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  1. Been surfing the webz and found this. I think you might find this interesting...



    1. Munya


      Accurate representation of Pidgey

  2. Let's talk about Trick

    If you are actually KOing the wild Pokemon with Thief, you will never steal an item. Thief/Covet are only successful in the wild if the target survives.

    This is correct.
  4. nvm about that do you know where I could become a gamemaster since I'm always playing pokemmo on my account and my other account.

  5. can I get an ot shiny for my lose of millions lost or a u know shiny atleast can be any kind be even crappy too. Its about when I lost my Pokemon and shiny I bought when you punished the dude also thanks for the help.

  6. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Just caught this. It could have been a Deino, but I'll take it.
  7. must be update hype

    This is normal. You'll find that the vast majority of Pokemon used by gym leaders are canon to something too, whether that be the games, manga, TCG, or anime. The gyms have overall been designed to be more difficult to steamroll without a decent team.
  8. help

    The game is currently in the process of an update. It shouldn't take much longer to complete.
  9. Why I don't want bats in unova.

    We're not removing Woobat, Patrat, or anything else you dislike from Unova. Every region has common undesirables, and removing those would only result in something else taking its place as common and undesirable.
  10. Minimap for dungeons.

    This is not an official response, just my own thoughts on the idea. __________________________________________________________________________ The way I see it, the actual need for a highly detailed minimap or linear progression would indicate a failure in the dungeon's visual design and flow. Ideally each map would be distinct enough to stand out from each other, even while sharing the same tileset - it should be possible to navigate the dungeon by looking for landmarks etc, and any path not intended to be hidden should be easy to see. Seafloor Cavern is a good example to look at for navigation via landmarks - even if a player gets lost, the maps and puzzle arrangements look different enough that players should be able to figure out if they're somewhere new or not. It's also debatable whether a minimap would actually work within the design of the series itself. For example, most caves use stairs or ladders as a means of switching from one map to another, meaning that displaying a minimap for an entire cave would result in a lot of overlap. If dungeons also use ladders/stairs, a minimap would need to be separated into floors, making it a lot less useful overall unless each floor is also extremely large. For the sake of preserving puzzle difficulty, a minimap would also have to be simplistic (think original Zelda), and unlocked as players explore instead of from the start of the dungeon. With that being said though, a way for players to find each other if any dungeons are co-op based (like the last Christmas event) may be useful, depending on how/whether they're forced to split up at any point and how well the map design reunites them when they're expected to be together. I'm personally mixed on the idea - it would utlimately depend on how the dungeons are designed and how easy it is to get lost.
  11. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    It sounds like you're trying to start a Rivalry. This is a very Reckless Endeavor - the Aftermath of this Fighting may involve some Guts. Run Away while you still can.
  12. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Sounds like someone's dragon staff into this. Careful or we'll steel the show.
  13. Unova soontm , prepare for the bird war.


    Pidove #1

    1. RacheLucario


      My Pidgeys will win.

    2. patricknoob2oo


      Dary does charzard count as a bird he has win XD

  14. Rachel, go to bed

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kizhaz


      B-but, you need to sleep

    3. RacheLucario


      Sleep is a foreign concept to me.

    4. Kizhaz


      Nah, you're a sleepyhead 


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