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  1. Saw a drunk or injured bird get hit by a car on the freeway today. Not cool.

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    2. RacheLucario


      Wishing that someone would get hit by a car in its place isn't cool either.

    3. Moetal


      Munya ain't someone though. Don't treat it like a living thing.

    4. Moetal


      So is Munya banned yet?

  2. Development time is far better spent working on reasons not to be AFK instead. Encouraging a lack of activity is ultimately counter-productive and poor game design. This also has the potential to break characters and/or be prone to exploits - defeating the Elite Four doesn't mean that every area is unlocked and every script activated. I can safely say that this will not be happening.
  3. Just to clarify this point, we don't mute the entirety of channel chat, but if someone is misbehaving, that individual player will be punished, which is the fairest way to handle it. We have no intention of changing this system to one that punishes everyone for the actions of a few players.
  4. Shield Dust is not supposed to prevent the effects of Rapid Spin, so this is intentional. In the future, if you think that something may be broken, please post in the Bug Reports section instead.
  5. Disappointingly I'm apparently Uxie.
  6. It's likely that it will be overshadowed by other Dragon Dancers if they remain in OU. Salamence, Dragonite, and Haxorus come to mind with their significantly higher attack stats and useful abilities. Although Flygon has an immunity to electric moves and ground STAB, its raw power is lacking compared to its competitors and its ground typing takes away its water/grass resistance. Its Stealth Rock resistance works to its advantage at least. As far as counters go, Skarmory and Bronzong (if it's available) resist Outrage and are immune to Earthquake. Bulky water types also do fairly well against it, especially if carrying Ice Beam. Regardless of its boosts, a reasonably powerful Ice Shard can also take Flygon out, especially if it's locked into Outrage and unable to switch out. Like most physical attackers, a burn will cripple it too. Flygon is potentially quite scary if it's allowed to set up, but it's not without its checks and counters and is outclassed in many aspects by its competitors. Its typing might give it a niche, but it just doesn't have the raw power (and bulk in the cases of Intimidate Salamence and especially Multiscale Dragonite) that the other dragons have and isn't likely to see much OU usage unless its competitors end up in ubers. This is all just speculation though - I could end up being wrong.
  7. Munya is very rude to me lately 

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    2. Moetal


      I think Munya has brain problems. He is talking to himself and praising berd on his own profile.

    3. Munya



    4. Moetal


      Mad bird

  8. hola consulta sabes cuando actualizan pkmmo?

    1. RacheLucario


      I don't know when it will be. / No sé cuándo será.

    2. Emilio


      muchas gracias ojalas sea pronto :)

  9. I'm not a developer and the suggestion isn't bad enough that it warrants outright closing (it's actually quite good in this case) - it's therefore not my place to confirm or deny it. If someone is concerned that they're going to find themselves banned over a false accusation however, that's something that should be addressed.
  10. You don't need to worry about being punished for scamming if a mistake is made with mail. Punishments aren't issued unless a scam can be proven to be legitimate and not a case of user error.
  11. From what I can tell, this is a different person.
  12. https://pokemmo.eu/account_forgot_username/ https://pokemmo.eu/account_forgot_password/ If you don't have access to your email though, you won't be able to recover it. On that note though, I can confirm that this wasn't a scam. It seems like an accident, and an easy enough mistake to make.
  13. Berries have been removed from wild encounters. You can plant seeds in the Hoenn region to grow berries.
  14. Hello everyone, Earlier today we pushed out a Terms of Service & Code of Conduct update to clarify our stance on a few topics and fix minor typos in the document. To summarize, there is now a rule against defrauding other users. This means things like item theft, scams for services, and trade theft are now explicitly forbidden. This does not encompass "unfair" valuation of an item, but malicious intent when trading with other people. Thank you.