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  1. Yes you can just put the old account information.
  2. that's Soo sweet
  3. it's an computer progress or a error i guess you have to change your computer.
  4. egg Shinyhunt More info: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/120706-pokemmo-shiny-hunting-guide-2021-encnespt/
  5. one event is done today
  6. i think they didn't find anything else to put on PvP hat .
  7. Pls stop being toxic here . and Stop belting too.
  8. Creo que si obtiene una prohibición permanente pero su cuenta aún está guardada, todavía tiene la oportunidad de solicitar. So i will probably say unban him it's been 2years for him sure he learnt something what happen if we act being toxic.
  9. @SebastianPVProbablemente sea para mod / tema casual. Puedes cambiarlo a mod casual de rango mod, principalmente para partidas de práctica.
  10. Welcome to REED GoodLuck on your shiny hunting by the way it's an rare shiny So you must have to do egg shiny hunt well doing egg shiny hunt is cost time but goodluck on it.
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