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  1. Just like I've said, I liked those people :v
  2. If they do it, I'll thank them for that, but if not, and think it's bad for the game, then I'll accept it, just like I've said I appreciate everything they do here, and they make things whats better for the game.
  3. I play pvp tho, obviously u r one of the people here who cries a lot about tier movement, and afraid of changes. Mannn just play, have fun, and enjoy the game, staffs here r all great and always make things what's better for the game, and i appreciate everything they do here. Honestly I really like people who cries a lot bout changes and criticize it, and there's people who will just accept it and just play with it, I mean that's makes the game more healthy, alive and balanced, and loved it. Mannn, adding new mons doesn't mean change older mons typing :v
  4. They will, coz staffs here r smart and cool, and I believe in them, Soon™️.
  5. I hope they already think this idea before, just like puting Jhoto mons ingame even without Jhoto itself, and they r almost finish and release it in 2022 Lol. And put them on safari so every single papi will be happi
  6. Idk if u read and understand everything up there, just like I've said, no megas and other stuff, I guess those gen 6 mons r not as OP as legendaries.
  7. Seeing,catching, and breeding new mons like Greninja ingame, I guess not
  8. I mean i don't mind bout the region, megas and other stuff, but those gen 6 mons only, just want to see and catch them in-game, maybe just put them in safari in Kanto/Sinnoh (rarity special).
  9. Yes u r ryt, I forgot lmao Thanks!
  10. is it a bug? Why my rotom hit by an earthquake
  11. I guess ur next design will be Vulpix/Ninetails tail
  12. When I whisper to someone *I love you*, then someone replied *I love you too*.
  13. That's explains a lot, thanks man!
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