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  1. In my opinion, based off of past experience, success, and opportunity: DoubleJJ Elcoolio KaynineXL EricTheGreat Lifestyle DoctorPBC Lkrenz Lazaaro/LeJovi/Toast No bullshit, no circlejerk, no games, no bias. Another edit: ^^ in no particular order
  2. Another member of the circlejerk
  3. 3rd place regular season, beat the finalists, kept competitive spirit rather than destroy it like you, manager of the season, etc. Our one bad week happened at a bad place, can't do much about that. Here comes the circlejerk to go against me. The same 5 haters who want to take my place
  4. Haters gonna hate, figured I'd have more this season after a successful first
  5. nope, u just mirin
  6. It's fucking sad how whenever you or Gb don't get your way you say it's because of asskissing
  7. lmao I had hardly ever talked to Jj prior to season 7, if anything we had beef from all the team tournaments
  8. The same 4 people start a circlejerk because they didn't make the cut last season. I've played PSL, I've played MMO, and managing is my favorite. Good first round loss today to a nobody, now I see why you're so adamant in this thread dawg
  9. Maybe that's why your team got 2nd to last
  10. Forgot all about that season, not sure of the circumstances of the team. Curious as to where you found that
  11. You're right, because managing a 3rd place regular season team rather than going 1-8 on the last place team is considered irrelevant
  12. I'll agree that MMO tiers are harder than ADV, having played both in PSL.
  13. For starters, you had to try to squirm and bend every single rule because your players couldn't do the talking when you were a manager. I didn't play season 4.
  14. What makes me not qualified to trash talk a .125 record
  15. I've never had a record that bad. Ever. And past success edit: didn't you go undrafted?