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  1. That's why we didn't. Its trick is revealed when it's defeated.
  2. He awaits your challenge.He's pretty hungry though, so bring a friend to distract him.
  3. Rache


    Charmander appears on every floor.
  4. The only Unova legendary Pokemon with a full set of follower sprites are Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo, and Victini. There aren't actually any ubers that have back and side sprites, so we just went with the more unique of the four that have established and reachable locations. This doesn't mean that Keldeo will never get a permanent release, but for now it seemed like the most suitable for the role.
  5. This was removed accidentally. It will be re-added in a future update, sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. You can see which species are part of the Sinnoh dex by changing the settings of your Pokedex. Currently the Sinnoh dex contains some species that only exist in those endgame areas though. To enter, you'll need to encounter those species in other regions in addition to any actual Sinnoh species you may have missed. We know it's not good, the requirement to see those endgame species was an oversight when including them in the regional dex to make it more useful for endgame players. We'll do something about it when we can.
  7. This was an intentional change. Items stolen from trainers are returned after the battle.
  8. As others have correctly stated, having a banned account doesn't affect your shiny rate.
  9. Just for you, we'll consider it.
  10. 我封号的理由是账户交易,请出示交易的证明!没有在其他地点登入过,怎么就账号交易了

    The reason for my seal is account transaction. Please show me the proof of transaction! I didn't log in at any other place. How could I trade my account

    1. Teddi






  11. The recoil from Arcanine's Wild Charge deals more damage to it than Leftovers recovers, it becomes a guaranteed 3HKO again as a result.
  12. Your character still exists, you're likely just logging into a different account. You may be able to recover your account here.
  13. Everything in the game has normal stats. Anything you can't KO in the wild, you also couldn't KO in the originals (barring Sturdy, which runs on gen 5+ mechanics here). Likewise, anything that KOs you here could also do so in the originals with the same IVs/EVs/natures. NPC Pokemon also have perfectly legal stats, with only some minor EV investment on the important trainers (rivals, gym leaders, etc) to keep them relatively on par with the player. Gyms etc are buffed to ensure that you're better at the game when you've finished it compared to when you started it, as well as being balanced around an older/smarter playerbase instead of small children. This is why the important battles are harder, the AI is competent, levels are capped, and NPCs aren't gimped with 0/0/0/0/0/0 IVs like they were in the originals. We have no intention of dumbing things down to allow for teams of 2-3 Pokemon to easily beat the game. If you're having difficulty with a certain gym or Elite Four member, you may need to consider adding another member to your team. The level caps and overall game design are balanced around you having 5-6. For reference, here are some damage calculations for your Charizard against Blaine's Arcanine since you mentioned it specifically. Its level is 47, its IVs are 20/20/20/20/20/20, its EVs are 48/48/48/48/48/48, its nature is naughty, and it's holding Leftovers. The only way Arcanine can ever one-shot your Charizard is with a critical hit (1/24 chance), and the percentage for KOing you will be lower than 68.8% based on your unrevealed HP EVs. Your Charizard is faster than Arcanine, so will usually win if it enters battle after Arcanine is already out (no Intimidate). You can check these calculations for yourself here if you don't believe them.
  14. Hello, my two game accounts (the same as the mailbox account, a total of 6 characters) were banned at the same time last night, suggesting a third-party plug-in, but I have never used such software, the usual login device is normal The computer has a mobile phone. Everyday things are almost the same except for the daily planting and watering work. Now I have already appealed. I hope I can pass it. I still like this game very much, but I feel that I have no energy to play again. The account is up, I hope the official staff can help me.
    Account name: 131241, INFOREN6
    Email: [email protected]
    Email:[email protected]

    1. Teddi



      Place this request in the correct area and provide the required information:

      Thank you!

  15. Someone stole my email, logged into my game account and transferred two elves in my game to others, a 100 level Hippopotamus and a flash elves

    Game account: LYZXY99

    Email: [email protected]

    1. Teddi



      Please report this on the correct section:

      Thank you!

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