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  1. cool bro do its able to use with the new pokemmo update ( i want to say do i can send battles or trades requests with it? ) and thnx you its awesome i hope you do more good luck πŸ˜„
  2. tyvm bro i will use it for sure,i wish you the best goodluck πŸ˜„
  3. oh nice job bro im going with grass type and if you can let sceptile be more cool πŸ˜„ and yea i liked the fire starters theme its awesome
  4. do this is another update? and if its another update what changed?
  5. that not mean that im stick with win7 but i dont have the minimunts for an updated version of windows
  6. ooohhhh i understand now sadly no one that i know that he can do it its online i wish you the best guys have a nice tournament i will come to watch
  7. so i cant participe in the [LC] if im the only one player?
  8. team tag : Clis registered members : Branaso (me)
  9. my team tag : [Clis] my ign name : Branaso my team members : no one want to come to watch the Tier : [LC]
  10. at my time its today at the 11pm i think
  11. yea bro its good its good idea to have a ping when egg hatched
  12. what theme you are using bro? its look awesome
  13. i guess its can learn icy wind in tutor moves in unova region
  14. dazzling gleam its a fairy type move from gen 6 this game dont have fairy types or moves
  15. tyvm guys i want to be in the [LC] tier ign name : branaso
  16. i want to participe in the [LC] and i dont know the right time
  17. idk about that i think mods know what they have to do you can ask them
  18. nah this item doesnt exist in the real games of pokemons so i guess that reason of levels cap cant let the mods add this item
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