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  1. Rache

    Least liked staff member

    They're all pretty bad, shame we can only vote once. @Kizhaz is clearly the worst though.
  2. Rache

    A very salty boi

    https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Rock_(type)#Moves The only perfectly accurate rock type damaging moves available in gen 5 are AncientPower, Smack Down, and Power Gem. Low accuracy is canonically a common trait of physical rock type moves.
  3. first comment of 2019

    1. Rache


      Only my best friend would be able to accomplish such a thing!

  4. Rache

    I'd like a clear understanding here

    Misty's Starmie is actually weaker in PokeMMO than it was in Fire Red. It's 2 levels lower here and doesn't have Recover anymore. It hits hard and attacks first because it's a strong and fast species of Pokemon. If you're struggling to beat it, you may need to rethink your current teambuild. As others have suggested, there are some grass types you can catch on the northern routes.
  5. Rache

    Cave of Origin

    You need to complete some story events first. If you haven't been to the Seafloor Cavern yet, you'll need to finish it before you can enter the Cave of Origin.
  6. Rache

    Battle tower lvl 50 super hard ribbon?

    You need to complete all 7 battles to receive the ribbon. This means a streak of 56.
  7. Rache

    Pokémon Name

    Pokemon names come from the rom. If your Pokemon names are in the wrong language, it's because your rom is, so you'll need to use a different one. We cannot help you to locate one however.
  8. Selling (and buying) in-game assets for real money is known as RMT (Real Money Trading). This is against the rules and will result in a permanent ban for both the buyer and the seller. I strongly recommend that you do not do this.
  9. Rache

    Is this game so hard on purpose?

    The stats of the Pokemon you battle against are all perfectly legal, and they're not at the maximum for their species/level during the storyline either. If your own Pokemon is something extremely frail like an Alakazam and you're battling something with a high attack stat, even with a minor level difference, it's probably going to do a lot of damage to you, which is completely normal for this kind of matchup. The gym leaders and other similarly important trainers have better builds than the original games (still with legal stats etc), but the regular trainers are very close to what they'd usually be in terms of raw strength. If you're struggling with a particular battle, leveling up a bit more, buying some healing items, or changing your tactics should be enough to get you past it.
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      Our Berd expert has spoken, the correct answer is "Cherp".

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      Diano has been blocked by Rache and Munya.

  11. Thank you. Thank you for bringing happiness to me and sentencing me. Goodbye.

    1. yecfff


      I am off the hook now


    2. yecfff


      For this game, I really think the function of the game hall is too chicken ribs. I suggest adding an entertainment game with luck. This is my final suggestion.

  12. Rache

    Question about the Elite 4

    @iCtrlTroll Glacia never has two Glalies. Her storyline team is always Walrein / Glaceon / Glalie / Froslass / Froslass.
  13. First post-name-change OT.
  14. It's cool. Thanks for the heads up.


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