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  1. Next time im about to sell a 5x31 natured pokemon im going to share this guide before we begin negotiating prices.
  2. Youre right they should summon more giratinas instead of unknown pokemons hahaha
  3. I personal think the giratina fight is child's play. They should def make it harder atleast pumking level hard. They should give it 3 stages to fight just like pumking . Each stage has to be harder than the last. Giratina is a legendary poke in my books so the fight should be one of the hardest in the game. #BuffGiratinnaLetsGo 🙂
  4. This would make the cheaper balls absolute for people hunting very rare pokemons or rare pokemons in the safari zone. Instead of introducing a whole new pokeball which can be abused for catching very rare mons and the like why not make masterballs useable in the safari zone?
  5. I think they did this to not make it seem like 2 contests at the same time( i.e one contest for the highest iv and one contest for the lowest iv pokemon in one catching event). Inaddition to this it ensures prizes for the event go to as many people as possible whilst stopping one person from winning twice in one catching event. While I understand we aren't all free at the same time if you take away this aspect of catching events you would have essentially drained the soul out of catching events. People being online at the same time at the same location has a certain sense of community feel about it. It helps bring people together to socialize with other people they otherwise wouldn't have met. Playing a pokemon mmo with other people online - I believe that's Pokemmo at its core ..thats essentially what it is . So reducing player to player interaction takes away from that here. This means you want to change a completely free option with a pay to play option... Some tournaments do the same but they require bps and not rps or ingame pokeyen. There's a big difference between the 2 besides tourneys actually depend largely on skill to win while catching events are mostly rng. Its not fair for anyone to pay rps esp for an event they have little to no control on their chances to win. This is a very good option if your pc is empty and you don't mind wasting time searching for trash pokemon in your boxes to clear them out. The current system allows you to release the pokemon before they go into you box provided you have a fully party. I think the current system is better in that regard. If you take note of some of event locations you will see that they are held in places where people don't normally go to. I think this is an excellent way to showcase locations in the game that would otherwise be ignored cause people have little reason to go there (e.g the seaform islands). Implementing a pal park would take away that chance to show case these areas at the same time restricting events to the same general areas which is bound to get boring after some time. You only earn money from catching events if you either : a) win the event and or b) Get catches that are good enough to sell There are not guarantees any of that will happen. This gets even worse when you have to pay an entrance fee you mentioned earlier. Having an rp based entrance fee means you have to sell a lot more pokemon to make a profit. -I'm assuming the entrance fee will be rps based on the fact that you said people in the early game would be able to pay the fee and that this new system would inject rps into the game. In this case the notion "Changes that make the game easier for everyone should be welcome" should not be supported at the cost of turning the game into a pay to play. If new players want to access all catching event locations they should just complete the game. If you feel stressed out about interacting with people just go dnd or play the original version of the games offline.
  6. The only problem i see with being able to chat with friends mid battle is people throwing matches. I mean after all people don't throw matches to gain mm points to people who they dont know. I mean yea sure people can still throw matches in the current setup but not letting opponents chat makes it more difficult. Opening up the chat option will just make throwing matches more efficient. Besides hats there are still other rewards they intend to get like the pvp boxes and the 8k 2k battle points as well. People will still maliciously swipe points to get those to sell. So i think the chat should remain closed.
  7. In addition to this I believe they banned chat for ranked cause most of the chat that went on during those matches were mostly said with the intention to hurt opponents or to put someone off their game. Therefore I think the chat between opponents should stay muted during ranked battles to make it a fun experience for everyone and not just trash talkers.
  8. Maybe if you explain why this is important it would help your case. I know keeping track of xp is important because it helps you know how much grinding you need before you lvl a pokemon but why is keeping track of payday-gold gained using each pokemon important?
  9. I like the team tag where it is and so do other people. Most people actually created their team tags to fit that style of arrangement. For example tags [Mr] [Im] [GOD] etc. So instead of changing the position of the name tag why not make the position customizable i.e being able to choose whether it goes before or after the name.
  10. This post had the potential to fill up the gaps the pokedex in game doesn't like the searching by ability or typing , infos on breeding group path ways to get specific egg moves etcs .It could have even gone a step further by suggesting movesets for pokemons in different tiers for different seasons. This post had the potential to be a really helpful one stop guide for novice breeders wanting to get into comps.
  11. pls no co-ops for halloween its so hard to find good pple to team up with
  12. I wish you had added abilities to your pokemon facts then your post could have been used to search for pokemmo pokes by ability.
  13. Fact about Charizard when? -the greatest starter Pokémon of all time
  14. Technically smeargle can get the move fiery dance.
  15. the staff looks nice and colorable vanity items are always a +1 from me. Do you think the purple part of the outfit will have a waving motion like pumking ?
  16. Why not just use this lol Right now people joining a Riches charm link only get like a 10% bonus and not 100% or 75% which still isn't much incentive to join a link. The 100% or the 75 % goes to the person who used the charm. Even if the two items were to stack buying both an amulet coin and a riches charm would be way more expensive than just buying 2 amulet coins for the people who join the link (since they will be essentially paying 21k for amulet coin and 17.5k each for the riches charm 10%). In this case unless the bonus for link members increases stacking would only profit the charm user and not the link members. In a hypothetical case they do make the the amulet coins and riches charms stackable : Considering how we get riches charms (only during the lunar event) their price would probably only go up after the lunar event is over. This means there will be an increasing purchase price for the riches charm while the money you make from using them remains the same ->making less money for both the charm user and the link members (until the lunar event comes back again). Sure you could say the richness charm user would still be getting like a 100% bonus profit from stacking the items but the price of the riches charm has the potential to eat away all their profit. If you wanna see how high the price changes for seasonal consumables just look at shiny charms prices (they gained like +50k price since the last lunar event) . This will be even worse for riches charms because more people grind for cash more frequently than for shinies as seen in how fast amulet coins sell on gtl. Therefore it stands to reason that the demand for richness charms would be high and their price would get so expensive that they would quickly end up not being worth using. In conclusion though your idea may seem simple to implement there are a lot of other factors to consider here and just implementing stacking alone is not enough to make the appealing for money making purposes in the long run and in extension certainly not for socializing purposes.
  17. Tbh its pretty annoying having to play a guessing game as to which names and tags are available. A simple list anywhere would make this easier.
  18. Imagine if you only got functioning ranked rewards for 2 week periods one around Feb , one at the end of October and one at the end of December. That's how major pve updates feel like. Yes it maybe be true you had to wait 3 years for your updates but atleast you got to enjoy them since the time they were released till now while pve ones are only for short bursts. If you ask me major pve updates need something more longer lasting something on par with pvp's functioning ranked rewards.
  19. Give us a toggle option to auto translate everything to our native language for chats.
  20. Well technically if you finished Unova you got a legendary pokemon xd
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