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  1. Going to have to bring my A game based on what I've seen so far. I'm cooking something up, might be submitted this weekend...
  2. This is probably not a huge distinction, but keep in mind that banning deepseatooth or banning arena trap is not a complex ban. It's only a complex ban when you ban it on certain pokemon (like, for example, banning draco meteor on hydreigon)
  3. grats my friend. I'll hop on tonight and mail it
  4. baton pass should have just been flat banned, every single competitive pokemon gen has tried their own foolish method to "nerf" the move out of uncompetitiveness and it's failed every time.
  5. So if both managers, both players, and both teams involved fail to express their opposition to a trade, would you allow it?
  6. I don't care about the release really I'm just using this as an opportunity to push trades This is clearly in dispute based on the last page worth of posts, which begs the question - is this a good system when it's so subjective and easy to misinterpret? Why not simplify it?
  7. If you're saying that it's ok as long as it doesn't really matter, that's an extremely blurry standard and gives the host an enormous amount of discretion. Why not, trades are allowed and so is releasing? Very simple rules to follow, and gives the managers power over their own team
  8. I'm just shocked the host who doesn't want to give managers the autonomy to trade players, is allowing a manager the autonomy to release (far more drastic, as a released player can't play anymore but a traded player still gets to). Both should be allowed, fwiw.
  9. Sometimes hackmons cup sucks. Other times, you get a Simple accupressure krabby https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8hackmonscup-1056864767
  10. To your first point I would agree that there are certainly situations where a mon is so important to a tier that a complex ban might be worth considering - i'm reminded of curselax ban from a couple years ago. If I'm interpreting staff's position on banning correctly, their main concerns seem to be 1. not allowing players access to anything so strong that it lowers competitiveness of PVE experience (which is laughable but they've made this clear) and 2. attempting to not rendera pokemon completely useless in competitive play, ie when a pokemon is sitting in ubers and therefore cant be used in a single tier. I think the difference between OU and LC, following that logic, is that an LC banned mon could theoretically still be useful in another tier, or at least used - plus no LC mon is a threat to be OP in PVE. Regardless of those mental gymnastics I would just preach being delicate when considering whether a mon rises to the level taht it's so important for a tier, we should bypass traditional tiering (does it fit offensive/defensive/utility uber or unhealthy/uncompetitive?) and instead play "what move/ability can we ban to keep this in the tier?"
  11. The part of this inconsistency that's wrong is OU's propensity to limit flat bans, not that LC doesn't seem to play by the same rules. I'm not arguing that Misd w/o nasty plot is Not banworthy, you're probably right about that. My issue is, you can (and people WILL) apply that logic to literally any banworthy mon in any tier in the future if complex bans start to be normalized. Would rose still be banworthy in NU w/o sludge bomb? That's my eternal problem with the complex ban
  12. haha yeah i tried that tier a bit and could only stomach so many bug v. fire matchups
  13. Stumbleupon.com brought me here and tbh it was probably the last time I ever used that site
  14. I’ve been playing random doubles a lot lately and have decided that dynamax is actually really fun in a doubles setting. I know it’s just randoms but the way dynamax boosts your teammates stats too makes for some really interesting gameplay. Very glad it’s gone from OU but also glad it will live on in formats more suited for its existence
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