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  1. IGN: EricTheGreat Reason: remind everyone who plays this game they are trash no matter how much they try Preferred Tiers: doesn;t matter Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): too many to count, psl champion, psl manager of the season, tournament wins, server recognized goat, etc Discord contact (optional): real ones know where to find me Other random stuff: check the sig
  2. If anyone tryna join I’ll join too for 10
  3. Nothing beats getting negged to hell and back :'(
  4. Yes, Eric?

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    2. Moetal


      You looked at my profile. Thought you needed something 

    3. EricTheGreat


      I need your advice on the best moemon

    4. Moetal


      Orly. It's obviously Jirachi.

  5. @FuzzyRegirock lmao post ur video here i wanna watch it agian
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