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  1. People can easily get it from forum
  2. in Leppas you have to sell them by calling them like WTS Leppas , in lum case you can easily exchange them to NPC and can sell to the NPC
  3. If you ask me . I will suggest Lums 😉 Try with your alts
  4. Making Pokemons monster Smh Smh
  5. Use Flame orb and Admant Nature with Some Speed EVS it will be better with some other conkeldurrs Conkeldurr have guts ability
  6. Use a comp conkeldurr Mach punch Drain punch Stone edge Bulk up
  7. can anyone translate into English?
  8. If you need any kind advice , DM me
  9. Too Helpful tnx for letting us know
  10. I will use that service for sure 😄
  11. don't hate those cutie pie's
  12. it look great , for gengar lovers
  13. Sure~! Just knock me in discord >.<
  14. Finding them is rare , You can just buy them.
  15. First Place:Kishore Second Place:TilmeedB Third Place:Hitokirisan Congrats, Thanks to all for participating.
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