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  1. Haha anyone who follows bb as religiously as I do is a friend in my book
  2. Just because you're friends with someone doesn't mean you can't call them out when you think they're wrong, like how I tell you you're wrong about twave and low accuracy high power moves
  3. Love the chandelure named aku though lel
  4. After weeks of farming lds exclusively with mai, I finally had a breakthrough against a random lvl 30 mako tsunami spawn
  5. Ooh nice been meaning to pick up civ 6
  6. He strong arms most of our decisions, it's ridiculous. You can't reason with the guy
  7. I didn't see anyone jump on it after jj mentioned it but just to be clear, small council had no say in the kevola lucas decision. Nor should we have, since both frags and I are on the team involved Edit: also @XPLOZ and I decided on playing this weekend a few days ago, still waiting on him to give me times though
  8. Gimme sparkie, and what the hell I'll take Riga too
  9. @XPLOZ shoot me a pm, I still can't create outgoing messages for some reason
  10. I promise you this is false
  11. Watching a weevil or tea burn deck die to their own burning land is such a great feeling
  12. Busted! They were good friends the whole time! Fake psl drama at its worst
  13. Coolio already forced us to ban houndoom, don't worry
  14. It doesn't really fit any of the uber characteristics, unless you have some sort of argument that a 106 speed golem sweeps a majority of the metagame. So we've been discussing the last couple months whether UU is centralized around golem but its usage was never that problematic (always under 20%) and meganium is good enough to use regardless. In fact, we need to stop focusing so much on meganium's usage because I'm pretty positive that even if we test ban golem, we won't see much (if any) drop in meganiums usage, REGARDLESS of whether golem is actually unhealthy or not. Now golem's usage has increased, and those who keep uguuing that TC wont ban golem finally found the discussion thread they were supposed to be using for 3 months, so we'll take another whack at it at the next TC meeting later this month. I do think it's kinda strange that for a while people complained UU was too wally, and now everyone is all gung ho about banning the tier's best wallbreaker. I get the argument that it's unhealthy but I'm just saying