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  1. As others have correctly stated, having a banned account doesn't affect your shiny rate.
  2. Just for you, we'll consider it.
  3. 我封号的理由是账户交易,请出示交易的证明!没有在其他地点登入过,怎么就账号交易了

    The reason for my seal is account transaction. Please show me the proof of transaction! I didn't log in at any other place. How could I trade my account

    1. SneakyTeddi






  4. The recoil from Arcanine's Wild Charge deals more damage to it than Leftovers recovers, it becomes a guaranteed 3HKO again as a result.
  5. Your character still exists, you're likely just logging into a different account. You may be able to recover your account here.
  6. Everything in the game has normal stats. Anything you can't KO in the wild, you also couldn't KO in the originals (barring Sturdy, which runs on gen 5+ mechanics here). Likewise, anything that KOs you here could also do so in the originals with the same IVs/EVs/natures. NPC Pokemon also have perfectly legal stats, with only some minor EV investment on the important trainers (rivals, gym leaders, etc) to keep them relatively on par with the player. Gyms etc are buffed to ensure that you're better at the game when you've finished it compared to when you started it, as well as being balanced around an older/smarter playerbase instead of small children. This is why the important battles are harder, the AI is competent, levels are capped, and NPCs aren't gimped with 0/0/0/0/0/0 IVs like they were in the originals. We have no intention of dumbing things down to allow for teams of 2-3 Pokemon to easily beat the game. If you're having difficulty with a certain gym or Elite Four member, you may need to consider adding another member to your team. The level caps and overall game design are balanced around you having 5-6. For reference, here are some damage calculations for your Charizard against Blaine's Arcanine since you mentioned it specifically. Its level is 47, its IVs are 20/20/20/20/20/20, its EVs are 48/48/48/48/48/48, its nature is naughty, and it's holding Leftovers. The only way Arcanine can ever one-shot your Charizard is with a critical hit (1/24 chance), and the percentage for KOing you will be lower than 68.8% based on your unrevealed HP EVs. Your Charizard is faster than Arcanine, so will usually win if it enters battle after Arcanine is already out (no Intimidate). You can check these calculations for yourself here if you don't believe them.
  7. Hello, my two game accounts (the same as the mailbox account, a total of 6 characters) were banned at the same time last night, suggesting a third-party plug-in, but I have never used such software, the usual login device is normal The computer has a mobile phone. Everyday things are almost the same except for the daily planting and watering work. Now I have already appealed. I hope I can pass it. I still like this game very much, but I feel that I have no energy to play again. The account is up, I hope the official staff can help me.
    Account name: 131241, INFOREN6
    Email: [email protected]
    Email:[email protected]

    1. SneakyTeddi



      Place this request in the correct area and provide the required information:

      Thank you!

  8. Someone stole my email, logged into my game account and transferred two elves in my game to others, a 100 level Hippopotamus and a flash elves

    Game account: LYZXY99

    Email: [email protected]

    1. SneakyTeddi



      Please report this on the correct section:

      Thank you!

  9. It's already handled this way. From https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/98617-changelog-23072019/
  10. 你好,我的账号是在去年被封禁的,我现在想回来看看了,真的很怀念以前的时光。我当时甚至还进行了游戏内购,买了一些时装。我真的不知道为什么被封禁,我没有进行过线下交易啊,我也没买过游戏币什么的,我也只是想通过购买时装去交易所卖钱而已,求给我一个回归的机会,我真的很想念以前玩这个游戏的时光!

    1. mojunga


      Hello, my account was banned last year, I want to come back and have a look now, I really miss the old days. I even did in-game shopping and bought some clothes. I really don't know why I was banned. I didn't conduct offline transactions, and I didn't buy game COINS or anything. I just want to buy fashion clothes and sell them at the exchange.

    2. mojunga


      Hello, my account was banned last year, I want to come back and have a look now, I really miss the old days. I even did in-game shopping and bought some clothes. I really don't know why I was banned. I didn't conduct offline transactions, and I didn't buy game COINS or anything. I just want to buy fashion clothes and sell them at the exchange.Please give me a chance to return, I really miss the time when I used to play this game!

    3. SneakyTeddi



      You need to appeal in the correct place:

      Thank you!

  11. Our approach in the past has been to update everything where possible (exists in gen 5), including stats and move/ability mechanics/availability. This is why you're able to obtain a Flygon with Dragon Dance, a Pelipper with Drizzle (which lasts 5 turns instead of infinite), and a Raichu with base 110 speed. We've excluded cases that would cause balancing issues with the game however, usually preemptively before they could cause problems. For example; Knock Off has not been buffed due to its power/utility with what is available within a generation 5 environment. There aren't any mega stones etc to balance it out. Outrage has been kept at its generation 3 base power as it was concluded that it would likely lead to the bans of several dragons from OU at base 120. Dugtrio's base attack remains at 80. Arena Trap makes the increase to 100 excessive. This one was implemented for a while, but at a time when Dugtrio was already uber. Draco Meteor was removed from Hydreigon's learnset to keep it acceptable in OU. Technically implemented on launch, but not available to players as the tutor was non-functional. There may be a few more than the ones listed above, but those are the major ones I can recall. We will most likely take the same approach with generation 8's changes, implementing everything we can with our gen 5 base unless something new will have a negative impact on the game.
  12. 有病吧,你TM才开挂呢,老子手刷你说开挂,你nb。看下时间行不行,不行你就别当管理员了。

    1. 171595



    2. 171595


      "Character name": wrckn
      "Account name": 171595
      "What were you banned from?": Game
      "When were you banned?": 24/08/2019 09


      1. Situation: I don't know what happened. I should say that I have been playing a normal game lately, unless I traded an acorn with someone the day before yesterday, but I traded it with 45,000 gold coins, and then I played NPC. It is also possible, because my elves have just hatched eggs in the past few days. The grades are a little low, and they can be repeated a little more often, but it will not cause Botting to be sealed.


      2, Memories: This is my third game account. The first one is that I have a violation of the rules. The second one is that I have too many transactions with my friends. It is a bit abnormal, I admit, but this time my game is really normal. I 'll have customer service or an administrator check it out for me.

      3, Request: This game, I played for 10 days, I never play normal games, to play normal games. I play every day in order to be with my friends and to catch up with them. According to Chinese working hours, I am basically free to play games. Maybe I want to catch up with my friends. I was mistakenly sealed because of the NPC, but I really wish I could be unsealed. If I can't unpack, maybe I won't play the game, because I'm really tired. I'm a normal game player now and I want to be treated fairly.




    3. 171595


      You can go to hell, be a janitor, are you human?

  13. I really didn't buy an account. IP is different because I logged in several times in the Internet cafe.

  14. Rache

    Game scaling

    UI scaling is already a feature, assuming that's what you're asking for. You can find it in menu > settings > interface.
  15. There are no save files for this game - all of your progress is stored on the server and cannot be transferred to an emulator.
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