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  1. Rache

    Follower Pokemon Instantly In Battle

    My main issue with this feature is that in order to be most time-efficient, the player must sacrifice a large aspect of customization - being able to actually choose their follower. Although the suggestion sounds neat in theory, many would find it frustrating in practice. Gen 5 followers also cause some issues, since some players can see them via mods and others can't. (This feature actually was removed/not implemented in later generations of the handhelds - it only exists in Yellow/Heart Gold/Soul Silver, since none of the others have followers.)
  2. Rache

    Gym Leader Levels

    Good luck, a blind Nuzlocke of PokeMMO is quite a bit more difficult than the original games. The gyms have been rebalanced quite heavily - sometimes they've been made a bit easier, but they'll usually be harder, mostly due to more varied movesets that you'll have to play around - a type advantage might not be enough to guarantee a win. The AI actually tries to win too, so you're in for a challenge. KANTO: HOENN: UNOVA:
  3. Rache

    Pumpking Difficulty...Again

    You're so bad.
  4. Rache

    Pumpking Difficulty...Again

    It's still doable, but you might need to change your tactics if you relied on something that no longer works. Tip: If you switch out before he harvests (it's usually pretty predictable), you'll have fewer stat drops for him to hurt you and heal himself with.
  5. i have total of 600-800 hours  and know the game in-depth. I'm Australian too, it will be good for Aussie players to have me on  timezone wise. I play quite frequently.

  6. I am looking into becoming a cm

  7. Kudos to you for that banner, its fantastic  \o/


    Good job.


    1. Rache


      Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

  8. Rache


    It won't be down for long.
  9. Rache

    Password Crazy

    Try logging in using the password you actually selected.
  10. Rache

    I'm a bit confused

    Psystrike is Psyshock but better.
  11. Rache

    The PokeMMO Manifesto

  12. Rache

    [PSL X] Week One

    I've checked, and no abuse occurred. I very highly doubt that any will occur in the future either, but I don't mind looking into it each time.
  13. Rache

    Quick Wishlist

    What you're asking for is already a thing. This is his current storyline team. Altaria Delcatty Roserade Magnezone Azumarill Gallade His rematch team being the default Emerald one was an oversight, I'll look at tweaking it for a future update.
  14. My original account was blocked. This is my new account.I only have this account. I don't have any cash transactions. I just buy the flute at the exchange and sell it at the auction. The money I get from the auction makes me a V-fairy


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