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  1. Dan is the man , Bert is the best Bert we ever seen in the game 😄 Also , the service is great man , nice job you are doing there , best wishes 🙂
  2. Gratz buddy I'd like to see a shiny bug in your team as well ^^
  3. Branaso

    Summer Event

    Fireworks festival , dragon boat festival , and why not a circus festival , summer opening event
  4. Where are you Sceptile fans ??!! Sceptile is My favorite pokemon, shiny, starter and my favorite legends are Victini @MPDHand @Jgaw.
  5. yes bro its moved to the 16th January
  6. Super, legend , good luck on your work
  7. Just do gtl flipping and wait for a lucky drop like me ( 590k lol and i missed it , but i got a one for 3m in gtl xD ) Also I'm agree with the difficulty idea , cuz getting a 1 freaking Santa present is literally taking a while ( 30-40 mins if you know what are you doing and your squad was pretty good too ) , not like the Halloween event , cuz even the hard mod was easy even with Nidoking and clefable lol , and you get 5 pump goodies in like ( 10 mins !! If you know the right strat )
  8. Merry Christmas & happy new year everyone enjoys this beautiful community ⛄🎄⛄. I wish you all another year full of joy and happiness, thanks for the wonderful game
  9. We will beg you again. MAKE IT LIMITED !!
  10. Branaso

    Summer Event

    Man 3 events in the full year is not enough, i really wanna see this in pokemmo
  11. Today i wanna talk about gym leaders mons, i wanna ask a question about the stats of they're stats, are they EVs trained or no? ( i just wanna test a hail rebattle team if its going to work, cuz flash fire,water absorb & dry skin are so annoying in the rebattle and they are taking the amulet coin time, and there are no ability that can absorb/stop ice moves) thats my question for today we will talk more about that cuz its really an important thing & a nice money farming method. Have a nice day all :)
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