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  1. Gunthug

    Team Tournament July (28th, Saturday)

    it's a little early to crown the winner of the july TT, no?
  2. Gunthug

    NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    The point of u-turn is not always to do damage, especially against NVE targets. The mere fact that you're u-turning on something that resists your stab means you already won that encounter, anyways Venomoth is awesome but let's not get carried away re: the physical set lol
  3. I feel you on this but the job as judge would be overwhelming if it was higher word limit. God I hate that last minute scramble to get under the limit though
  4. Gunthug

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    See what I mean
  5. Gunthug

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Stop taking comedy classes from gb We didn't neglect how the rest of the tier would deal with it, but thats just speculation. Speculation can be wrong (and you don't have to have played very long to remember a TC decision involving speculation that ended up wrong). So, for me at least, the safe move was to test it - since, with a pokemon like haxorus (as opposed to something like blastoise in the old NU) it would be immediately apparent if it was too powerful. I think zebra pointed this out at one point in the discussion - whats the worst it can do? Destroy teams that run 5 walls for a tournament or two?
  6. My original idea, I just decided, would probably take me around 10,000 words. On to plan B
  7. Gunthug

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    @Zenor I actually think we discussed bringing it back down but I can't remember what the consensus was - there were certainly TC members who thought it deserved another chance since, as you said, the meta has changed. However let's not draw a false equivalence between haxorus and poryz - we got to see poryz shred UU for weeks before we decided yeah, it's banworthy. Hax, on the other hand, had never been in the tier and so the standard for a quick, test-less ban is much higher
  8. Gunthug

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    While obviously strong psychic types, as well as strong pokemon with psychic type moves, can CHECK conkeldurr (ie: if its 1v1, conk probably dies or has to switch out) the issue with conk is finding something that can switch in vs. it. So lets say conk comes in on blissey, and now you've gotta switch out or your only answer to special attackers is done for. Which of the above pokemon are coming in? Volc takes 50% to rocks, so good luck stomaching a conk hit, even a fighting type move Chandelure can try to predict a drain punch but if it comes in on payback, it dies (also rocks damage is never good, and it has 0 recovery) Gengar, same issue Alakazam is so paper thin that it cant even come in on a conk fighting move, i think drain punch + mach might honestly kill after rocks but I'm not calcing it because its absurd espeon isn't much better, and ofc can't come in on a payback So while your calcs are good to show that conk has answers once it kills something (and you can bring in a revenge killer) it doesn't prevent conk from doing its job - breaking walls for OTHER pokemon to sweep. I'm not saying conk is banworthy, just that we KNOW it has checks. What it lacks are counters
  9. Gunthug

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Can we get some community input on Haxorus in UU? It just dropped down below the cutoff and after a lengthy amount of discussion by the council at yesterday's meeting, we decided to go ahead and test it in the tier despite its power on paper. Obviously, the argument for banning is that it can set up two different ways (SD and DD), though with such a favorable speed tier the DD boost isn't always necessary. Meanwhile, with absurd base attack multiplied by every swords dance, there really isn't much to stand in its way. On the flip side of the coin, it doesn't have mold breaker (yet) so bronzong doesn't have too much trouble handling it - even though +2 dragon claws do absurd damage. Also, it's not immune to any hazards or priority and without recovery has a hard time with longevity, keeping its sweeping ability in check somewhat. some other potential answers that were mentioned were max def slowbro, max def umbreon, weezing (until mold breaker kek).
  10. This may shock you, but the odds of unfreezing dont actually change based on how many turns you've been frozen https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambler's_fallacy
  11. Gunthug

    RIP X

    Fuck that guy
  12. Prize is meh but oh well, I dig the prompt. Lot of interesting things already coming to mind
  13. Gunthug

    Hydreigon & Draco Meteor

    I mean I agree it should be tested @DoubleJ but let's take any bw comparisons with a big massive grain of salt. You didn't even mention that gen 5 had access to a huge group of legendaries which provided general firepower and a power creep that overshadowed hydre's strength
  14. Gunthug

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    Not to get too off topic here but you need to take like, 20 seconds and think about this logic. If a lucky egg is something people only really need 1 of, their value is obviously going to deteriorate because demand will continue to shrink, while supply rises. Kyu talking about potential changes to them isn't having nearly as much of an effect as the actual reason Kyu wants to change how they work - they just aren't a good commodity at the moment. Making them consumable would actually increase demand and potentially help their value
  15. Gunthug

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    The irony of making a zero content response to my zero content post is lost on you, I'm sure. But keep defending xatu, that's a great look You claim he cares about the game, but he doesn't. If he actually cared about making the game better and not just desperately grabbing for attention with every single post, he wouldn't be so abrasive, accusatory, and completely untruthful all the time. He refuses to take even an ounce of criticism, or remotely consider any attempt to compromise or explain alternative viewpoints. Meanwhile, the devs seem like they've been pretty clear they're not gonna just give out hidden ability pills. The correct response to this is not to constantly create new, useless threads begging them to reconsider without really even knowing all the details behind the implementation.

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