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  1. Trick Room has been temporarily disabled due to a bug. We're hoping to have this fixed in the near future, sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Matchmaking has been temporarily disabled, the level wasn't supposed to be 100. It'll be re-enabled at lv50 in the near future. Edit: It's been fixed and re-enabled now.
  3. Mine is pretty simple. The tree on the table is from an old event.
  4. We're not lifting your ban. // No eliminaremos su prohibición.
  5. Once you've seen the Pokemon, you can find its catch locations. You don't need to already own it.
  6. The Pokedex is your friend. Wild Spiritomb can be found by smashing rocks inside Turnback Cave.
  7. The supported roms for regional travel are Fire Red / Emerald / Platinum / Black or White. To visit Hoenn, you need both Emerald and Fire Red too. The roms should be in an unzipped format, ending in .gba or .nds.
  8. You need both Fire Red and Emerald to play Hoenn.
  9. This is the main reason for the change. It's okay for something to be good, but it's not okay for something to be so good that you put yourself at a huge disadvantage when you don't use it. We'd like players to be able to use a variety of teams without feeling like they're wasting their time/money. The monetary reward from a Shedinja run was also inappropriate for the low amount of skill/time/items it required compared to a more standard team. Winning without cheesing it is hard, but it's supposed to be hard. As for addressing the problem, because Shedinja's strength came from a unique gimmick, it can't be handled in the same way as other big threats. Invulnerability is also something that predictable AI will always struggle with even after it learns how to use all of its moves. At first, we trialed just introducing more Rocky Helmets, super-effective moves, and status moves to the teams. These changes lowered the quality of the builds, they had no business being there outside of potentially stopping a Shedinja sweep, and it still wasn't enough to be effective so we needed to take it further. When faced with the options of adding a bulky rock/steel/ghost type with a Rocky Helmet to every single team (which would just get trapped or have its item tricked away) or nerfing the ability causing the issue, it was clear which was the more reasonable option. When you have to balance the game around a single species to such a degree, there's clearly a problem, and it's likely not with the builds.
  10. Switching out won't reset the ability. Any hit it absorbs is remembered for the rest of the battle.
  11. While Illusion is active, the game client doesn't know that what you're facing is a Zorua, and therefore doesn't know if it's shiny either. If it's shiny and disguised as a non-shiny Pokemon, you won't be given a prompt.
  12. You'll need to beat hard mode to obtain those. You'll also get a little something extra for your trouble.
  13. Usage statistics are visible within the game client. If you go to matchmaking signup, there's a statistics menu attached to it.
  14. The developers have shown mercy to poor Chatot. As of the next update, when arriving in Sinnoh, you will now appear to the left of the captain, leaving his companion un-stomped. #ChatotSaved
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