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  1. I got one from a mystery box back then but can't remember if it was regular or PVP mystery box. I think you can get the cloud nest hat from them, too
  2. Pretty cool that the team with by far the best team name ended up winning
  3. Rys you once had showdown staff look into IP addresses to confirm ghosting, no? And it worked and caught a cheater that season, but I’m not sure it was all that much less of an invasion of privacy here’s the thing - I like yetto and I know you do too. I feel bad for him because there is definitely a chance (a small one imo but a chance nonetheless) that he just didn’t realize what he was doing was wrong. But if it were any other manager, I have a strong feeling you’d be far more focused on the paying an opponent prior to their extremely important match against you part than the leaking of chat logs or trade logs part
  4. I actually don’t think mienfoo fits Uber support, I think something like wobbu with the old shadow tag fits Uber support better. A huge part of foo’s appeal is that it can hold its own with a solid move pool and attack, even though forcing switches, bouncing in and out while regaining health is also very useful. Overall though it seems to fit overcentralizing and unhealthy to a greater degree - it’s hard for a meta game to evolve and grow if one pokemon is stifling team building so much that 80% of people slap it on by default, and if it’s also considered normal to devote two, three teamslots to answer it lol Again, best way to deal with this kind of suspect is to test ban for a month or two and look at usage post ban. How does the tier look - if 6-10 new Pokémon see a nice rise in usage to fill the void, that’s good! Diversity is healthy
  5. So what even happened with arena trap, I'm not sure I understand why it's allowed? I do agree with GB though, you can't evaluate mienfoo in the tier with arena trap allowed since it abuses trapping so well to take away its counters and checks. And with mienfoo, observation in the tier is the only real remedy for it's perceived unhealthiness (more specifically, observation of what LC would look like without mienfoo, as part of a suspect). I'd be really curious to see what mons step in to fill foo's void in a suspect
  6. Let's just change Guts so that it only lasts for 3 turns? Also, sheer force on conk can only work for stab moves. Let's shave its Attack down by 10 BP too. Mach punch with conk - now does 30 BP instead of 40. Done - easy, simple, not complex at all. I see no problems with any of this, but if anyone would like to respond with arguments as to why they truly know what is the problem with conk, please feel free.
  7. This is the best point in the entire thread, and one I hadn't quite been able to put my finger on until now
  8. The problem is, Drizzle is a Hidden Ability for Politoed, and we don't have access to hidden abilities yet. The devs likely have bigger plans for introducing them, I think it was mentioned once that they might be a part of Legendary Dungeons which have been talked about on occasion
  9. This is going to sound awful rich coming from me of all people, so let me just premise this by saying that OF COURSE tc members should have a working knowledge of the current metagame in their respective tier. That being said, these activity checks don't seem like a good idea, and could potentially just lead to chaos. We have a nice sized competitive community here, but do we really have the depth near the top to be constantly shuffling players in and out of the TC if they fail to meet their arbitrary "games played" requirements? Why not just give the overseeing counsel the discretion to ask someone to step down from TC ("ask") if they don't believe they're keeping up with the current metagame trends? We could sit here arguing for days about how many games you have to play, 50, 100, 75? winrate? 70%+, 65%+, on and on and on. It's a "I know it when I see it" situation, we can tell when someone's out of touch with the current meta (ie when I try to chime in on tier threads nowadays). Just my two cents, overall though yea this is loooooong overdue
  10. not 100% sure if it's utilized here as much as other gens, but I think a screech dugtrio set can handle chansey pretty well
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