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  1. When I got up in the morning, I saw the message coming from pokemmo's mailbox. I thought it was unsealed. I saw that the appeal was rejected. It took 17 days from the appeal to the reply. I looked at it every morning, noon and evening. I was very upset every day because I really like pokemmo. Suddenly I realized that it was very important to me. The reason for my title is real money trading, and I am very helpless, because I really did not carry out RMT. The biggest transaction I made on that day was that I bought a zombie proton genggui for about 1.025m in the trading line. Is this my name? At that time, I was very angry because I really didn't have RMT, but anger couldn't solve the problem. So I clicked on the game interface to apply for help to appeal. I directly used Chinese to appeal, and then after checking all kinds of information online, I used Chinese and English templates to appeal, waiting every day. Online said no, really did not do, do not be afraid, complaints on the line, the official will check. To tell you the truth, I really don't know how the official judges RMT. Even if I was mistakenly sealed, I've played for thousands of hours, and I probably know how to play the game, such as thief, picking up garbage, moving bricks, fishing and so on. I've always abided by the rules of the game, never going to open the hook, open scripts and so on. Slowly, I spend a few hours on the road, and a few days on catching pets, I didn't expect that one day I would be granted the title of RMT. I really don't have RMT, and I would often trade. To be honest, I don't know how the official judges it. Anyway, I don't have RMT. The official said that based on the evidence collected, we came to the conclusion that you participated in the real money assets in the game. I'm really speechless. What evidence? Can you show it? I feel that the official member's reply is very perfunctory. The reply is just like copy and paste. I'm really helpless. It's useless for me to reply so much. I was fascinated by the official judgment. 早上起床,我看见pokemmo邮箱来消息了,以为号解封了,一看是申诉驳回了,从申诉到回复一共17天,我每天早上中午晚上都看一遍有回复了没,每天都很烦躁,因为我真的很喜欢pokemmo,突然间才知道它很我重要。我的封号理由是Real Money Trading,我就很无奈,因为我真的没有进行RMT,我当天进行的最大交易是在交易行花了1.025m左右买了一个僵尸质子耿鬼,这个就封我号?当时我是很生气的,因为我的确没有RMT,但生气不能解决问题,我就在游戏界面点开申请帮助进行申诉,我就直接用中文申诉,然后在网上查看各种资料后,用了中文和英文的模板进行申诉,每天苦苦等待。网上的说没有真的没有做的不用怕,申诉就行,官方会明查的。说实话我真的不知道官方怎么判定RMT的,我就是被误封的,我也玩了上千小时了,也大约知道这个游戏怎么玩了,小偷,捡垃圾,搬砖,钓鱼之类的,我也一直遵守游戏规则,从不会去开挂,开脚本之类的,慢慢的肝,花几小时打道,花几天去抓宠物,我没想到有一天我会被RMT封号,我真的没有RMT,我也会经常进行交易,说实话我不知道官方怎么判定的,反正我没有RMT,官方说根据收集到的证据,我们得出结论,你参与了游戏中的真钱资产易。我真的很无语,什么证据?能不能摆出来?就感觉官方成员的回复很敷衍,回复是复制粘贴一样。真的很无奈,我回复这么多内容一点用都没有。我就觉得官方的判定很迷,我就得我在打圣诞节活动时,认识了几个朋友,我们聊的很投机,当时刚通合众一周目,说自己想捡垃圾,他们送了一个3V100级喵喵给我,当时真的很开心,为什么当时不说我RMT?查RMT可以去查交易行那些急金店,他们低价收东西,不涉嫌RMT?真的心累,能不能好好查查,我可以发誓我真的没有RMT,我去RMT干嘛呢?这游戏我玩了5个多月了,用了很多时间去玩,花了很多心血,真的割舍不下,我开了个小号玩打完飞云市了,打不下去了,一看聊天频道,交易频道,就感觉很心塞,我大号才刚刚开始感受pvp的乐趣,为什么就误封了?为什么啊?我真的很喜欢pokemmo,很公平,不像其它游戏不充钱玩不下去,在pokemmo我真的很快乐,我 从来就没有想过去破坏游戏氛围,我无论玩什么游戏都不会去开挂,开脚本,这是我第一次玩游戏被封号。希望官理员能帮我再查查,我这段时间在论坛也知道,申诉结果是最终结果,但我真的是被误封的,希望官理员能帮帮我。我还想和我的好朋友一起玩pokemmo,我真的很喜欢pokemmo。我知道我在论坛发布这些有关封号的内容是不好的行为,贴会被封掉,会引起官理员不好印象,但我真的很无助,我只能来这里,求官理员帮帮。
  2. My account was blocked by mistake, had appealed fast a week, when just have reply? Why did my friend play Pokemmo for three years, click for help, and get a response within hours? What is the meaning of the latest update time in the appeal? I love Pokemmo and have played it for about 1000 hours without breaking the rules or ruining the atmosphere. My complaint work order should be 122597. I hope the administrator can see it and help me check it again. 我的帐号被误封禁了,已经申诉快一周了,什么时候才有回复啊?为什么我的朋友玩了三年pokemmo,点申请帮助,几个小时就有回复了?还有申诉里面的最近更新时间是什么意思?我很喜欢pokemmo,也玩了上千小时左右,不会去违反规则,破坏游戏氛围。我的申诉工作单应该是122597,希望官理员看见,帮我再查一次。
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