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  1. shut up and die i don't like u

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    2. Hexoutx


      it's cold. and yes, i do have an umbrella.



      i'll kill you with it

    3. Rache


      That would be quite a spectacle. Am I invited? Can I bring friends?

    4. Hexoutx


      yeah i could kill them too.

  2. Rache

    Last Pokemon Theme

    I'd argue that the music change makes it much, much better.
  3. birdy.png

    Come join us on discord. We made berd bigger

    1. Rache


      That is a cute Berd. I'm not sure how much time I have to actually work on things though.

    2. Moetal


      You can just come watch and chat



  4. First of all, I would like to say sorry. My account number 15259947850 is offline. My PC was registered by others, and those trumpets were played by my friends. I have several partners in my family. I apologize for breaking the rules. I love this anime for 20 years and will never trade with my childhood, really. I promise that I will only log in to pokemmo myself, and ask the official to give me another chance, all of them are hard-earned elves, thank you.


    I'm sorry to be careless on the report. I really like this game, and I also watched the animation for 20 years. I hope you can understand the voice of a pocket fan. I am sorry for the seal. This time is not my own behavior. I will obey any of the rules of the game. I hope GM can help me unseal it, I promise not. Let my friends use my PC to do some illegal things
    Game id:sakurallz
    Account number: 15259947850

  5. My small can you give me unlock, I didn't use the number script
  6. But I don't have a cash deal. I haven't traded with people the only time I've had the only time with my friend on the evening of July 3rd. My friend gave me a self - valued Bo, and a group of 5000 gold coins on the shelf in July 4th.

  7. Chirp. 

    1. Rache



  8. Rache

    Cool Down for Elite 4

    The cooldown for the first battle against the Elite Four has already been removed for the next update. There's nothing we can do until then though, sorry. I suggest using this time to train your team a bit more if they're not already at the level cap.
  9. Rache

    Elite four with random Pokémon?

    You can only bring one team in with you, so you'll need to build one that can handle anything. Remember that you can use your own healing items too, both in battle and between battles.
  10. Rache

    Elite four with random Pokémon?

    The teams are intended to be difficult to beat, not just steamrolled by one Pokemon with a type advantage. Monotype teams are simply not challenging to beat, so the Elite Four in their final rematch tier also use Pokemon of different types that were used in other games (Pokemon Stadium gives them some strange things), obtained in a different canon such as one of the manga series, or simply suit the character in some way when the previous categories didn't provide enough Pokemon to fill holes in their teams. The teams are not fully random. Each Elite Four member has multiple pre-built teams and one of these is chosen for each battle (unless the previous attempt ended in defeat). You'll need to make a well-rounded team that can defeat most opponents or find a good strategy instead of just relying on having a type advantage over everything. A guide exists and is being worked on - you might find this helpful if you want to farm the Elite Four for profit.
  11. Rache

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    At the time of battling them, it looks like your Alakazam was still a Kadabra, which has significantly lower speed. With its nature (adamant), IVs (27), and EVs (124), it would have had a speed stat of 155 at lv56. This is slower than the Haunter (which was lv56, not 52) even with its neutral nature, which is why you got outsped. Her Crobat, Mismagius, and Gengar all have more than 155 speed too - it's normal that they're outspeeding you. You would have outsped the Arbok though. If this isn't the case, you were holding a Macho Brace or had your speed stat reduced in some other way. A lv68 Salamence's maximum speed stat is 224 with a speed boosting nature, which is faster than your Accelgor's 213. This particular Salamence would have had exactly 220 speed, since its IVs aren't perfect in the early rematches. I can 100% confirm that the Elite Four have legal stats - they have not been boosted above what players can obtain. Source: I made the builds.
  12. I've been asked to randomize these. 1: 2:
  13. How is your Pidgey

    1. Rache


      It's been a while. My Pidgey is still perfect. How are you?

    2. CruelDeath


      pretty good , check ur inbox

  14. Rache

    How big are elite 4's Team pool ?

    Each E4 member will always have their ace Pokemon, like Sidney's Absol and Phoebe's Dusknoir. This is the only Pokemon that appears on every single one of their teams (with different movesets etc). Some other Pokemon appear fairly often due to being the best available for the teambuild out of all of the Pokemon suited to that trainer, but only the ace appears on all of them. The only member with a different number of teams is the Kanto champion due to having 3 different aces to build around. The rest have the same number of possible teams. Each player has a chance to encounter each team. It doesn't vary from person to person, nor does Kanto's champion builds change based on the player's starter (for fairness). I'll leave strategies and the specifics of each build for players to discover. I'd be curious to see an updated guide for this, it's rare that I get a chance to see these teams in action.

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