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  1. The shiny will come out with Lamsakr* as its OT. Something worth noting though is that if you hatch a shiny Charmander with your OT*, you won't be able to breed it with other shinies to improve the IVs without it becoming Unknown OT. If you don't care about the stats and will be happy with the shiny no matter how it turns out, this shouldn't be a problem as long as the * doesn't bother you. If you do want to breed the final shiny to perfection though, you should catch some Charmanders yourself instead of using bought ones.
  2. Air Slash and Fly have 95% accuracy, not 100%. As for Crunch, there are a variety of reasons why it can miss. -Your accuracy was lowered or your opponent's evasion increased. -Sand Veil or Snow Cloak were in effect. These abilities still function in PvE. -Your ability is Hustle (Durant/Deino). -You misclicked and chose a less accurate move. -Your opponent was holding BrightPowder or Lax Incense. If a move states that it has 100% accuracy, it does have 100% accuracy under normal circumstances. Moves like Crunch don't miss for no reason.
  3. The contest combo list is currently based on generation 6. Elemental punches were a gen 3 combo that was removed.
  4. If you miss a move that you wanted before evolving, you can teach prevo-exclusive moves at a move relearner. Egg moves are passed to the child if one of the parents knows it, there is no other way. Brave Bird is becoming a TM next update though - if you're patient, you can obtain it without rebreeding.
  5. Pokemon won't be losing any moves that they already have access to.
  6. The change was made because gender selection being unavailable for Nidoran M / Nidoran F / Volbeat / Illumise wasn't an actual design choice - it was just a consequence of how it was previously handled. Unlike "true" male-only species like Tauros that can never produce a female egg, Volbeat has a female counterpart accessible via breeding, so you're now able to choose which gendered species you want. The change brings the value of Nidoran F and Illumise breeders up to par with other females in their egg groups when previously they were significantly devalued by the randomization.
  7. Swarms always contain 4 Pokemon. It sounds like you encountered these just as they were ending, which despawned the ones you hadn't yet fought.
  8. These were never in mystery boxes.
  9. RNG is the same in the league as everywhere else. Everything you're facing is perfectly legal, doesn't have perfect IVs, and doesn't have a capped EV total either. They're just strong species with decent movesets and high levels. If you train your team a bit more or reconsider your strategy, you should be able to get past them.
  10. The limited-time vanities were removed years ago.
  11. You'll encounter an Abra on your rival's team before you reach the area you can catch it in. If you're looking for various types of guides, this section is your friend. The Pokedex contains most of the information you'd want about each species as you see and catch them though, so it's worth filling as you go.
  12. Fury Cutter's effect has been disabled due to a bug that made it significantly better than it should be. At the moment it still does the base 40 damage, but won't become more powerful with each strike. It'll be re-implemented with the correct/fixed mechanics next update.
  13. The Pokemon within the Battle Frontier have perfectly legal stats, and early on their IVs are quite terrible. Taking your example of the Treecko you apparently faced, there's only one build for it in the frontier and this is it. That results in these damage calculations (assuming 0 EVs + 31 IVs on your Pokemon). It only outspeeds you if Unburden has activated. 252+ SpA Treecko Magical Leaf vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Rotom-Wash: 116-140 (48.1 - 58%) -- 94.9% chance to 2HKO 252+ SpA Grass Gem Treecko Magical Leaf vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Rotom-Wash: 176-210 (73 - 87.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (Note: It doesn't outspeed you if it still has its Gem) 252+ SpA Treecko Dragon Breath vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Salamence: 102-120 (30.8 - 36.2%) -- 48.9% chance to 3HKO Here's the single Poliwhirl in the builds too. Against your Rotom, this is the pitiful damage its Water Pulse does. 252 SpA Water Gem Poliwhirl Water Pulse vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Rotom-Wash: 30-36 (12.4 - 14.9%) -- possible 7HKO And of course, the Goldeen. Like the rest, there's only one build for it. The lowest tier doesn't get much variety. Here's its Horn Attack. 252+ Atk Goldeen Horn Attack vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Salamence: 56-66 (16.9 - 19.9%) -- guaranteed 6HKO 252+ Atk Goldeen Horn Attack vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Rotom-Wash: 44-52 (18.2 - 21.5%) -- possible 5HKO Unless you're using lv50s in the lv100 format (are you?), there is no way that what you claim is correct. You can also use these exact Pokemon in the Battle Factory's rental format if you'd like to confirm that the information I've given you is accurate, the facilities all share the same Pokemon.
  14. We're looking into ways to make it more reasonable. It hasn't been overlooked, please be patient.
  15. Usage doesn't care about what's decent if people aren't actually using it. Just as an OU Pokemon falling below the cutoff ends up in the UU tier (unless banned from it), these Pokemon fell below NU into Untiered. There's nothing stopping you from using them, but there's little justification to display them in NU if nobody else is.
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