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  1. Been away from this thread for a while, so here's some red meat for the rock fans https://thedirtynil.bandcamp.com/track/head-on single from new album out this fall
  2. I'd shred to pieces your argument, but I don't see one here. Did you accidentally leave it out when you hit post?
  3. the "H" in history is not silent!!! Ok you've topped your last bad take
  4. lol this is the worst take in the history of pokemmo forums
  5. Just ask @gbwead which move is the better option, and then use the opposite one
  6. This is wrong on a lot of levels (stone edge v rock slide is absolutely not dark pulse v night daze, its more like flamethrower v fireblast, another debate MMO players frequently get wrong) but I'll just pick one - you're completely overlooking the fact that your move will not always hit your intended target, but chip damage matters on other mons. So for example if you're about to slap a volcarona with your tyranitar and they switch to, say, conkeldurr or something, the difference between rock slide damage and stone edge damage can end up winning or losing you a game later on. It sort of boils down to personal preference but stone edge is objectively the better option the vast majority of the time
  7. It was not deemed competitive. It was deemed not banworthy. Huge difference. Also, comparing UU to LC is pretty irrational, they arent even two different tiers they're flat out different metagames. What's "banworthy" in one isn't necessarily banworthy in another, and the comparisons aren't helpful. If what Gb says makes sense on paper, then it's worth testing to see if it makes sense in practice too. None of this "whataboutism" just to add onto this, even though I JUST said comparisons were irrational, I think one thing that really separates diglett in LC from dugtrio is the relative power of STAB eq in a tier with such low HPs. Duggy would be a lot stronger in UU if it could do the job it's supposed to, but often it's attack is underwhelming and it ends up tickling the threats its trying to remove. Diglett on the other hand, seems to be doing just fine at removing what it wants to, and then mementoing into a devastating set up attacker afterwards
  8. looks like the market has bounced back a little and the GTL's lowest jack o lantern is back up to 60m. So, I won't be accepting 1/3 of that, sorry @awkways. Buy now reset to 40m to more accurately reflect market while still being a nice discount and opportunity for profit
  9. let's chat when I get home from work in a few hours
  10. dropped the prices to match the post-update market
  11. that'll teach em!
  12. Selling these ONE vanities. I only want cash Jack o Lantern Mask - BUY NOW 40M Current bid - Lowest price on GTL: 60m Candy Cane - BUY NOW 15M Current bid - Lowest price on GTL: 21m
  13. will keep responses short because no one wants to read walls of texts. You cannot force people to give 100% effort each game, and too much effort to do so could actually be detrimental. The casual aspect of PSL - free to enter, schedule 1 match a week is the entry barrier - appeals to a ton of participants strawman, not worth responding to. so now you're proposing ways to fix some of the biggest and most successful sports leagues in the world. Do they need fixing? Does PSL? I didn't even say the PSL was losing interest, i said IF it's losing interest, it could be because of x. Why don't you prove first that the PSL needs drastic changes? Burden of proof is on you, and you certainly have done that so far this can literally happen w/the current system
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