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  1. 你好,我并没有参与任何的线下交易,系统误封,请详查,游戏里有着我这一个月,接近500小时的心血,这样放弃,于心不忍,希望能够解除封锁,求求你!!!

  2. 我希望你能将我解封,I like this game please

  3. 我说了我没有恶意交易为什么就不能相信我,如果我是为什么我不把钱花掉在转移

  4. Chirp

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      What is this bird doing, again?

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  5. It's currently Winter in-game. Seasons change monthly, and each season has a different palette.
  6. You might want to check the titles of the generation 4 games.
  7. Brock met his Croagunk in Sinnoh, where you're unable to visit at the moment. There are currently simply no places reachable in-game where it lives, which also applies to a lot of other Pokemon native to the region. This should be some good news if you're looking to catch your own though. Unova starters can be found in a few locations in Unova - Pinwheel Forest's interior, Victory Road's exterior, and surfing in the river on Route 6.
  8. Can't stand that "Rache" person, she's very good at ruining my day. The rest of them are pretty good though. I get the impression that the largely positive responses weren't the intention of the poll, but regardless, they are appreciated. We are not an evil organization conspiring against the community - we dedicate our time and effort towards helping and supporting the playerbase in the hopes that they come to enjoy the game as much as we do. Something people tend to overlook is that we cater to the community as a whole, which means ensuring that the game is an inviting and appropriate environment for our younger players as well. While some of the content that we mute for wouldn't be too out of place in a setting intended only for adults, that isn't what this game is. We don't believe it's unreasonable to ask those wanting to have adult-oriented conversations to do so in private, either on another platform, or in team, link, or whisper chats. If someone takes issue with a punishment they've received, they're free to create a thread in the Ban Appeal section where it will be reviewed. But, in the majority of cases, they're justified. We don't keep people around who issue mutes loosely and we take complaints of abuse seriously.
  9. Yours are most likely untradeable variants. Some items that you pick up or are given during the storyline cannot be sold or traded, only ones farmed through other methods can be.
  10. hmmmmmmmm

  11. Extrasensory is exclusively learned by Budew. Some of the other incense baby forms also have moves like this, and the reason is due to canon.
  12. The child will only inherit it if it is also born as a Budew. If it hatches as a Roselia, it will not have Extrasensory even if its mother knew it.
  13. GEe thanks :D

  14. I'm not your best friend.

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