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  1. I can see it now, GUI themes on the forums that aren't actually for the game but for an encounter counter. Gilan, this is such a welcome addition the the game ❀️ thanks πŸ˜„. *secretely asking for someone to make a milotic theme
  2. At first you had my curiosity but now you have my attention
  3. To preface this post, i do not condone the harassment or spam of staff with things like #free(insert_player_here). This post is purely to question the ban and therefore its appealing system with the intent of hopefully getting some community input and criticism. For context, a few days ago for "Real Money Trading." In the first place I've never given anyone real money in exchange for anything in game and haven't even spent money on this game in the first place. After the ban i hopped into a call on discord with some friends of mine to question how this could have happened. With PokeMMO being a rather large game at this point and operating for more than five years, i can tell it would be unrealistic for all bans to go on a case by case basis however, after playing the game for quite some time i tend to notice bans that don't make sense, people being bot checked excessively etc etc. If anyone has experienced something like this, how was the experience and how was it resolved for you Hopefully this can help better this games system and help remedy wrongful bans
  4. This event was really fun πŸ˜„. Maybe the next one like this could be themed around a certain type or egg group. Hope for more events like this one πŸ˜„
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