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  1. not 100% sure if it's utilized here as much as other gens, but I think a screech dugtrio set can handle chansey pretty well
  2. Well you see if the devs allow for a huge commitment to a competitive tournament to potentially net a non-tradeable shiny, it could flood the shiny market (even though they're non tradeable) and have an effect on the economy What's this...I'm getting a report that Jonulo has caught two shinies since I started typing this post. Hm.
  3. why is this thread still open lol?? If you're discussing competitive play in general discussion I've got some real concerns about your credibility
  4. How do we know that newer mmo players are more acclimated with new generation mechanics than old generation mechanics? Perhaps more players who start playing MMO either aren't familiar with new gen knock off, or not familiar with any existing mechanics. Also to address what you said to pachi, there's a big difference between fairies and steels when it comes to handling knock off. Most steels are susceptible to fighting which is a very common type that abuses knock off, whereas fairies don't have the same exposure.
  5. Why should knock off be buffed? You're the one seeking to change the status quo, you need to provide better reasoning other than "actualize knock off BP please"
  6. Uh, there've absolutely been complex bans. The draco ban on hydreigon was a complex ban, for example. Going way back in time, we once complex banned curselax, too (though that one was arguably warranted, since a lot of people made solid arguments that an OU metagame without snorlax would devolve into absolute chaos) And, ps, nerfing an aspect of garchomp will also be a complex ban - except arguably more confusing for new players
  7. Insane that you two are arguing over peanuts when some guy just tried to compare garchomp to bayern munich
  8. The fact that so many here are wondering why complex bans weren't tried first is a sign that we've lost our way with tiering. It would be kind of funny if it weren't so fucking sad and avoidable
  9. I don't necessarily disagree with this, but I feel like RU will just have the exact same balancing problems as NU has right now, no?
  10. Reduce Garchomp's base attack by 30!
  11. It seems based on your team chat that the server had also gone down recently? Regardless I get that the MMO doubles scene could use a shot in the arm. Looking elsewhere though just for a point of reference, Showdown's VGC and Doubles rooms (edit: combined) dwarf the Ubers room as far as current active users. We also have no idea how much participation there'd be in an MMO Ubers tier, and if we actually got the mons to beef up the Ubers tier that would also invariably beef up the doubles tier, too. It's a lot of speculation, but my overall point is that "lacking an ubers tier" isn't a real strong argument against flat-bans, since even with an Ubers tier you'd still be rendering a flat-banned pokemon "unusable" to traditional OU players who may or may not play Ubers (just like they may or may not play Doubles) e: also grats on the magikarp sale
  12. Wait you're telling me no one was queuing for doubles matches 5 minutes before the server went down? WTF?
  13. Good point e: but honestly if the protocol will be that TC flat bans something, and then Devs get around to "complex banning it" instead when the next update comes out....that should buy us plenty of time lol
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