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  1.   Yeah I don't resent the new teams, I just wish the old teams still played
  2. I wish all the old players and old teams still played, that was when this game was at its best
  3. Yeah my Feebas needs to evolve. Are comps easier to get? Duelling better?
  4. Good to see you brahs still around. Is the game getting better?
  5. be careful who you let into your team, someone with the LYLE tag broke sleep clause, a fairly basic error
  6.   this is like arguing with a brick wall. I didn't scout you. until you have proof you have no reason to state otherwise. you need to grow up buddy
  7.   lol I didn't scout you, are you delusional? I was too busy fighting my duel to do that. houndoom was a staple pokemon of mine in 4v4. if you can't take responsibility for your own mistakes, then you don't deserve to win, or achieve anything at all
  8. I always found it funny that you block people who are better than you bowser. are you like 7 years old or something?
  9. ITT: bunch of wannabes trying to overcompensate for the fact that they are winning against inactive or noob teams in a dying game
  10.   That was earlier. Congrats on being retarded enough to bring a high level pokemon. Would have taken down that wak if it was level 50 anyway
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