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  1. I gave you a fighting chance and you still pull all this bullshit, you are embarassing.
  2. I think you guys underestimate the jajas
  3. Whatever, after I win this week with 2 subs Gb will finally have nothing to complain about.
  4. One day preparation vs best DPP player of the season, not really. It'll be damn embarrassing to you if he loses. Anyways, another thing that's embarrassing - I didn't have to do any of this. I could have took the win and walked away. Now it's just been prolonged.
  5. Gbwead can abuse people and get what he wants; staff needs to step up
  6. your judgement isnt always the best
  7. @LKrenz @camilo7 - let's flex these new sigs @KaynineXL stay bad
  8. Yeah that might be a problem, I'll get on tonight and see what I can do
  9. LoA didn't show up for the time set today (20 minutes ago) but they have the same time set for tomorrow, but may have to be after tt
  10. I thought lkrenz was doing my job for me?
  11. There's a difference between fighting for an advantage and being a shithead
  12. Honestly tho angmar should have been suspended
  13. Double or nothing on what
  14. I didn't read this but it was probably dumb. Yet another week 7 fucked by a dumbass manager (sorry Riga)
  15. Won't be able to pay bets till Friday at lease