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  1. @suigin were you the one who put this together? Can't remember
  2. Well the people who are voting aren't the ones who have to do the enormous logistical gymnastics to make the quick standard style auction happen. Additionally, I can think of like 5 or 6 people who were even around for the psl2 slow auction draft, so it's hype potential is lost on many. Just make an executive decision and lets reintroduce the best auction format in psl history
  3. Umbra I respect your opinion but I think your mistake is in believing only old players will play the showdown tier. There are plenty of active players who put the time into MMO while also simply enjoying the many diverse and exciting meta games showdown has to offer. The other thing to consider is that the older mmo players HAVE put in the work before. Many of the old guard who would have access to a psl slot with a showdown tier have done far more to promote and contribute to PSL and MMO than the newer players. And again, they’re not asking for much. 10% of representation tier wise? Less if managers choice?
  4. I won't waste a ton of time on this because quite honestly, even if showdown is added as a tier, I still may not have time to participate this season. But there are certain things I can't let fly regarding the above two assertions (and I don't mean to pick on just you two, since people say this all the time) To call PSL "an MMO event" is absolutely absurd and not true. PSL is a straight, unabashed rip-off of a Smogon event, which uses exclusively showdown tiers for its games (maybe wasn't always this way, not sure how long SPL has gone on and if it predates showdown). Now, when I say it's a rip-off I'm not saying that is a bad thing, as PSL is quite honestly, in my opinion, the best thing to ever happen to MMO and I sincerely question whether the competitive scene would be where it is now without it. But, again, you cannot ignore that this event was ripped straight from Smogon and, by extension, showdown. The other part of that statement that completely misses the point of PSL in general is this - whether you're playing on MMO, showdown, cartridge, whatever - you're still playing competitive pokemon. The medium is not the message, and it's ancillary to the overall goal of presenting and competing in high quality, high intensity battles. If your argument is that showdown tiers are lower quality or less intense than MMO battles that is completely fine (wrong, IMO, but fine) and I've seen that argument made a few times already. But to hide behind "this isn't showdown lol its MMO" is a poor substitution for an argument. To me, a showdown tier being included in every season, even as a manager's choice, is a small homage we can do to pay respects to the giants whose shoulders we stand on with every new PSL season. The benefits of including showdown tiers are countless, and the drawbacks near nonexistent. Metagames are always changing, and it's no surprise that some of the best players on MMO are capable of seamlessly stepping into showdown tiers and metas and adapting quickly to produce high level results. We know that the MMO metagame will change significantly in the future when more moves, HAs and mechanics are added, and including current gen showdown tiers in our PSL will continue exposing players (and spectators) to these new but rapidly approaching concepts. Plus, showdown matches are easier to schedule, easier to prepare for, and easier to spectate. Again, I recognize I'm biased here, but each and every PSL I've been a part of has had several high quality, high stakes showdown matches that, to me, endure the test of time far more than their counterpart MMO matches. Anyway, wall of text aside I won't die on this hill, but thats my two cents. DPP BO3 imo but that might be kinda greedy PS: here ya go, think. On 7/5/2020 at 3:43 AM, ThinkNicer said: I'm really sorry guys, but I messed up the polling. I didn't realize how easy it was to spam answers using Forms. We added a question to verify your forum username, sadly that means all the votes till now have to be declared void. Because I can't say for certain that people haven't voted twice or more. We have the data of the previous poll to compare. Again, really sorry I totally messed up. Please take the poll again here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSet1FFDoIdU143f4b6qKHbBS7JgP07cltAOvVzaC1QJ00hUSA/viewform The link on the OP works as well. Thank you.
  5. Given that garchomp is the best mon in the game right now I don’t think buffing outrage makes even a tiny bit of sense. The Draco-less hydreigon situation is annoying though, mostly because it’s a pointless complex ban.
  6. Do people run hp grass over leaf storm? That’s the most mmo thing I’ve ever heard
  7. I think if the devs can find a way to shuffle opponents for each new round, this would be a much more pointless endeavor as you'd have no idea who to scout and watch replays for (until the later rounds when the field is narrowed). Kyu mentioned earlier in the thread that it's something they'd look into
  8. I cba to hunt for the thread right now but I actually think the devs once commented that the reason for the restriction wasn’t to limit storyline players from queueing up with subpar teams, but to specifically prevent strategies like FEAR and similar. Which is pretty lame imo but I do think it’s intentional
  9. Love how our instant go-to is a complex ban now. Healthy!!!
  10. What's the threshold for a test ban then? That someone merely suggests one?
  11. Well the problem with the "unhealthy" criteria is that, you kind of do have to speculate about what the meta will look like after a ban. This is usually discouraged in offensive/defense/support uber discussions but when the discussion is unhealthiness, you have to speculate a little bit, since the entire argument is that the metagame will be healthier after a ban - or, in gb's case, that the meta will NOT be healthier after a ban (which involves describing that metagame and how it will be healthier/unhealthier) This is why I hate the "unhealthy" discussions. I'm just glad it's not blastoise for once
  12. I guess here's my overarching problem with a regenerator ban. Yes, it's not technically a complex ban. But it's also not really addressing the problem of Mienfoo being potentially unhealthy for the tier. If we flat ban regenerator, and then foongus/slowpoke get their HA's, and regenerator Mienfoo comes back, and it's still at 70% usage - what do we do then? Ban regen on mienfoo? Ok, now its a complex ban. Ban mienfoo flat? Why the hell didn't we just do that originally
  13. But they do - you're saying that, in your hypothetical, berry juice munchlax would be fine in a meta where everything could use berry juice, but when only munchlax gets it, it's a problem. I'm telling you that's a different scenario, as even the future (maybe?) introduction of other regenerator users may not cure the mienfoo issue
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