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  1. [PSL9] Season Baen9neXL - THE HYPE THREAD

    Can't we all just get along?
  2. [PSL9] Player Registration

    IGN: Goldeneyes Timezone: EST Fluff: I'm bad don't pick me. I play LC Most Preferred Manager: They're all pretty good. Least Preferred Manager: I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but fuck Toast.
  3. [PSL9] Season Baen9neXL - THE HYPE THREAD

    I caught like 20 for air balloons before I figured out they didn't work.
  4. [PSL9] Season Baen9neXL - THE HYPE THREAD

    Also forgot the Monotype poll.
  5. Happy Holidays to all! 

  6. I think I'll make two pies in the morning, to make up for the one I didn't make today. 

  7. I should make a pie today. 

    1. Goldeneyes


      Maybe I'll make a pie tomorrow.

  8. New battle factory sets are sick. A+

  9. Help making team please

    Just pick your six favorite pokes from the OverUsed listing in your Pokedex and use those. That's how I got started with comp.
  10. Evo stones

    Took just over 100 encounters to pick one up, but berry forest has dawn stones.

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