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  1. 2 t's in "latter," you dunce
  2. What's a good deck to really get the most out of last gamble? I've got a nice BEWD deck that will certainly enjoy it but want to start farming for something new
  3. Don't think I have the cards for that deck, but yeah cerb was definitely hit or miss. Mfw just got last gamble again the very next duel lol, 15 gems richer I guess
  4. Woo got last gamble on a mere 3k Pegasus score, was pissed because i had to attack with cerberus before I hit 5k+ damage or I'd have lost. AND that same score pushed me over 3 mil so got myself a toon DMG too. Ready for this event to end now
  5. Hate to be a nitpicker but, many pokemmo historians actually cite [COPE]'s heroic 2015 TT finals run as Sceptile's coming out party (right @DaftCoolio)
  6. There's like no shiny drama anymore haha, it sucks. Nowadays if you want a shiny that someone else has, you just go farm for it
  7. Wow I'm honored Take away the overkill "America is great" theme and this could actually be a pretty cool king of the hill style spin on the world cup
  8. been messing around with my best budget version of that lord of D + BEWD deck, really loving it - landed a kaibaman this morning too while randomly hopping on in the courthouse lel. Super low on gate keys though, which makes last gamble farming tough for me right now, i could really use it
  9. these guys rock
  10. Haha yeah I think murci brought that up in another post too and he's not wrong, prizes for official tourneys are pretty bad and often not worth the time it takes to even play in one. However, the main incentive for playing in tournaments is still the prestige and glory that comes from being an official tournament winner, which plays back into my last post. Ranked matchmaking doesn't have the same prestige that goes along with it to overshadow the lack of a good prize
  11. In @Murcielagos defense I do think part of the reason tournaments are generally considered superior boils down to tradition. Matchmaking is still pretty new but for the "old guard" tourneys have been the indicator of comp success for years and years and it's really hard to change that perception. This is probably part of the reason more top players don't play matchmaking too, it's a vicious cycle that can only be broken by upping the incentive to play matchmaking imo
  12. old meta team v old meta team. trying to get back into gen7 now, want to build a team with mega medicham and see if its as strong as everyone keeps whining about
  13. Almost there, and didn't even think to check Pegasus skills haha that's a huge relief
  14. still no toon world from pegasus, kill me. have 3 mermaids though, at least
  15. yeah i can't imagine it has much else useful to run in that 4th slot anyway, unless you wanted to toss on a screen