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  1. idk know havent heard of something like that before and making 660k in a hour i think not thats impossible to do every hour and every day
  2. idk about this but i think its not good in battle with 30% accuracy and i think its not allowed nope singles battles only
  3. its a good team but havent seen any pokemons for attacking the foe,the most of your team its a walls pokemons that doesnt mean that its not good but it will take a time from you to win a battle in my opinion.
  4. do you have tried to logg off and relog in, im facing this problem a lot of time cuz of my bad net. logging off and relogging in its working with me
  5. you are right i just checked them and yes rapid spin was having 20 base power and no speed boost but Hurricane move i think its still based on gen 5 its still have 110 power in this game
  6. we are at the gen 5 (except the random battles they are using mons from gen 1-3 and the others things like moves,items and statuts are from the gen 5 style)
  7. its really annoying to waste a lot of time searching for the friend name in like 3-5 pages in the list and at the last you found nothing
  8. Hi guys πŸ˜„, if you are pvper or your friends are pvpers, some times you want to watch a friend pvp match or someone match. its really hard to find the player that you are searching for in the list and after adding the random battles it got more difficult. Hope you MMO TEAM do something about this. And thanks to all you guys
  9. lol i missed this event damn nice event btw
  10. i agree with you @Bertolfoso but there are srongest pokemons that they have the sweep style too like: Dustox,Dragonair,Feraligatr..... and others, and thats fair in my opinion
  11. Krokodile its the best one and make sure to teach him Crunch move and Moxie ability ivs doesnt matter but maybe the nature will
  13. Hi, we all know that we get a new battle mod (random battles mod) or the random tier as an another name so after getting that new battle mod do we will get a random tournaments too or no? if we will get the random tournaments how the prizes will be? cuz this tier have a less rewards than the other tiers and ty all
  14. Oh nice thats awesome ty for letting me know
  15. hi guys i cant login in the game and i dont know why? hope someone can tell me whats that and ty πŸ˜„
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