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  1. $1.200.000 - SOLD to Westb
  2. $900.000 - SOLD to wennini
  3. ChakaDolls Cyndaquil F Timid 2x31 SpA, Spe Extrasensory Flame Burst Timburr F Adamant 2x31 HP, Atk Mach Punch
  4. The cheapest(pretty sure), fastest(because I already have my breeders ready), and most transparent(price breakdown included) perfect breeding service available. Gender select price varies depending on the Pokémon's gender ratio. Genderless Pokémon will cost the same as the $21.000 gender select Pokémon. To order, please send me a mail (Mochimida) following the format below with the payment attached. I will start breeding as soon as I see the order. Hippopotas M Impish 4x31 -SpA, Spe Spit Up Stockpile Swallow Vermilion City Natured 6x31 $1.882.00
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