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  1. I agree with the author's point. A rare drop to convert nature would satisfy all involved parties. It would accomplish the devs' goal of having PvP and PvE players involved in dungeons and it would also quell any potential anger from the PvP community from having a large chunk of their competitive mons and teams become useless in any foreseeable PokeMMO meta.
  2. Props to you for quoting me and then referring to "you guys" in the plural. Give the devs and staff a break, they're working on it.
  3. I love this. It would make PokeMMO stand out more with unique features. I remember that Johto PCs in Silver/Gold used to have something like a time machine you could use to trade pokemon so this would be an excellent complement
  4. Thanks bro! I appreciate the kind words!
  5. The blog said around two weeks so i'm guessing it would begin anywhere from next Monday to next Wednesday. I assume that's the case since the maintenance has been completed and they gave a timeline of two weeks to ensure they wouldn't have to delay it again
  6. Received a shiny, comp-ready eevee with numerous particles for battle tower ribbons
  7. If anyone has a better rendition for this idea, please lemme know. I'll include it and give you credit
  8. Shiny Togekiss and Shiny Breloom are done
  9. I would love something like this! a device that can stay in your key items that allows you to access your PC and select a follower
  10. If kyu hats are being handed out, I'm claiming mine now
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