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  1. Rache

    Game scaling

    UI scaling is already a feature, assuming that's what you're asking for. You can find it in menu > settings > interface.
  2. There are no save files for this game - all of your progress is stored on the server and cannot be transferred to an emulator.
  3. 我希望了解我被封号的具体原因,我的错误点在哪里

    I want to know the specific reason why I was blocked. Where is my mistake?

    1. IKUN28


      不用了解了 只要知道咱们管理都是复制粘贴就完事了

    2. cg6037



  4. I was blocked .But I'm not rmt.How to prove ?the bill for the past three months?

  5. There's very little content between the 4th and 5th gyms. The caps are based on the levels of the leaders, hence why your cap doesn't increase much for this one. You'll get your evolution after you beat the next one. If you're consistently hitting the level cap, you may need to add some more members to your team - you'll struggle a lot later on if you're only raising 1-2. The game has been balanced with a full team of 5-6 in mind.
  6. Rache

    Allow all pokémon

    I think this thread has gone far enough. PvP is not the only endgame activity, so simply banning Mewtwo and friends wouldn't even come close to resolving the issues that come with introducing them to the game in a permanently keepable form. PvE is the main concern with these species. For us to disregard the economic and gameplay implications of giving players access to something significantly more powerful than anything they will ever face would be to give up on the concept of balancing as a whole. Although gym rematches are easy enough for endgame players with high quality parties that some are saying "who cares?", they are not where the game ends in terms of difficulty right now, and they certainly won't be in the future either. If we released the uber legendary species, it would lead to a very severe case of power creep. They would either become the main threats to balance future content (dungeons, special events, etc) around, thus making it too hard for people who aren't using them, or that content would be too easy for the players who do use them if we balance the game around everyone else. Both of these options make the game worse, so it would be best not to put ourselves into such a position. Although we could restrict the usage of them in battles that are intended to be challenging, to give players something that they can't use in a meaningful way is terrible game design and something that we have no interest in doing. We're very likely to release the more balanced legendary species such as the birds and beasts in a keepable form via dungeons, but not the ones that would invalidate any form of game balance. We may find ways to distribute dex data for the ones that would, but we're not going to do it in as destructive of a manner as letting players keep them forever.
  7. hellp me

           Hello, Administrator, I am a player who just played pokemmo. The day before yesterday, the game suddenly closed my account and said that I opened a third-party software to modify the client. I only used an accelerator. No other software was used. I appealed, but it seemed to confirm that I had written the script. I really don't use it. I like this game very much. I just played it for a week. I didn't know it had a plug-in.

  8. It's a bug, we're aware of it.
  9. Cry issue is likely related to mods. Are you using one?
  10. Wild encounters on the PTS will simply be Platinum's at the moment - custom spawns such as starters and hordes haven't been implemented yet. They'll be done before the region hits the live server, but you won't see any during this test build.
  11. We reduced the levels of wild Snorlax because it was too easy to repel trick. The dex currently lies about it, but that'll be fixed in a future update.
  12. It's indirect, but you can sell items from the gift shop to other players for in-game money.
  13. Shiny IVs were increased to promote breeding (and thus sinking) of shinies. This was the reason for the initial guaranteed 1x30-31, which would have been a guaranteed 31 if not for Hidden Power's reliance on IV spreads. Due to the existence of typed gems within the current game, there is now no reason not to increase it to 31.
  14. The EVs on E4 members aren't specialized (and are below 400 total) and the IVs, while above average, aren't at the maximum. They're about on par with expected player parties on similar levels. Natures are mostly neutral, with only a couple of beneficial ones per member. The champion is a bit stronger than Elite Four members, but not by much. You don't start to see proper EV spreads or max IVs until the most difficult endgame fights (lv100 E4 rematch builds + BP facilities). For the most part, everything else is designed around storyline teams.
  15. Check the ability on your Pokemon. Defeatist cuts your attack when your HP is below half. Their stats are perfectly legal. They have some EVs in each stat, but they're neither specialized nor above the player limit.
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