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  1. That looks very detailed and could be very useful for new players. I would recommend joining an active team instead of spending years reading all the changelogs. Teams usually have members who are happy to answer whatever questions you have. I see where youre coming from tho not everyone has time to answer all your questions so you might have something special here.
  2. I understand the fraustration new players get when they can't purchase cosmetics on the gtl but its unfair for the game to punish those who can mass buy from gtl. Being able to mass buy cosmetics doesnt just happen cause the player is special it happends cause they worked hard for it for months or even years of grinding. To punish those groups of players is like the game murdering its own hardcore fanbase while rewarding people who barely play incomparison. The real issue here is that the majority complaining about the prices of the non gift shop and gift shop cosmetics are too lazy to grind the events to get or earn the cosmetics themselves. Crying and begging for the staff to nerf rich players is just childish. I hope they wont nerf players for actually spending the time to grind them game. "True gamers don't cry for nerfs they level up"
  3. 🙂 Maybe consider going on a hiatus till the Lunar New year event comes (if it ever comes) . In the meantime if you ain't into to pvp prepare to be bored
  4. Rip anyone who bought them for more than 18m a few days ago
  5. 🙂 Maybe try using other types of balls like repeat or timer balls or even quick balls.
  6. Now I'm really curious hahaha. I gatta know. What harm could possibly come from people knowing staff abilities?
  7. wow nice. Is there a place where we can read the abilities of each staff role?
  8. Just apply to be a staff member (pray they pick you). Climb up the ranks become an SGM and then you would now be able to go where ever you want. easy right xd
  9. Infernape (Let the war of the starters begin)
  10. maybe this amazing guide by Sethsen I mean by Seth will help you shed some light on shiny hunting in pokemmo.
  11. 1)I'm all for unova tvs showing swarms but not phenos cause it would make hunting them solo too easy. A tip that would make hunting phenos easier is to set a ping for the word and listen for it in global chat or channel chat. 2)Making exclusive pheno pokes very rare where ever they spawn means they wouldn't be a pheno exclusive poke any more lol. This really defeats the point of making the poke a pheno exclusive. 3) Phenos along with safari zone and honey tree pokes are very creative ways of letting us access pokes. Part of the charm of these mechanics is the difficulty/rarity . It adds to the experience of finally catching the pokes and completing the OT dex. Without this difficulty the experience of completing the dex would be even more bland. In a game with a 1/30k shiny odds i dont see them increasing the number of phenos or the duration which they occur simply because its harder to solo hunt the phenos. Its highly unlikely but gl with your case.
  12. In short its not gonna happen. sorry friend.
  13. This would be a great way to add value to cosmetics in general. If the implement this right it would open up a new market for old items generic items. In addition to this people would be able to remember items from friends in the same way they do with OT pokemon from friends no longer with us.
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