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  1. Press Z (default "A" button) on the one you want, then Z again to confirm.
  2. One of the main reasons why this suggestion tends to get shot down each time is that it's not really a choice like you're making it out to be. It forces players to turn them off if they want to be efficient, thus punishing the ones who want the game to look good instead by making their grinding result in less gain. This sort of thing matters a lot in an MMO setting where you're competing against other players in every aspect of the game, not just PvP.
  3. If you lower the level as far as possible, you'll eventually hit "none" which removes the scaling.
  4. This happens when you try to use something on a higher level than your current obedience cap. You can see this on your trainer card, and can increase it for your current region (each has their own separate caps) by earning more badges.
  5. Your forum account isn't the same as your game account. You can create a game account here.
  6. You didn't actually give it back to him, he told you to keep it and gave you an item as a reward for your honesty.
  7. It's been a long time since someone has simped this hard for me. Might I suggest picking someone who actually responds to your desperate flirting instead?
  8. Youtube is blocked in some countries. If yours is one of them, the only way you'll be able to view the videos in the thread is with a VPN unfortunately.
  9. A particle is a visual effect that plays upon entering battle. As of right now, there are 22 unique effects. Anything that has a particle (excluding the "Shiny" one) will have this little blue icon displayed next to it in places like the PC and GTL. When breeding, all particles from both parents are passed to the egg. This is often the cheapest (and in some cases the only) way to obtain a specific particle on a specific mon. Most are available in item form too though, and are attached upon use. A preview of each of them can be found below. Note that som
  10. Leech Life has 80 power here like it does in gens 7 and 8. The damage calculations are as close to the original games as possible, there's nothing wrong with the situation you're describing when it's something with high attack hitting something with low defense. You can confirm how much damage a move should be doing here.
  11. You need to load a Heart Gold or Soul Silver rom for non-mod shiny followers.
  12. I've lost my excuse not to level against Tentacruels. Relaxed nature, 13th OT.
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