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  1. Banning strategies in a challenge all about finding strategies due to your poor stats isn't very good. This particular one is also very hard to set up when you've got the defenses of a wet paper bag.
  2. When you're using something with stats as poor as Smeargle's, moves/strategies that don't rely on its offensive stats will likely get you the furthest. -Flat damage like Night Shade, Seismic Toss, Dragon Rage, Super Fang, and Endeavor (especially with Endure). -Damaging status moves like Toxic combined with stalling moves like Protect/Detect, Substitute, healing moves, or the strategy below. -Luck-based strategies, especially evasion. Paralysis and confusion are worth considering too. If you make a luck Smeargle, it'll likely be one of your most reliable. -Destiny Bo
  3. RNG isn't account-based. To address the thread itself though, there's no targeting of good/bad luck. The odds of certain things occurring in battle are the same for everyone.
  4. At first we weren't really sure what we wanted out of them, but we realized fairly quickly that re-releasing them would be a bad idea. I don't believe that we've ever re-released an event item without a seasonal tag either (and those were only introduced this year). Event items have been kept exclusive to their release year largely because they act as the free player's limiteds, giving them something they can earn through gameplay during the event that will gain value over time. If these players are smart and patient with the items they earn, they can play the hoarding/investing ga
  5. This line doesn't exist here, only gen 1-5 species are available.
  6. This was a PvE-only change. Please read the text before ranting.
  7. Roost removes your flying typing for the rest of the turn, it's not a bug.
  8. This item was removed from the boxes many years ago.
  9. Easier doesn't always mean better, and better doesn't always mean easier. Suggestions are generally requests for improvements to certain aspects of the game, some of which are to make a part of it more challenging or to strive for a better economy, and some suggestions are simply requests for new features. Asking for something to be made easier is fine too, but these types of suggestions often come with significant downsides for the challenge and/or economy of the game, which is why they're often rejected. I think this thread has gone far enough though. For the reasons listed in my
  10. Breeding is the way it is for the sake of having any sort of functional economy and not stripping the wild of all of its gameplay value once the dex is full. The original breeding system allows for outright cloning of competitives and rare species, meaning that they have very little value, and makes catching anything in the wild a complete waste of time when you can get better stats from breeding with very little effort. Here it's a refinement system that consumes what you put into it, meaning that players are spread out across the game catching breeders in different areas instead
  11. Rache


    This account is not operated by any of our staff members, nor do we moderate Twitch chats. If you are having issues with a Twitch user and wish to report them, please do so on the Twitch platform. We're uninvolved and unable to assist you with this.
  12. This feature isn't included as it undermines the AI and makes the game too easy. If you find yourself in a bad matchup, you'll have to use your turn to switch.
  13. If you want them out of your boxes but don't want to release them, storing them on a different character is an option.
  14. These parts aren't true. It bases its decisions on its situation at the beginning of the turn, and while it may know which moves you have, it doesn't know what you've actually selected or what the result of that turn will ultimately be with regards to damage rolls and crits. It chooses when to use its items based on how many turns it thinks it has left against your current mon. Sometimes it's smart about this, sometimes it isn't. It obviously couldn't predict this crit either. All trainers have the same AI making their decisions, so it's not a quirk of this gy
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