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  1. Gunthug

    Get rid of full restores for gym leaders and E4

    I'm torn between the canonical significance of storyline bosses using these items throughout the history of mons (though maybe less obnoxiously) and what @Toupi noted about how this doesn't really help prepare players for pvp. And I'm leaning towards the latter, since the overall difficulty of npcs has already far surpassed the original games anyways.
  2. Gunthug

    A Player you will never forget.

    this thread has been a real blow to the ego so far
  3. Gunthug

    Event Suggestions & Feedback

    Writing competition or I will orchestrate a one person riot in creative media subforun the likes of which have never been seen
  4. "Go in tomorrow and call your boss a fat fucking piece of shit. Let me know how freedom of speech works for you then."


    Is this what you dream about doing all day?

  5. Gunthug

    Freedom of speech

    You get freedom of speech from the government - that's why you can't be thrown in jail for saying something (unless it falls into the several exceptions, where they CAN in fact punish you for what you say. But that's irrelevant). But guess what? PokeMMO is not the government. They can punish you for what you say, it's part of the agreement you agreed to by coming here and using their services. Do you work? Do you have a job? Go in tomorrow and call your boss a fat fucking piece of shit. Let me know how freedom of speech works for you then
  6. Gunthug

    Freedom of speech

    Sween, my dude, you are wrong about this. The first amendment protects us citizens from the government, it's not a universal right to speak whatever you want
  7. Gunthug

    Freedom of speech

    Can't we raise legitimate concerns about staff without marching under the "freedom of speech" banner? The fact that so many don't know what freedom of speech actually is makes me sad for the state of our elementary schools across the world
  8. based solely on the annoyance of the @everyone feature on discord, hard pass
  9. Gunthug

    Pelipper 100% cheat

    It kind of balances out the fact that politoad doesn't have drizzle - rain would be just as common in a true gen 5 setting
  10. In a mid-sized town, there's a gym. Let's call it "Bold's Gym." A lot of different people use the gym - many go upwards of 4 times a week, utilizing the gym's high tech weight lifting equipment. However, some don't use all the weights - they just show up and run on the treadmill for a short amount of time, and leave. There's nothing wrong with this at all. But, if the gym is in disrepair, many of the high tech equipment isn't working, and those who use the gym to the fullest extent are upset about this - does it really make sense for the treadmill runners to go "Pfft, the treadmill works just fine, who cares about the other equipment? I only use the treadmill." Yes, it's ok if you're not a high end, competitive player in MMO. Some people just play for the story line. But that fact does nothing to invalidate PVP players concerns about the state of the competitive scene, and the lack of attention it has received. So, what point does this thread serve again?
  11. Gunthug

    TV Series Hub

    bojack is the best show on Netflix, discuss
  12. Gunthug

    how to stop mienshao

    First of all, the strongest way to deal with hazards isn't rapid spin at all, it's defog. Second, yeah regen helps a little with hazards but when you're as frail as mienshao even the chip damage you take coming in can be enough to turn 2hkos into 1hkos - quite significant when you're talking about revenge killing
  13. Gunthug

    how to stop mienshao

    I know I've said this before, and maybe Mienshao isn't the absolute perfect pokemon for this little sagely advice, but guys - the days of every single OU mon having a counter/multiple counters is gone. The further entrenched we get into gen 5 pokemon/moves/abilities, and even as we go beyond that, this is going to start coming up more and more often. With the sheer volume of power pokemon with wide movesets and high base stats, the conversation starts to change from "What pokemon can switch in and force this thing out multiple times a duel" to "are there factors that will limit this mon's ability to wreak havoc all duel long?" For Mienshao, the fact that it's weak to every form of hazards, its stab is pretty favorable to wall and comes with high risk, struggles with 4mss, and that it's relatively frail and doesn't resist a single form of priority, I don't think a serious discussion about its banworthiness is ripe just yet. But again, as we discuss things like this (especially hydreigon coming up) I think we need to acknowledge collectively that no counters=/=instant ban anymore
  14. Gunthug

    psl X donation thread

    If one more person triggers me with baseball slander I'm gonna film a commentary about it and I know no one wants that
  15. Gunthug

    psl X donation thread

    Fred, my dude, you are way out of your element here. The fact that a bunch of crappy writers like to post headlines like "is baseball dying?!" has no actual bearing on the state of the sport. The dodgers just signed a 4 billion dollar TV contract, do you think maybe people are still watching games? Just because there's no team spending cap doesn't mean the "rich teams" are buying up everyone good and winning a shit ton lol. There's a luxury tax, so high payroll teams get hit harder the more they spend and this money then trickles down to the low payroll teams, helping with parity. Also, your payroll statistics are misleading, since the giants are currently #2 but at the time they won the world series they weren't quite that high (in fact, the windfall from winning the series allowed them to lock several of their young stars into big contracts). Regardless, the fact that the 20th and 11th payroll teams are 2 of our last 3 world series winners, and that the Cubs won the other one (for the first time in >100 years, mind you) completely shatters whatever point you're trying to make. On top of ALL OF THAT, you clearly haven't been following baseball this offseason, where we saw a MASSIVE shift away from spending in free agency in favor of home grown talent. In fact, it got so bad that the players union threatened legal action because teams weren't opening their wallets to spend big money on free agents this year. Know why? Because the formula for success isn't to empty the bank, 90's Yankees style. It's to draft smart, develop your talent, and make your runs with young players on cheap contracts under club control. Look at the bottom 10 payroll teams...all of them have made significant playoff runs in the last decade or so...proving that you can be a successful MLB franchise without being one of the rich teams. I have no idea why you would double down on your originally poor stance given your own admission that you don't watch baseball, but you're just wrong. Very wrong. Keep on trying though, I've got an endless amount of time and energy to discuss this topic

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