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  1. RacheLucario

    Hello everyone!I have a tricky question

    Some post-E4 NPC rematches in Unova's Victory Road contain Samurotts that know the move. If you sketch one of these with a Smeargle, you can pass the move to your own bred Oshawott.
  2. RacheLucario

    Android Release HYPE [ETA 1 week™] HYPE IS REAL!

    This issue has been resolved on the live server.
  3. RacheLucario

    The Case for Level Caps

    Because of the level cap, it is strongly recommended that you use more than one Pokemon for the story - the later areas are close to impossible to complete with only a starter. The storyline in every region is balanced around users having a full team of 5-6.
  4. RacheLucario

    stop making pheno only pokes

    All of the others have water.
  5. Do you like toehoe?

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      That does consume a bit of my time, yes.

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      Go check out general discussion.

  6. Never had I said hello

    Unable to look away from her smile that made her glow

    But what I did not know


    Was that she was a nub

  7. RacheLucario

    Appreciation Threads Appreciation Thread

    I'm sure we all appreciate @Desu's appreciation thread appreciating appreciation threads.
  8. RacheLucario

    A RacheLucario Appreciation Thread

    My Pidgey hordes would like a word with you. It was drawn entirely from scratch. Thanks. Before people assume weird things about me, it's a Final Fantasy character. @Bestfriends Thank you, you've made my day. A good mayor knows how to keep his citizens happy.
  9. RacheLucario

    PokeMMO Community Survey Results

    Enough is enough. The thread can remain for people to view the results, but is now closed to further replies.
  10. RacheLucario

    EV changer

    They can, and stat changes from gaining EVs afterwards are instant.
  11. I need help with my account

  12. RacheLucario

    Need Help

    Johto is not implemented. To travel to Kanto or Hoenn, obtain 4 Unova badges then take a ferry from Castelia City.
  13. RacheLucario

    Ability pill bug

    Breloom has two normal abilities - Effect Spore and Poison Heal, which you switched between. Technician is not available through this method due to being a hidden ability. This is not a bug.
  14. RacheLucario

    Pokemon Cant level up

    This is intentional - there is a level cap for each gym badge. Your Pokemon will be able to level up again once you have a new badge, and will obtain all of the extra exp it has earned up until that point. I suggest raising more than one or two Pokemon. A full team of 5-6 is recommended.
  15. Emolga / Audino / Ducklett / Alomomola / Archen (fossil) / Tirtouga (fossil)

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