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  1. It's rough being bugs, JJ got me as well.
  2. Goldeneyes

    Miew Year's Monotype Party! ~ Jan 5th

    I can see bug doing really well, but Water/ Ground, Flying look to be the teams to beat for this gen.
  3. I'll do bugs if nobody else has claimed it already. Gotta have one free win gym.
  4. Goldeneyes

    Best of 2018

    2nd 5th 10th best LC, feels good.
  5. Just post a message to me whenever you are ready to go today. 

  6. Hey friend we is playing for pba this round. weekend is good for me, preferably late ish american time but am somewhat flexible lemme know 

  7. First OT shiny today, kinda neat. 

  8. I'll get you next time, Coolio.

  9. Happy Holidays to all! 

  10. I think I'll make two pies in the morning, to make up for the one I didn't make today. 

  11. I should make a pie today. 

    1. Goldeneyes


      Maybe I'll make a pie tomorrow.


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