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  1. IGN: Goldeneyes Reason: Seems neat. Preferred Tiers: LC Competitive accolades: I'm sure I've won something before. Discord contact: GoldenLies#5027 Other random stuff: I've got a mean Monobug OU team.
  2. Team Name: KingCheerios Team Tag: LYLE Registered Players: Kanzo, SweeTforU, DoubleJ, pachima, Goldeneyes, NikhilR, Yangsam, Axellgor, HackGod, CerveroFerluci, Artemiseta, BurntZebra, Talqa, Zhiko, Dementer Team Captain: Artemiseta
  3. Goldeneyes GMT -5 (Or whatever EST is, I dunno) LC Probably still bad but I might win a game if I hax someone out.
  4. 2nd 5th 10th best LC, feels good.
  5. Just post a message to me whenever you are ready to go today. 

  6. Hey friend we is playing for pba this round. weekend is good for me, preferably late ish american time but am somewhat flexible lemme know 

  7. I'll get you next time, Coolio.

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