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    I've been on the internet for so long that if I joined a forum and a Mod didn't use some welcoming script, I'd probably be worried! kekekeke
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    I don't, I'm sorry! I love too many, I can't choose! Maybe Rowlett? Ah, but Pikipek is so cute... But so is Fletchling! But hello, Hawlucha? I can't choose, I'm sorry TT Done and done! Thank you!
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    Hi, thank you!!
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    Thank you, I'll keep that in mind! Eeep, thank you! I definately am so far!
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    Hello~ I'm new here! Hi, my name is Kida, but Kiki is kind of cute, so please feel free to address me as such! they/them pronouns, please! I love MMOs, but can't run many on my trashy laptop. I've loved Pokémon since before I could walk, and played every generation and most spinoffs! I also have a lot of love for Table Top games, and am currently running a campaign for Pokémon Tabletop Adventures! Ah, it makes me fantasise about a Pokémon MMO that is more open and allows for different careers and classes... I have so many ideas... Well anyway, I ca
  6. Item Slot: top I would love some dresses! Magical girl dresses, ballet tutus, victorian dresses, summer dresses -- they would be so cute! ok thank you OvO
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