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  1. Don't kill me off too easily.

    1. kloneman


      Pinch me i'm dreaming

    2. TWDaryl


      Unfortunately, no, you're not. Sorry.

  2. i miss you so much my old teammate.. 

  3. You got me interested in manga and other Japanese media, so screw you. But more than that, thanks

    1. TWDaryl


      Still kinda miss you though.

    2. JPG
  4. Don't take my skills so lightly.
  5. Bump~ A year since creation, and almost a year since the last ounce of activity from this thread full of masterpieces. I'll be taking requests again, if anyone feels like it. Of course, I'll be kicking it up with Paint.
  6. The one that was taken a few days before Emlee became staff. It was a screen shot of loads of members of staff and the shiny Eevee in one. I even think some high ranking staff members were there. It's in General iscreenshot thread somewhere. EDIT: Here they are. [spoiler] [/spoiler] So much more than a shiny Eevee.
  7. No problem, and it still doesn't fit for some weird reason.
  8. Would I be correct in saying that the thread has been hidden and the judging is currently taking place?
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