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  1. God beast, god beast! I'm going to die without God beast! ! ! Update dungeons and beasts quickly! ! !
  2. I think you can meet a fairy in the wild when you are in a team with your friends, but only one person can take it. Players can attack each other until the elves are caught or both sides fall down, just like the Christmas activities before MMO.
  3. If you can, you can offer four doubles and six three doubles. So you can team up with your friends for PVP.
  4. 看见语言包里有提到战斗地铁,那这是在哪个地区的? 战斗地铁上用来干什么的? See that the language pack mentions the battle subway, which area is it? What are you doing on the subway?
  5. How many divine beast skills can Tutu dog learn in the game now? Can you learn the game skills you command? When will the white forest or some open places open?
  6. 现在游戏里图图犬可以学多少神兽技能? 指挥到的游戏技能可以学么? 白色森林或者一些未开放的地点什么时候开放?
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