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  1. Stumbleupon.com brought me here and tbh it was probably the last time I ever used that site
  2. I’ve been playing random doubles a lot lately and have decided that dynamax is actually really fun in a doubles setting. I know it’s just randoms but the way dynamax boosts your teammates stats too makes for some really interesting gameplay. Very glad it’s gone from OU but also glad it will live on in formats more suited for its existence
  3. I think this post right here would have been a much more adequate way of expressing, well, exactly what you said in this post. None of that was implied by your previous post
  4. yeah but have you considered the incredibly strong counter-ban argument that I'll repost below?
  5. I'm genuinely curious which fast/frail gallade revenge killers are being cold-switched in on druddi
  6. You can't knock Soy for speculating about what the meta would look like after a druddigon ban - to me, the ONLY ban characteristic he could fit under is Unhealthy, and that requires you to make arguments about how the meta would look without Drudd in it. Personally I don't see how gallade would be affected by his removal, as I don't think drudd is really discouraging U-turn right now and some posts seem to confirm that. However, speculating about a meta post-ban is really, really hard to do. There are a lot of butterfly-wing consequences that happen over time, which are really hard to theorymon. Therefore, if enough momentum builds for drudd being unhealthy, I think the only solution would be a suspect test. Take this with a grain of salt from an inactive player. However, after some fun discussion on discord today while annoying everyone in the PSL group, I've decided to take an interest in drudd and spec some higher level NU matches. Will report back
  7. I’m putting 5m on frags team to win, I want 2:1 odds (if he wins I get 10m). One taker only...for now
  8. It's been kind of fascinating to see the LC meta kind of get out in front of the OU meta to address several problems you mentioned. Obviously it's not a perfect comparison, the nature of LC amplifies problems like dynamax and moody, but still - dynamax banned already and moody followed shortly after. Could end up being invaluable to the OU discussion, since that's bonafide precedent. Overall, I agree and think dynamax should go - it's a relatively cool mechanic that shifts the balance of competitive play far too much. Every turn pre-dynamax becomes a 50/50 and I think it'll only prove more unhealthy over time
  9. Mixed swampert could help with skarm
  10. But again, viewing this game as an MMO instead of just multiple people playing a single player game, what ELSE would you consider to be the equivalent of "rare/ultra rare weapons/armor?" Legendaries, no matter how many of them there are, are the only things that potentially fill that void. It's not whether its "bad" or not if people have them. It's that the devs want to eventually make this game a true MMO with MMO-like endgame content, and legendaries represent the ideal reward for those goals. Not saying this is good or a desirable path, only that it's VERY CLEARLY what the devs are doing and any confusion about this is, well, confusing
  11. I'm not really sure why the focus on legendaries not being widely available is on, well, the stuff you guys are rambling about above. I would think anyone who has ever played an MMO before would understand the reasoning behind the lack of implementation - legendaries are this game's form of "ultra rare weapons/armor" and they clearly have long term game designs in mind for how to implement them. Simply making them just as catchable as any other pokemon, just as breedable, just as splashable, totally deflates their overall significance in an MMO context. So yeah, as a competitive player (well, former competitive player [well, former attempted competitive player]) I'd love to have the legendaries to add very necessary depth to the metagame. However, again, it's pretty obvious why we don't have them. Devs cant exactly allow us access to legendaries and then later put them behind a wall like legendary dungeons - that wouldn't be fair to those who came later and didn't have access to them originally. So they are forced to sit in limbo while other, more lucrative things occupy the devs attention.
  12. It's entirely possible to just say "yes, you're right," you know. No one is forcing you to defend Calm Mind Entei and discredit yourself even further lol
  13. Arcanine gets wild charge in mmo, right?
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