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  1. I'm perfectly voted this suggestions because it's hard to make a transaction in other player that has a different languages I hope mods or cm approved this.
  2. Hi this is me DavidTzy, today I will show you the quick tips of how to beat every single gym in unova so let's get start. The Elemental Trio Gym - this three gym leader is basically has a logic so let me explain first if you choose tepig as your starter pokemon you will be fighting against Cress the Water type of the trio as we know fire is so weaker in Water Type, if you choose snivy as your starter pokemon in the first place as we know snivy is a Grass Type pokemon and do you know that Grass type is no match for Fire type so after you choose snivy you will be head against Chili t
  3. as you can see many players talk about rebatling so what is rebatling? Rebatling - from the word rebat means repeating an another battle with the same guy, so in this thread I will discuss how is important to rebat a gym leader. Step by Step: 1st step - so you need to finish the region before rebatling in gyms 2nd step - You need some Level 100 pokemons and gym rebat team ( https://pokepast.es/46a55337be60f5a0) this is my rebat team 3rd step - you need some time schedule what time where you go to rebat the gyms 4th step - be patient remember this quo
  4. Hi this is your boy David today I will show you quickly tips on farming lum Berry in PokeMMO. START PLANTING = 12:00 NN WATERING - After you plant the seeds quickly watered your plants until the 5 droplets sign is full 2ND WATERING = 11 PM 3RD WATERING = 10 AM 4TH WATERING = 9 PM HARVEST TIME = 8 AM THIS IS THE LIST OF LUM BERRY COMBO FROM MISTRALTON: very sweet 74x very spicy 74x very dry 74x FROM MISTRALTON - ABUNDANT very sweet 156x very spicy 156x very dry 156x
  5. many players are confused as to which city the ship will ship back to another region or to another Region here is the list of ships and their city Kanto Region = Vermillion City After you finish the Cerulean gym which is misty water type gym leader you will go to the Vermillion city and you can easy access the Boat. Hoenn Region = Slateport City after you finish the second gym which is brawly fighting type gym leader Talk to mr. Briney and you will choose the Slateport and and you you will go there with Mr. Briney Sinnoh Region = Pastoria city
  6. If you have a business or event and you want some have just pm me at my discord and we will talk about the price. Discord: DavidTzy#3703
  7. Hi this is David your friendly businessman I'm selling some ditto boxes just pm me at discord and it will go to the good conversation 1 ditto box = 180k 5 ditto box = 850k 10 ditto box = 1.6M
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