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  1. https://pokemmo.eu/code_of_conduct/ When you're asked to drop a topic, especially one that gets people as riled up as racism, please do so in the future. It's not a big ask.
  2. Seems that this topic isn't being discussed very peacefully, so I'll clear something up to keep it on track. This sort of system isn't suitable for the storyline. If someone is having trouble with a gym, their best option if they're too lazy to grind will still be to buy something cheap in their level range. If we were to ever do a rental system, it would likely have a more significant fee to list the mon than selling it would have, particularly since rentals as a whole would reduce the number of sales of breeders and competitives. This would make the feature largely unusable for storyline players (except possibly for the Elite Four), as it wouldn't end up being profitable for the owner to rent out their trash compared to just selling it. Any kind of rental system would end up being tailored largely to PvP or the more difficult endgame PvE content that players struggle to do with their story teams. If they can't access the GTL yet, people stuck at early-game gyms can still ask for help from other players if they don't want to train. Renting via the GTL would almost certainly still require badges since much of the point of restricting it to 4+ is to make players actually play the game for a while instead of breezing their way through it as soon as they have 1k. These are my own thoughts on the topic. Please don't take it as a confirmation of anything.
  3. The 1/256 glitch was exclusive to generation 1. We have never had this issue. In any case, this sounds like user error. Accuracy debuffs may have been in effect, or the move was actually Heat Wave or Fire Blast, or he misclicked and chose a completely different and less accurate move. If a screenshot can be provided of the battle log, we should be able to tell you what happened.
  4. Confusion around this ability is extremely common for storyline players who are unaware of it, there's nothing telling them why they got hit by a move that would otherwise miss so they tend to assume that it's a bug. As long as ability indicators only display when the move would be guaranteed to miss otherwise, this is a pretty harmless suggestion.
  5. It can be found anywhere within the mountain, except for the icy room.
  6. It's a bit of both. Gen 5's sprites aren't stored like .gif images - they're actually split into individual pieces which are moved around during the battle. PokeMMO uses these same pieces from the rom and animates them in the same way, but by default we process those animations after the sprites are resized within the client. Doing so leads to them looking smoother than the originals where the linearts etc tend to break when things rotate. You can compare MMO -> original by adjusting your render scale, with 1x giving you the choppier animation quality of B/W.
  7. There's a grunt inside the Pokemon Center that will teleport you back inside.
  8. You may have simply disabled the particle. You can re-enable it from the last tab of its summary if so.
  9. It says that it adds 60 slots. This means room for 60 more Pokemon, which is the size of a PC box.
  10. It adds an extra box to your PC. The default number of boxes (excluding battle boxes) is 11, you should have 12 now.
  11. The Hippowdon has exactly 76 speed (25 IVs, 64 EVs, impish nature, holding Leftovers). It sounds like you misclicked Avalanche - it's otherwise impossible for it to outspeed you.
  12. The Elite Four have perfectly legal stats, including the Hippowdon. You just forgot that your Mamoswine's Avalanche has negative priority.
  13. TVs can be used to locate swarms in Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. The only region without a method to track them at the moment is Unova.
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