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  1. It hasn't been used much so may not be ideal, but here it is. Thunderpunch is a guaranteed OHKO against regular NPC Slowbros, and almost guaranteed against regular NPC Poliwraths after an Intimidate. If the Poliwrath doesn't have a +defense nature, it will always KO.
  2. The decision on this matter is final. You are free to use in-game currency for this, but we will not allow an event to go through requiring real/other currencies as payment.
  3. If you would like to host any sort of wager matches, please keep it to in-game currency only. Using other currencies is a grey area, and one that we'd rather not allow.
  4. A hat very similar to this one actually already exists.
  5. Dragonite also makes an excellent HM slave, learning all of them aside from Flash. A single Dragonite is cheaper than a set of ocarinas.
  6. Have I ever mentioned that Berd is the best.

  7. I've had a lot on my to-do list, but the results are on the way and lengthy critiques in progress.
  8. We have no interest in randomizing shiny prizes. Doing so is likely to cause more problems than it attempts to solve - receiving something undesirable from such a system would be disappointing, and some may think of it as unfair if they receive a significantly worse prize for winning a long tournament than what is given out for a short one. Additionally, we will never be giving out rare species such as starters for standard tournaments, and removing them from the potential prize pool would only worsen the quality of prizes overall.
  9. I was wondering how ur boxes in PC would looks like:


  10. This is correct. It was either revived from a fossil obtained through Rock Smash or hatched from an egg. (Event prizes are the obvious exception to the gift rule, but Kabuto/Kabutops has never been given out.)
  11. I would like to report a case of animal abuse involving berd 

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    2. Munya


      Banning both of you

    3. Moetal


      Wouldn't be bad actually. I can use this as an excuse to quit permanently. 

    4. Moetal



  12. Disabling spectating would prevent anyone not actually competing in events from enjoying them. I suggest building multiple teams before the event begins if the 10 minutes between rounds isn't enough to put one together. Using a different team can put someone relying on scouting at a disadvantage if they were only prepared for the team you used in the previous round. Scouting is also something you can do yourself - it's not limited to your opponents. Alternatives to reduce the ease or effectiveness of scouting may not be out of the question, but outright removing the ability to spectate an active tournament will not be happening.
  13. Can berd do this? 


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      Just like the good side of Berd, it doesn't exist.

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      I think you got that backwards

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      "It doesn't exist, just like the good side of Berd."



  14. No.
  15. The ones we have a full set of (non-shiny) sprites available for are Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo, Victini, Munna, Musharna, Minccino, Deerling (all forms), Petilil, Cottonee, Zorua, Krokorok, and Patrat. Other species that appear on the game's overworld such as Volcarona and Kyurem lack side/back/walking sprites, so will very likely not be included.