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  1. When I got up in the morning, I saw the message coming from pokemmo's mailbox. I thought it was unsealed. I saw that the appeal was rejected. It took 17 days from the appeal to the reply. I looked at it every morning, noon and evening. I was very upset every day because I really like pokemmo. Suddenly I realized that it was very important to me. The reason for my title is real money trading, and I am very helpless, because I really did not carry out RMT. The biggest transaction I made on that day was that I bought a zombie proton genggui for about 1.025m in the trading line. Is this my name? A
  2. My account was blocked by mistake, had appealed fast a week, when just have reply? Why did my friend play Pokemmo for three years, click for help, and get a response within hours? What is the meaning of the latest update time in the appeal? I love Pokemmo and have played it for about 1000 hours without breaking the rules or ruining the atmosphere. My complaint work order should be 122597. I hope the administrator can see it and help me check it again. 我的帐号被误封禁了,已经申诉快一周了,什么时候才有回复啊?为什么我的朋友玩了三年pokemmo,点申请帮助,几个小时就有回复了?还有申诉里面的最近更新时间是什么意思?我很喜欢pokemmo,也玩了上千小时左右,不会去违反规则,破坏游戏氛围。我的申诉工作单应该是12
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