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  1. Its permanent. Cause why not right? We desperately needed it thats why they gave us this item along with the gtl colors as well as the vanity item info we clearly couldn't live without them and now we got them and they are here to stay
  2. we were begging then and we are still begging now xd
  3. give us this option for atleast spectating past tournament matches. As it is now if you stop spectating you have to start all over from the beginning.
  4. As a new player I support the gtl colors and the new info that is shown on limited vanities. They give me a good idea of an approximate value of things and leave less room to be scammed on gtl and trade chat. I hope that this somehow gets extended to pokemon listings on gtl as well.
  5. So gtl has this new color system which shows which items are over priced. I wanna know what you guys think is it reliable and can a new guy like me use it as a price guide.
  6. I don't understand what you said but yes +1
  7. Hi im new to pokemmo. I would like to ask for tips to prepare for Halloween (besides hording rps xd)
  8. I like the idea of making Hidden bases useful but making them useable for healing mons probably wont happen cause it would provide an alternate pc functionality. This would pretty much ruin pcs along with markets which rely on pple buying stuffs cause the pc is far. For example pple would be able to heal or replenish pps at their hidden bases and continue shunting/story hence there will be less of a need to have leppas, revival herbs etcs. And if you opt to only heal mons but not replenish pps perhaps that could work but that wouldnt help much for pple who want to have pvp tournaments in their secret bases esp pple not using stall teams. In the end most attempts to make Hidden bases better comes at a price of ruining other things. your second suggestion to show position on friends is good but could be bad for hide and seek events. This can be solved by adding an incognito mode which was suggested here I like your third suggestion I support it 100%. +1 from me
  9. That beats the heck out of buying a 1 week dono that's going to run out while am at work.
  10. Increasing the rates of items (aka increasing rate of appearance or appearing ratio) would probably make them more accessible thereby cause prices of item to become cheaper. Depending on the item this could spill over to other stuff like breeding and item crafting therefore making them more accessible to people with less money. However it would devalue some of the end products for example Pokémon would now be sold for less cause they would be made for less. Despite this, the notion that "All changes which make the game easier for players should be welcome" is still embraced by many even though this would devalue what they already have. In short increasing the appearance rate would make you grind for longer to get less money which defeats the whole point of making it easier 🙂 As for your second suggestion I believe you want people who have completed all regions to get some sort of reward like an item that increases the appearance ratio of breeders. This bad in the same way increasing appearance ratio of items is bad. Just like completing the pokedex your reward for completing all the regions is accessibility. The pokedex its accessibility to useful info about pokes. Completing all regions gives you accessibility to more gym leaders to rebattle as well as the best places to ev train among other stuffs.
  11. Hi im new .Firstly I would like to say thanks for this thread its been great help to me. Secondly I wanted to ask about Golden dragon mask pricings I saw that it was about 13.5m this morning and it went to about 14.7m in the evening is it normal for limited vanity items to gain so much value over little time or are gtl prices not reliable or is it cause of the surge of old players coming back due to Halloween? Thanks in advance.
  12. A Journal to keep track of what you last did in story or the last few things you did.
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