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  1. Why,This is not a real money transaction, I did not want to profit from the game.

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      Can you give me a reply?

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  2. hmmmmmmmm

  3. Extrasensory is exclusively learned by Budew. Some of the other incense baby forms also have moves like this, and the reason is due to canon.
  4. The child will only inherit it if it is also born as a Budew. If it hatches as a Roselia, it will not have Extrasensory even if its mother knew it.
  5. GEe thanks :D

  6. I'm not your best friend.

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      My life is a lie.

  7. Ability pills are consumable items, not breeding items. If something hatches with the wrong ability, you can quickly and easily switch it over to the one you want with the item.
  8. OM5607a.gif

  9. The EVs given to gym leaders and other important trainers during the storyline aren't at the maximum, nor are they in specific stats anymore - they're distributed evenly. The amount is extremely low early on, but it starts to make a bit of difference later - the intention is for special trainers to keep up with the approximate EV total earned by the player up until that point to make it a fair fight instead of something easily brute forced with superior stats.
  10. Your rival's level is not higher than the cap - his strongest is only lv58.
  11. They're all pretty bad, shame we can only vote once. @Kizhaz is clearly the worst though.
  12. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Rock_(type)#Moves The only perfectly accurate rock type damaging moves available in gen 5 are AncientPower, Smack Down, and Power Gem. Low accuracy is canonically a common trait of physical rock type moves.
  13. first comment of 2019

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      Only my best friend would be able to accomplish such a thing!

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