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  1. You've got a shop that spans wide across PokeMMO, my friend. We appreciate all your work!
  2. Forgot to comment that Shiny Honchkrow has been finished.
  3. Received a new request for only contest ribbons on Shiny Honchkrow. Will begin on it today.
  4. 6x0 Treecko and Shiny Gastly are done. Shiny Milotic is in progress. For the sake of saving space, select Pokemon images will be included in the images section.
  5. Reliable, fast, and honest service!
  6. Reliable service and very kind!
  7. Shiny Magikarp and Shiny Feebas are completed! The 6x0 Treecko with particles and Shiny Gastly are in the works and should be done and uploaded very soon.
  8. The title has been updated to include the spanish translation. El título ha sido actualizado para incluir la traducción al español.
  9. The event is starting in 4 hours and 25 minutes!
  10. Just a reminder, friend me in-game so you can find my base! if it says busy or I don't respond, send me a whisper. I might be away from my device
  11. @RieszI look forward to hearing from you!
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