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  1. Insomnia will drive anyone crazy. It’s like you haven’t even seen fight club
  2. Your mother is so unfamiliar with the gym she calls it “James”
  3. Gunthug CDT SM OU been fooling around with SM OU the last couple months, and it's really not a difficult tier to play. 55-19 averages out to about a 5-2 season, and thats assuming PSL talent will be as good as 1000-1500 ladder talent (it probably wont lol) edit:
  4. Careful, gb about to hit you with 3 novels about why actually new players can shit talk just as well as the old guard
  5. The decision to not allow coaching hurt some of us more than others, it seems
  6. The likes are really rolling in on your edge lord “I’m too cool for psl” posts. Keep them coming dude
  7. Maathew pachi hopy sparkie enchant zhiko these 6 are obvious picks. Last two will be a very tough battle. Think I give Kami and RDL the nod but very glad I don’t have to make the decision
  8. This is why sporing swamp is a bad idea. Not to mention, best loom is a much bulkier one. Still, epic gimmickz - plenty of room for those in SM Ou...
  9. Rock Paper Scissors, 1v1 explosion battle, and friendly back-patting
  10. Please tell me someone on these godforsaken forums is studying evolutionary biology and can explain why this is so absolutely not like evolution haha. Also, don't shit on agnosticism, it's the only truly reasonable stance
  11. Ok “central figure” was probably the wrong phrase, but on the bright side, at least we aren’t talking about old vs. new generation of players anymore. You’re welcome
  12. Let me save both of you some time by simply acknowledging that you two are not arguing about something where it is even possible for you to find an agreement. Nik is (subjectively, unfortunately) claiming that the old competitive scene was stronger than the new competitive scene, and gb is arguing that the new competitive scene is either stronger than the old “washed up” players, or he’s just denying nik’s position. Either way, there is no actual way to compare the two groups of players. It’s the “MJ vs Lebron” debate and guess what - mj is almost 50 and can’t hoop with lebron right now, and lebron doesn’t have access to a time machine. So the comparison is completely pointless. Not to mention, gb has never in his entire life changed his opinion on something so even if nik were objectively right, gb would just move the goalposts and argue until he literally died. Tldr: why is no one smack talking the real issues - like how the central figure in the last psl’s manager coaching scandal signing up to manage again? (Sorry @Parke)
  13. 2 for 3, i'm batting .667. That'd make me a hall of famer in baseball
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