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  1. Wow... Outstanding cosmetic! When does it get added?
  2. Brave the sands of Route 111 to find the fabled Trapinch! Might be some sandshrews in the way... The event will be held in Hoenn, Route 111 on Thursday May 6th, 12pm-1pm ET Time converter: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html Valid Entries: Sandshrew Trapinch + 5 Nature Bonuses: Jolly + 2 Adamant + 3 Docile + 5 Prizes (subject to increase if donations are received) 1st: $3,500,000 2nd: $2,500,000 3rd $1,500,000 4th $750,000 5th (Lowest)
  3. ***UPDATE: The event had to be postponed due to an internet outage occurring immediately as the event was due to start (thanks Spectrum.) The time for the event has been updated to reflect the new date*** The Event: Catch anything that moves in Rock Tunnel! Highest IV + Bonus total wins! Event time: 3pm ET - 4pm ET, Friday April 23rd https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20210423T160000&p1=tz_et&p2=1440&p3=51&p4=155 Bonuses: Zubat: -1 (Really annoying :v) Geodude: None :D Machop/Mankey: +2
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      Thank you! I enjoy being one a lot! 

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