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  1. Considering it's an alt, I don't think this is required. Grab a Meowth and level it up, it can learn both Thief and Covet and with the recent changes you can have a lvl 100 meowth to use these on. PP Max both moves and you have 80 PP before you have to go back to a pokecenter. Alternatively, a Teddiursa has that too. You have the added benefit of your Meowth/Teddi also having pick-up. So whether or not your single encounter has an item or not, just thief/covet them. Worst case it's nothing, if lucky it's a pick-up, if really lucky it's a thief, and best case you get thief + pickup.
  2. This is basically what it feels like now
  3. I'm personally gonna see if I can breed bold HP/Defense pokemon for this, if that doesn't work then it's moving location and changing tactic
  4. The Frisk update is a real bummer... I don't understand the reasoning behind this and it will only push the price of items like amulet coin up even further. This also means I'm going to have to rebreed or sell my shuppets because there's no way they're gonna survive five meowths b-slapping them after every thief to check which of them has the item. Kindle road was the better farm compared to route 5, so maybe this balance will shift.
  5. Hello and welcome! After spending quite a bit of time on PokeMMO both recently and in the past, I have found that breeding pokemon is my thing to do for endgame. To facilitate this process, but not to impact the economy too much, I propose a special type of IV brace that would save the parent pokemon from being consumed in the breeding process. To make sure this does not become game breaking I suggest the following rules to be included: Make it obtainable through the gift shop only. Have one brace for every IV, making it 6 total. Have it only work if that is the only IV this pokemon has at 0 or 31. Rule 1 will make sure that it is not an easily obtained item and that the acquisition of these items means financially supporting the PokeMMO project. For those players wishing to keep it F2P, these items will be tradeable like move ocarina's. This will result in a reasonable money sink for those players wishing to obtain all six braces. Rule 2 will create a certain uniqueness to those braces, you need all 6 if you wish to breed more efficiently, you can not simply use a univesal brace on each parent. Also pay attention to the fact that there is no nature brace, you have to use an everstone like normal, hence breeding nature will always consume that parent. But those pokemon are generally speaking not worth much without the combination of a relevant IV. Rule 3 will also guarantee a certain sense of reality when it comes to economic consequences. Since it only works if a single IV is either red or green, that means its offspring having two exceptional IVs will not be able to use this item. Thus largely maintaining its economic value, even more so if we consider pokemon with 3, 4, 5 or 6 exceptional IVs. To breed these pokemon, the normal breeding procedure applies and the parents will be lost. This suggestion I feel adds quality of life to the players who breed pokemon, either for business or pleasure. It removes the need to capture 16 exceptional IV'd pokemon for a competitive breed, while still keeping pokemon with multiple IVs valuable, especially if they have a relevant nature. In that sense it also does not diminish the fact that people can still sell single IV'd pokemon for money, particularely to those players who do not have these special braces. I hope you appreciate my suggestion, and perhaps some day soon we can welcome these items to our gift shop :)
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