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  1. whenever ur free today, dpp challenge still stands
  2. trying to farm Extra, Extra right now and running into a HHG-esque dry spell. In PVP i've been really enjoying a modern venus control deck, also recently went on a nice streak with a beatdown gozuki+Red eyes deck That card in the preview for the Mokuba event looks pretty badass btw, the pyro/aqua dragon
  3. Let's do it tomorrow I mustered up the strength to go out tonight somehow E: or in like 4 hours when I bail
  4. you wanna get some bo3 action going on soon? 250k to the winner?
  5. the fuck are you talking about
  6. How about both lel
  7. whoah spoiler alert
  8. missed a great, obvious chance to hit mantine with a camerupt tbolt but still pulled that easy W anyway edit: watch bulu put in work at turn 11, jeez
  9. Sweet v me in 10
  10. Sweet and I tomorrow, 6:30 pm edt. I'll be there on my main account, gunthug
  11. How many managers knew? Lkrenz didn't, and if zebra didnt actually announce it how the hell was he supposed to know? I just don't get why you would sign up on your third alt regardless, especially when you've had issues with circumventing psl rules in the past. Then to do a bunch of shady shit like tell peiole on axelgor that you're too busy to play, even though you're playing, it's just strange. If zebra decides not to enforce the rules this season that's fine, I guess the 3rd time this happens whoever does it will really get a stiff warning I'm sure.
  12. Well the question of whether CATHSCHF or whatever was a legitimate in game account, and the question of what identity has he gone by before are two completely separate questions. It's kind of a big deal if you didn't explicitly tell people at the midseason draft (specifically, the managers) that this seemingly unknown person is, in fact, a well known and successful former NU player. This was a massive controversy when TheFireLion, using information not known to every manager, bought shinytaillow (aka bluejim) for what, 4k credits? I'm still not sure I know all the details here, but I feel like an understanding was reached the last time this happened that further attempts to do this woul be dealt with immediately, not shelved for future seasons consideration
  13. Ah ok, I thought maybe something like that happened at draft but I wasn't there. If zebra made the announcement I see no problem with anything
  14. My question is, did every manager know about his actual identity when he was drafted? And it's not really a question since I already know the answer
  15. So is anyone else just now finding out that that catshchfh guy is gazelli? Or is it just me?