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  1. Wouldn't affect the quality of PSL imo
  2. Hmm, knows that Doc coaches. That narrows it down to 3,000 people
  3. Still got a 3m donation on deck if dpp is the tier selected. Would bring us to a nice clean 30m prize pool, just saying...
  4. I think you underestimate the amount of players who don't coach/get coached because its against the rules and they don't want to just fuck the integrity of PSL for a slightly better chance to win. My guess is, thats about 75% of PSL. So, if we use the asinine "we cant stop coaching 1000% of the time so might as well eliminate all rules period" logic you can expect that number to go down significantly, which produces shitty puppet matches and eliminates any system of value in the auction There's a middle ground between "completely allow coaching" and "lets eliminate so much fun from PSL that its not even worth playing anymore." Shit, why not have the MMO matches be played in secret too? The two competitors have to both run to the top of mt ember where squirtle will oversee the match and both players chats, and the community can just be told the score later?
  5. this is ridiculously ironic considering your stance on coaching in general
  6. Gunthug

    [PSL X] Player Registration

    Ign: Gunthug Timezone: CDT Tiers: Showdown Fluff: They say I can only play DPP. They say I can't win in the playoffs https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-617120322 currently undefeated in SM OU, with the above playoff win
  7. everyone who voted SM OU indirectly caused these manager picks, via the butterfly effect. Hope you're happy
  8. I don't agree with some of the picks (how is kimi not in?) but there were definitely more than 8 good applicants, and believe me, choosing managers is not an easy task. Season will be fine
  9. Not to mention I'm pretty positive it came out that she was hard coached anyways. Can any results from last season be trusted?
  10. *gets 1 like* @DoubleJinteresting, I've seen nothing but linken praise in this thread and yet one player absolutely thrashed him last season. Cant remember who though, hmmmmmm
  11. That might have been the reason think posted on the thread to smooth it over with the MMO crowd. But anyone who was actually in the upper circle around that time, knew the real reason dpp was selected was because its historically regarded as the most competitive tier (this was before smou existed, though)
  12. I personally would love to see GB attempt to play even one single competitive smogon event in any tier from any gen and get fucking destroyed. You're a slightly above average mmo player who really hasn't done much here despite devoting your life and 23 hours a day to this garbage metagame, which gives you literally 0 credibility in any actual serious competitive pokemon circle. But since you're pulling the strings of psl while too much of a weenie to actually be host, I'm sure we'll end up with another mmo tier instead of showdowm
  13. I was going to read your argument earlier for randoms but then you called it "a argument" and I felt confident it would be more stupid fred bullshit. So instead I'll just use common sense and remain with the opinion that randoms are for people who arent good enough to play actual tiers (or just for blowing off steam) and dont belong in psl except for salty suite
  14. Anyone seriously suggesting randoms should be banned for a season

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