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  1. Except that Johto (GSE) did add new pokemon originally. But I'm not arguing with the rest of what you wrote.
  2. You were the one who started talking about whether or not anyone likes Johto. But yeah, i know that it's a lot more difficult to add Johto (or any other region for that matter) than it sounds. No need to act like an ass. Anyway.
  3. Well, considering that all (well, some of) the content that we already have in the game was originally introduced by GSE, and we have it in the MMO because all the subsequent titles continued to have it (I'm talking about features, not plot, though the plot is pretty much the same in all of these games), it's not really surprising. But here's a question: what makes you so sure that I won't care for the 2h30m story of GSE? How is it any worse than the one in B1W1 for instance? What's the point of playing the MMO if I can just emulate any of the games in the first place? Me, I hate mmos in general (most online games, in fact), because I hate seeing a crowd of people standing around locations doing nothing; or wearing outrageous outfits and other cosmetic items that only they have access to because they grinded their character to the top level, or paid a ton of real money to buy said cosmetic items; or doing the same quests while circlejerking a quest-giver npc. If it's what these players enjoy, more power to them, I'm just saying it's immersion breaking. The only real advantage any online game has over any singleplayer game is that you can play with other people, though that's a questionable advantage if you don't like people, or if can't find someone to play with (for any reason), or if you're not a competitive online player. I mean, people sometimes challenge me to battles, but they always seem to have pokemon some 20 levels higher than mine, so why would I want to battle them? No offence to anyone on here, but to tell the truth, I only play the MMO because it lets me have my own character instead of the standard characters in the original games, and because it connects several games under one roof, the latter being just convenient. And what are these dungeons anyway? How do they fit in with the original games, or the lore (if lore is in any way important to the MMO players here)? I mean, nothing wrong with having dungeons, but content goes both ways, and you're not bursting anyone's bubble. But whatever, I get it, you hate GSE/ Johto, you don't want the devs to add it because you want other kind of content, and you want it now. Nothing wrong with that, just no need to jump at people's throats, "bursting their bubbles".
  4. Thanks, but I already failed at it. :(
  5. And what would you consider 'content'? What you call 'filler trash' is content too, whether we like it, or not.
  6. Mine is to have all the games in a single program, even if they'll be using the gen3 engine/ artstyle. Alas, that's unlikely to happen :(
  7. Chiming in. Personally, i was never a fan of GSE overall, and some of the things introduced in particular, but I'd still want it implemented as a region, because the game'd feel more complete. It's just a matter of 'how', i think, since you say post-game content is an issue.
  8. Thanks. By 'farm' you mean 'catch wild Pikachu until you catch one with a ball'?
  9. Thanks for the info. I wonder, is this actually written anywhere and I missed it?
  10. But what about a light ball Raichu? Also, my Pikachu doesn't have a light ball. Of the three pikas that i caught across two characters, only one had a light ball, but I deleted that character, so yeah.
  11. So I had a character for a while now. After my fourth badge in Kanto, I went to Hoenn and... it turned out to be not what I expected, so, unable to return to Kanto right away, I was forced to delete said character and start over. Problem is, I keep getting a female Squirtle starter when I want a male one. SO I created several characters already, and can't delete them because they're all "newly created". So my question is, pretty much on the can: When can I delete my characters? What are the requirements? Some level to reach? A badge? What? I've looked on the forums, but there are just two topics from ~2015, when it was apparently impossible to delete characters at all.
  12. Ah, i just checked Bulbapedia and you're right. Still, i wonder: what's the point of trading twice for effectively the same pokemon? It's something we can ask Nintendo/ GF, but since they're unavailable..
  13. Ahahahah! This is great! Kudos to you, good sir or madame!
  14. Does this work on android? Because I can't seem to get it to work. :(
  15. Could you please be a bit more specific? I'm trying to install Anime Sounds and Cries. I downloaded the file, opened the client, imported the mod, the client says something like 'mod is imported, restart is required'. I restart the client, but in-game, pokemon cries are still the same, that is, the vanilla lo-poly distortions. Tried it on both pc and phone.
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