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  1. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8hackmonscup-1578318038 turn 31/32 probably the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen in a showdown match. Let’s see who can explain the mechanic responsible!
  2. I've got a couple nice OTs in the box - one is an OT Fabel, an extremely cool CM from wayyyy back in the early 2013 days. And of course, the OT Senile cursequag
  3. just to be 100% clear i don't have any issue with the copying of the format (teams of players fighting in multiple tiers each week) its a great format and there's no harm in using it a lot. But I agree that we've hit an impasse and I respect your position. Ultimately if the host doesn't change the name it isn't the end of the world. If I was host - I'd change the name, because there's better reasons FOR changing than AGAINST changing. But hey, I'm the best PSL host in pokemmo history, so I can't expect everyone to live up to that
  4. Look - I do understand your point. I just disagree - I don't think calling this event "PSL" does anything to prevent confusion or to "let people know what kind of event it is" - there's a huge wall of text explaining exactly what kind of event it is lol. I also disagree that this event won't affect regular PSL - youre right it won't affect WC! that's because it's not called "WC Lab." If it was called WC Lab, it would be confusing and definitely have an effect on WC. What i don't understand, is how you and others can claim to not understand the problem. It's ok if you disagree, and don't think the name of the event is a big deal. But to say "I really can't understand why people are mad" or whatever - really? It's pretty simple why some people are mad about it. It's ok to care about things - like PSL, which has been the only good thing this game has had to offer in 5 years. Again, couldn't we add another new event to get pumped about? Why does it always have to be under the umbrella of PSL? Can't PSL just be PSL, and this be something new?
  5. and they couldn't think of another name? Like they could literally just change the name right now to PokeMMO Labs and everyone would drop their complaints, the tournament would be completely unaffected and no one would be confused. Or LSL - lab super league ESL - einstein super league coming up with unique names isn't hard if you arent lazy
  6. Draek is the man, but I disagree that lifting the PSL name is even remotely necessary for people to understand the format
  7. I don’t think anyone cares that they’re using the format
  8. Psl itself is just a cheap knockoff now anyway so if every random person that can raise 300m of worthless fake money wants to use the name for some reason then whatever. Not really sure why it needs the psl name though? How would it change anything if it was named Pokemmo Labs or something?
  9. The only reason I mentioned shed shell was in reference to magnet pull, a similiar "trapping" ability but one that isn't deemed banworthy. Huge difference between having to consider shed shell on steel types, vs. having to consider shed shell on literally every grounded mon in the game. Steel types are extremely strong but come with their drawbacks, one of which is magnet pull. Grounded mons make up like 75% of the entire metagame and fit into all sorts of categories - it's an objectively healther metagame where 75% of the mons don't have to sacrifice their item slot to avoid getting picked off anytime they see duggy
  10. two things that I think should be addressed: 1. it absolutely matters what kind of environment dugtrio is in, in a given tier, when determining if it's banworthy. As we've discussed on this site for YEARS, just because something is uncompetitive does not mean it is banworthy. Magnet pull is technically uncompetitive - it restricts user autonomy, takes away your ability to switch simply because you have a steel mon on your team. However, given that steel mons are only a small part of the meta, and that you can actually hold an item that negates magnet pull, it's not SO uncompetitive that it's banworthy. Same goes for dugtrio depending on its tier. It is uncompetitive in every tier, yes. But is it so uncompetitive that it becomes banworthy? That's a decision that needs to be made in each individual tier. Personally, i almost always think that answer is yes, but I still see the need to have that discussion - hence why this is a UU dugtrio thread and there may be an OU dugtrio thread down the road, if necessary. 2. usage DOES NOT EQUAL viability, and what people need to realize is that there's a certain stigma associated with using certain strategies deemed "uncompetitive." Therefore, you'll often see somewhat low usage of extremely effective and uncompetitive strategies just because people don't like to play that way, or don't want to be considered "cheap" for using that strat. Best example I can think of is the old full baton pass team. It was rare to see a full BP team back in the old OU - but it was EXTREMELY overpowered and uncompetitive. Why didn't you see it in 60% of matches, then? Because the community kind of recognized that it was uncompetitive, and that drove down usage. I absolutely think that affects dugtrio's usage, and hence usage should not be counted for much in this discussion (or any discussion about uncompetitive mons, IMO)
  11. Would like to take a moment to acknowledge those that we've lost - for me, Facsimile. I had a ton of good shit on that alt and the e-mail verification means he's gone forever ;-;
  12. just got a PM from a guy named Facsimile, he'll match as well. He just sent me the 5m
  13. Didn’t realize this psl was filled with a bunch of poors who hate fun. I tried shifting away from auction style for years and suddenly people don’t like auctions??
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