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  1. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-860115464 horrible fucking matchup against stealth rocks lmao. Vivillion, Dragonite, Zard, infernape - oh, and my 6th was fucking shedinja. Luckily, nasty nape got real nasty
  2. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-844629485 why have a gliscor answer when you have mega camerupt?
  3. I once 6-0d an OU team with endure/liechi agility Ariados. Doesn’t change the fact that you don’t know what a counter is
  4. Neither machamp, Breloom, or hera countered snorlax. I think you need to learn what basic tiering terms mean before you post further.
  5. This is a classic example of someone who has already made up their mind and has absolutely no intention of changing it, no matter what opposing viewpoints they are presented with. This isn’t a discussion, it’s a demand. And cognitive dissonance, an extremely powerful thing, is only fueling their stance Make your counter argument once, and then let it go. The guy will run out of steam eventually
  6. Alright some good banter in here, I like it. Should really save it for PSLX though. My thoughts are, damage dealt is OBJECTIVELY a stupid way to determine a winner. The first tiebreaker should be number of pokemon remaining - I can easily forsee a scenario where someone knows theyre completely outmatched by a bulkier or stall team, so they just fire aimlessly into the walls while drawing timer out as much as possible. You could be losing 3-1, 4-1, 4-2, etc. at the 60 minute mark while having done more damage (damage that was pointless, obviously, given the score). Then, if the pokes remaining are tied, you can move onto damage dealt or w/e. But pokes remaining is such an obvious first tiebreaker
  7. what? you have no basis for accusing completely unnamed people of nefarious reasons for wanting to ban conk. I have no problems with discussing OU in general on this thread, but I was specifically talking about people who think Conk SHOULDNT be banned because "then X will happen." Not only is this pure speculation, but we also don't keep broken things in the tier on the off chance something else might become broken later. If Conk is busted and OP, it'll go. Then we'll sort out what happens after This was why I was personally against a Draco meteor complex ban - because it opens up the floodgates for suggestions like this. "Hey since pokemon X had a complex ban to keep it from being OP why not do the same thing with pokemon Y?" And I'm not criticizing you for saying this - you are totally right and logical to think this way. However, complex bans are a dangerous thing to abuse and, IMO, should only be reserved for extreme situations where a regular flat ban isn't adequate. So, my personal opinion is that conk should just be banned if its too strong, and there's no reason to complicate things with a complex ban (not to mention the weeks long discussion we'll have about WHAT to complex ban)
  8. I'm sick of seeing "if you guys ban X, then Y will be too strong." We're here to discuss if conk is too strong in THIS meta, which exists right now and we can observe it. Speculating about what the future might hold if something is banned is, well, speculative and unreliable. Does not matter for tiering
  9. I'm free the next couple weekends but not the weekend of the 24th
  10. whoah whoah whoah you're telling me a max HP max Def blissey can tank a neutral physical hit from full health 50% of the time? mindblown.gif e: on second look, if you had gone with just a slightly bigger font size, I might have taken you seriously.
  11. The point of u-turn is not always to do damage, especially against NVE targets. The mere fact that you're u-turning on something that resists your stab means you already won that encounter, anyways Venomoth is awesome but let's not get carried away re: the physical set lol
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