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  1. You've gotten pretty unlucky with this one, but Murkrow's catch rate hasn't changed, it's hard to catch in the originals too. Species catch rates are largely unchanged with the exception of the Beldum line which we made much easier to catch. Unless I'm forgetting something, the only nerfs we've made are to a few special ball types like Repeat.
  2. It's just a rumor, we're not punishing hoarders.
  3. Okay. Shiny prizes now have 3 selectable IVs and the rest are set to 28, resulting in ~9 extra stats on most mons. Does not apply to already created tournaments. This change is being made as the game / economy has progressed to a point in which the previous 2x31 4x25 shiny prizes are easily and relatively cheaply matched by people breeding their own. We're not jumping to 6x31 as it isn't the case for those. Non-shiny prizes aren't going anywhere, sorry.
  4. Thanks for putting it here, it's an oversight. When giving it a healing move, most builds have it pick between Roost and Softboiled, but it seems that it had these as possibilities for two slots here, meaning that it could end up with both. Removed Softboiled for the next build update. I'll request setting them to 0 when Power Split is present, thanks. It was forgotten when setting other criteria for reducing stats. This is a general utility build with a large number of possibilities, but it could definitely be better as Curse/Haze accomplish a lot of the same things. It's been split into two for the next build update to make its move choices a bit more meaningful, thanks for pointing it out.
  5. This month's level changes. The numbers you see here are different from what you see in the statistics UI as movements were based only on the matches played after the build updates. Leveling DOWN: Pokemon that performed too well. Leveling UP: Pokemon that performed poorly. The best performing builds for December were: -Shell Smash Gorebyss (58.61%) -Attacker Gallade (57.72%) -3 Attacks Mamoswine (56.93%) ________________________________________ To address a bit more feedback; I see you don't like fun. Removed for next build update. ________________________________________ The goal of the level adjustments isn't to keep things constantly moving, it's to reach a point in which every species is as balanced for the meta as they can be. The fewer changes that happen, the better. Legendaries and hidden abilities will be balanced the same way everything else is, and will be added only when they're available to players. A lv70 restriction for legendaries would be extremely arbitrary and serve only to hinder the worse ones. Articuno for example would likely be a liability with a poor winrate that needs more levels to fairly compete, while something better like Latios would likely fall below lv70 on its own. Hidden abilities don't need any extra restrictions either. If we limited players to 1/team, rolling a mediocre hidden ability gimps your team unnecessarily by locking you out of getting something better. If a hidden ability makes something significantly better, that will be reflected by its level. We're not planning to ever give players access to Speed Boost Blaziken, so it won't appear in randoms either.
  6. You can't trade because you have a shared bag. If someone picks something up, everyone gets instant access to it. You can obtain more elfbots by finding their heads and bodies to construct them. For the first 10 waves, you'll find one part every wave, and after that, you'll find a part every two waves. The strategy doesn't come from your starting combination, most of it comes from when you choose to use each bot and which variants of each that you pick. The rewards improve the further you go. As people get better at the event, they'll figure out how to go further.
  7. We can't reasonably enforce a rule like this. If you don't want spoilers, your options are to either see things you care about as soon as they're released or avoid the internet until you have. Spoilers are everywhere, not just here.
  8. This doesn't give you extra hits, the difference between the two is what the move can potentially hit in triple battles. Most moves won't be able to hit the far right target if the user is on the far left side of the field and vise versa as they're not adjacent to you, but some moves (most flying moves + a few others) can hit any target you want them to regardless of positioning. In singles and doubles, everything is adjacent to the user, so there's no difference there.
  9. Its physical and special attack stats are actually equal. While its ice move (Icicle Crash most of the time, sometimes Ice Punch or Icicle Spear) is a bit weaker than Ice Beam, this set can punish specially defensive switch-ins that think they're safe. Usually they would be, since 7/8 builds carry special moves instead.
  10. If they're not OT*, all you have to do is move them to your party for them to change. It won't be visible right away, but you'll see your new name on them after doing this then relogging.
  11. This has already been changed to carry Calm Mind instead of Amnesia 100% of the time, it's just awaiting a game update.
  12. It will carry Return instead next update.
  13. It scales based on the highest level in your party and the number of rematches you've beaten. If it's your first rematch, you'll have an easier time if you either don't bring the lv80 or train the rest of your team to be equal to it. If it's your first rematch tier and you have lv100s, they scale to around 82-89% of your level. On your 4th rematch, their levels will be equal to 100% of yours, so they'd all be lv100.
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