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  1. But again, viewing this game as an MMO instead of just multiple people playing a single player game, what ELSE would you consider to be the equivalent of "rare/ultra rare weapons/armor?" Legendaries, no matter how many of them there are, are the only things that potentially fill that void. It's not whether its "bad" or not if people have them. It's that the devs want to eventually make this game a true MMO with MMO-like endgame content, and legendaries represent the ideal reward for those goals. Not saying this is good or a desirable path, only that it's VERY CLEARLY what the devs are doing and any confusion about this is, well, confusing
  2. I'm not really sure why the focus on legendaries not being widely available is on, well, the stuff you guys are rambling about above. I would think anyone who has ever played an MMO before would understand the reasoning behind the lack of implementation - legendaries are this game's form of "ultra rare weapons/armor" and they clearly have long term game designs in mind for how to implement them. Simply making them just as catchable as any other pokemon, just as breedable, just as splashable, totally deflates their overall significance in an MMO context. So yeah, as a competitive player (well, former competitive player [well, former attempted competitive player]) I'd love to have the legendaries to add very necessary depth to the metagame. However, again, it's pretty obvious why we don't have them. Devs cant exactly allow us access to legendaries and then later put them behind a wall like legendary dungeons - that wouldn't be fair to those who came later and didn't have access to them originally. So they are forced to sit in limbo while other, more lucrative things occupy the devs attention.
  3. It's entirely possible to just say "yes, you're right," you know. No one is forcing you to defend Calm Mind Entei and discredit yourself even further lol
  4. Arcanine gets wild charge in mmo, right?
  5. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7hackmonscup-1004131900 LMAO the balls on him to drop that ":)" in the end
  6. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-995277073 uguued this guys whole team down with 2 mons
  7. I’m saying the seriousness of getting your account muted or banned on a privately run pokemon fan game is so many leagues of magnitude less than that of the kinds of atrocities the ECHR was drawn up to address, and the comparison is fucking hilarious. Carry on with your quixotic discussion though, I’m sure the devs moderation has a real impact on their bottom line
  8. Holy shit did someone just try to apply the ECHR to moderation on a knock off pokemon game?
  9. tbh while I think it's still a good idea, we're like two, maybe three years too late for a spectator's arena. Those who left because of the impersonal, automated shift in the competitive scene are long gone
  10. As you know, Doubles isn't a tier, but the kinds of pokemon that would likely populate an Ubers tier could also help bolster the doubles roster too. More importantly though, Ubers is likely to pull players from the OU playerbase rather than UU, NU or LC, so I don't think it's nearly as much of a problem as, say, adding an RU tier. There's a bunch of reason's why we don't need an Ubers tier right now but this seems like a pretty minor one
  11. Well, that depends on how they implement legendaries. The traditional Ubers "tier" kind of needs your run of the mill OP legendaries to have any substance, but I could see the devs keeping those particular legendaries as mini-games, kind of like mewtwo and rayquaza are, and only making non-uber legends available in dungeons. This raises some interesting concerns though, such as what happens if TC decides one of the "non-uber" legendaries is actually too strong for OU? Anyway, we don't know enough yet to speculate about how Ubers may look in the future - but the more pokemon they add, the more likely it is to become a thing, so I'd just be patient tbh. There's not much else we can do
  12. There's an enormous amount of differences between our meta and then BW meta (even though they're roughly the same gen) which make this comparison completely unreliable. But it seems based on your next comment you kind of get that Remember, those sinnoh pokes + non uber legendaries have a MASSIVE impact on the OU metagame. Without them, we've seen threats like conk and reuniclus, nowhere near OP in the BW metagame, suddenly become problematic. That alone should show you how far away from a true BW meta we are.
  13. I know you've been told all these things before and you just plug your ears and ignore them rather than actually take feedback, but I'll try again. It's not that Ubers as a tier is this thing no one wants - it's that, by adding some of these game mechanics that have very clearly led to bans in other, similar metagames (buffed outrage for example), we'd be taking very common, popular threats out of the OU metagame. You think OU is stale now? (completely subjective, not a valid argument btw) - well imagine it without any dragons. I feel like you're envisioning an Ubers tier from one of the main generation metagames, which if so, would make sense why you'd want it. With the legendaries in there, Ubers becomes a fun, albeit uncompetitive tier option. However, we don't have legendaries. Devs very clearly aren't about to just release legendaries the old fashioned way, this is common knowledge so I don't know why you keep pushing for it or pretending they haven't announced plans for legendary dungeons 300 times. A bunch of the other things you said are meaningless/make no sense. Oh, hydreigon has gotten draco meteor in every other game? No other game had a uniquely balanced OU meta without legendaries, rendering hydrei somewhat on the brink of being banworthy. Keeping draco off and outrage nerfed is a terrible idea? and bad game design? Well, I'm glad you're being honest. But why? Give reasons, because all the ones youve given are shit and have been batted down constantly, over and over. edit: disclaimer - we SHOULD have legendaries by now. But not the legendaries you seem to want, for some reason. We should have the OU legendaries, and the fact that devs have still not delivered on this is extremely disappointing but not surprising. Lets face it - it's a lot easier to implement a region that's already been designed in another game than to come up with completely new content in the form of legendary dungeons
  14. I think there's some truth to this - the game is definitely repetitive and lacking endgame content. However the force of time is a pretty strong one, and I doubt a lot of the staples from 2012-2013 would be around still regardless of how the devs have mishandled the game
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