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  1. No i figured it all out my java.runs where backwards totally bonkers but i figured it out. Thanks everyone!
  2. If I can even get on.... for some reason I've updated my fire red 1.0 rom and the server says Unable to rename PokeMMO.exe.TEMPORARY to PokeMMO.exe, There are error downloading updates autoupdates may currently be unavailable. Please attempt again later, or redownload client? I've done this already... but ill do it again.
  3. Hi there, My name is Chris but due to one of my favorite characters being Hypno I have a "HypnoCraz" hints the name ;] I've played dang near every pokemon game to date so I've been waiting for this mmo! I just have to figure this one out.. the process is a weird script to me and i like it.
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