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  1. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-674205755 this one almost got away from me, but patience prevailed
  2. OU Viability Thread

    Not sure if it's a thing in our meta but I know that elsewhere, hurricane on volcarona is an option, especially to help with rain teams. Kinda wrecks hariyama, who has no business in OU from what I can tell
  3. Prankster Ability

    It's not like if they hadn't coded multiscale, they would have then had time to code something else. It was probably an easy fix that went hand in hand with something else they fixed or something
  4. Show the type and the power of a CT at the Mart

    Technical machine
  5. I am currently unable to understand you, yes. Think it has more to do with your tenuous grasp of English though. But hey you can tell yourself whatever helps you sleep at night. Pretty sure you were just trying to brag about making a million or whatever
  6. Good intentions? The entire thread was just an incredibly transparent attempt at bragging lol
  7. It's a good thing he's censoring those words with *'s or that would be super inappropriate!
  8. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    The entire reason people are mad is because they'll have to rebreed their old comps, which they sunk a lot of money into, in order to get new HA comps. Ditto is a really really bad example to address that concern. So are the pokes you listed earlier, which were: Slowbro, slowking, breloom, porygon, kingdra, crobat, alakazam, clefable, pikachu, typhlosion, dragonite, salamence, gyarados, starmie. Of those, Breloom, Kingdra, Clefable, mence, gyara, starmie all have perfectly good HAs and won't NEED to be rebred for the HA (will probably make sense to breed a new one and keep 2). I think GB came in after you and provided a better list, but lets try to keep sight on what we're arguing about, ok?
  9. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    I get that the genderless are gonna be the real money sinks, but I dunno. I'm having trouble getting worked up about this - hidden abilities are a new thing, why should we expect our old stuff to suffice anymore? Again though, I don't have very much stake in this so take what I say with a grain of salt. I wasn't directing the "our playerbase will be destroyed" comment at you, it's a sentiment I've seen several times in this and other threads discussing the update and the new changes Also, that's your great example? All of the comp players that will have to CAST ASIDE their old competitive dittos in order to rebreed an imposter ditto???? Boy, that could really put a dent in our competitive playerbase
  10. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Terrible examples even the second time through, most of the ones you listed are fine without their HA and most active comp players will likely want one of each Regardless though I guess I'm not in a great spot to give people trouble about this issue - I personally have not sunk hours and hours into breeding comps recently and I don't plan to, I get all my competitive urges out of the way on a website that let's me create comps with the snap of my fingers. What is absurd though is the notion that implementing HAs this way will destroy the playerbase. Most of you will still play comp if HAs are introduced like this. An enormous amount of players WILL put in the time to rebreed their old comps to make new toys. And the game will go on as usual. Why do we need to do the same old "the game is doooooooomed" charade?
  11. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Why are you naming off new Pokemon? It's not like people had a box of lucarios before the update and will have to rebreed them when HAs come out. At this point if you breed something that will need to be rebred for HA it's your own damn fault
  12. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Yeah I think you're absolutely right that a lack of team preview makes dugtrio problematic but the consensus seems to be that we'll be getting working gen 4/5 abilities soon, and so the bulk of tiering speculation is probably premature at this point edit: it doesn't hurt anything to discuss, though
  13. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    Kyur's ability is basically mold breaker, it negates levitate

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