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  1. in game name: PPCrungers account name: JAZZABOI When were you banned? : 04/13/2021 In Game ban description: hi mod/mod team, I was recently permanent banned from the game from my 2nd offense in the game, the 1st offense was a one hour mute for a stupid statement I made. Anyway, for some context of the ban was, I miss spelled the word "rapper" to "raper" when referring to something like "Da'baby is my favorite rapper"(what I actually said in game) to a very inappropriate word/saying, the chat played along with it so I kept going, one of my friends called the mod in the chat as a joke not expecting a mod to come review the chat. If anyone said for me to stop I'd have no problem with stopping, and I know how its a very sensitive topic for some people. To also add, on my second day on playing the game I saw the chat blown up with racial slurs and a bunch of players were muted for 1 hour, so I thought my offense was not as bad if not equal to comparing on what happened on that day. I would really just want my account back so my friends and I can play the game. P.s I am the required age to play the game.
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