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  1. @awkways Thanks alot, also im looking forward to opening a shop after im done doing some stuff irl πŸ˜›
  2. Slot : Hand Name : Gastly Staff
  3. Slot : entire body name : Ghost Undertaker Suit
  4. Slot : Hand hold Name : Haunter'd Scepter / Houndevil Pitchfork
  5. Mawile cute animation i made in spare time i hope y'all like it :) She doesn't know what it is but loves it nontheless!
  6. Just a little scared cute charmander in a hat :3
  7. And here is another :D Item slot : head Item name : Shiny Trapinch in my head , obtainable only for the owners of shiny trapinch
  8. Item name : Shiny Gligar Helmet with gen 2 shiny sparkles Slot : Head still unifinished though with all the sides :p
  9. Item slot : gloves/hand item name : Zubat Staff
  10. Here is a vanity item i wished to existed so i made it hope you guys like it :D
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