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  1. The community's outrage is being shamefully ignored
  2. I know this isn't even remotely the place for this rant but, why the hell does remoraid evolve into octillery? They aren't the same species it doesn't follow logically at all. Drives me crazy
  3. Because just glancing at its name physically pains me whereas I could care less about the prize. Titles should be grammatically correct unless the incorrect grammar is a part of the "pun." It is not here A is for consonants, An is for vowels (or vowel sounds, which Hawk does not contain). There I just saved you the entirety of 4th grade english class e: bilburt and I have decided to consult an expert. @DaftCoolio does the fact that "hawkward" is a pun take away the hard "h" sound in hawk?
  4. They'd fix those potholes if you paid more taxes. Then again I am a little biased since my salary comes from taxpayers pockets haha Edit to keep this on topic, super pumped for this tourney oh man
  5. Dk if anyone else but you and I are old enough to know what the IRS is tbh
  6. Why is the IRS getting involved?
  7. Hey I express myself through art, it's just writing and not drawing. Honestly though I'd try a little something for fun but I didn't even have time between my cases to enter a valid story in the last writing contest, I doubt I'll find time for this. We'll see though
  8. I am an avid spectator of these contests but will never enter. I don't really enjoy drawing or making graphic art
  9. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    Well I got duped by my own firefox into "refreshing my firefox experience" and 10 minutes later I lost 75+ gen 4 teams. not cool
  10. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen4ou-637625245 spdef ttar showing why its the GOAT
  11. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    Was prepping for a jury trial the last 7 days, haven't even logged once. When's gx coming?
  12. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    These ultra specific turn by turn scenarios are completely unhelpful. How does venusaur's presence in the meta influence your teambuilding? Is it too good not to use? What playstyles does it make overpowered/render obsolete and why?

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