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  1. Would like to take a moment to acknowledge those that we've lost - for me, Facsimile. I had a ton of good shit on that alt and the e-mail verification means he's gone forever ;-;
  2. just got a PM from a guy named Facsimile, he'll match as well. He just sent me the 5m
  3. Didn’t realize this psl was filled with a bunch of poors who hate fun. I tried shifting away from auction style for years and suddenly people don’t like auctions??
  4. Look, the shiny market has officially imploded. We knew this was going to happen eventually - there's nowhere for shinies to go, so the supply is just going to keep piling up while demand remains static, and thus the value of most shinies has dropped significantly. KNOWING THIS - I just cannot fathom why shiny gift prizes wouldn't be far, far better IVs than 2x31, 4x25. It's an absolute joke and frankly an insult to the competitive community. Imagine pouring in the tens, maybe hundreds of hours necessary to win the OU seasonal, and you end up with a shiny "comp" that isn't as good as even the most basic, standard player's competitive version of that pokemon? The argument that higher IV shiny gift prizes would somehow affect shiny values was always kind of a tenuous one - but at this stage, it should simply be scoffed at and ignored. Are there any other, better arguments against raising the IVs?
  5. Edit - this is probably more appropriately placed in the event sugg and feedback thread
  6. I thought the last time showdown was on a psl poll it got destroyed?
  7. It would lose lol I think Gb would gladly put it to a vote for that very reason
  8. my two cents are that psl gets stale after a long time without changes. trotting out the usual psl14 general thread and donations would have created a short burst of "hey cool" and then complete radio silence until manager's thread, then player signups etc etc. gb clearly saw an opportunity to stir the pot right away with a very controversial new system that is, ultimately, designed to increase donations to psl. At the same time, there have been quite a few players from past seasons who were potentially not punished further due to the "new host doesn't abide by previous bans" unwritten rule. The cool part about this system is it's very clear which of the banned players the community will rally to defend and allow to play, and which are perhaps truly deserving of the ban - with no one even bothering to defend them. One random wealthy dude tried throwing his money at keeping a player banned and committees started forming in back rooms plotting to keep him around, while most of his posts received respectable support and random wealthy dude continuously gets crickets. If that's not an indication of whether he should be allowed to play or not, I don't know what is, and this system shone a spotlight on that. I think there were obviously flaws, easy to point them out in hindsight, but overall it's been a pretty good ride.
  9. lol how tf did i miss that giant jj post? i swear forums notifications are fucking up for me lately. devs just do not want me back!
  10. i definitely don't think you should be banned but i mean, it took you way too long to have the revelation that this was merely a PR stunt to boost donations and drama pre season, without wanting real consequences like one of the most dynamic psl players of all time not getting to participate
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