    4. Moetal


      If it involves moemon, I'm here. Don't you abuse moemoes.

  6. The daycare lady is purely a leveling service - she will not breed Pokemon. Breeders need to be given to the daycare man outside, who will keep the Pokemon you give to him in exchange for their child, whose potential stats can be seen when selecting breeders.
  7. When Unova arrives, I feel that a ton of birds might pop out of my screen. I am going to blame RacheLucario for hiding these birds in my laptop.

  8. "Oh"

    1. Munya


      These people try to hard to be funny and fail at it, why are you watching these awful videos?  Why are you reposting them for others to watch?

    2. Moetal


      Wow Munya.

  9. Safari better ball

    This would massively devalue hard to catch Pokemon such as the Johto starters and the effort put into obtaining them, so I can guarantee that we won't be giving players a cheap Master Ball with each safari run. This sort of blatantly flawed suggestion (and a few people supporting it without thinking about it) is something I see a lot, so I'll take this opportunity to share some general advice for the people who frequent this section - the more thought out and reasonable that a suggestion is, the higher the likelihood of the problem it seeks to solve being addressed. If it's a minor yet complex problem like this and we also have to come up with a solution from scratch, it tends to not be tweaked for a long time, if ever. These are some questions worth asking yourselves when making a suggestion; "What is this suggestion trying to achieve?" "What positive/negative impact will this have on the game?" "Is there a way to lose the negatives without losing the positives?" "Can this be done through a completely different method?" From what I can gather, the underlying issue here is the paranoia associated with potentially encountering a shiny in the safari and having it flee from battle, making players not want to go to the safari. Giving players the ability to essentially purchase a temporary master ball is not an option due to the economic impact it would have on non-shiny rares, so let's look at an alternative; preventing shiny Pokemon from appearing in the safari at all. This would completely address the paranoia issue for those aware of the change, but it's perhaps not ideal as it would make safari-exclusive shinies extremely rare. This wouldn't be as much of an issue if no species are actually safari-exclusive however, which may eventually be the case as more regions are added. If this alternative is undesirable, I encourage people to think of other alternatives that they would prefer to address the issue instead of simply building upon something that is realistically never going to happen. This applies to all suggestions, not this one in particular. @Ichigo has the right approach here, although his particular alternative isn't viable as it's both inconsistent with the rules of the world and ceases to fix the issue when players have used all of their Master Balls. In any case, this is how problems get solved - by thinking about the problem itself and considering the pros, cons, and overall effectiveness of a proposed solution, then finding other ways to do it if it's not going to work. The first thing that pops into a person's head is usually not going to be the right answer.
  10. Saw a drunk or injured bird get hit by a car on the freeway today. Not cool.

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    2. RacheLucario


      Wishing that someone would get hit by a car in its place isn't cool either.

    3. Moetal


      Munya ain't someone though. Don't treat it like a living thing.

    4. Moetal


      So is Munya banned yet?

  11. Conga Line

    Development time is far better spent working on reasons not to be AFK instead. Encouraging a lack of activity is ultimately counter-productive and poor game design. This also has the potential to break characters and/or be prone to exploits - defeating the Elite Four doesn't mean that every area is unlocked and every script activated. I can safely say that this will not be happening.
  12. Channel Wide Mutes

    Just to clarify this point, we don't mute the entirety of channel chat, but if someone is misbehaving, that individual player will be punished, which is the fairest way to handle it. We have no intention of changing this system to one that punishes everyone for the actions of a few players.
  13. http://make.girls.moe/#/


    Now you can randomly generate an anime girl.

  14. Pokemon Quiz - Are you a noob or a pro?

    Disappointingly I'm apparently Uxie.

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