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  1. 小号蛋闪杰尼龟58=1
  2. 下午小号做搬砖队伍的时候,意外闪了杰尼龟58h=1
  3. 前言:不会与任何帖子产生纠纷,如果有请在下方告知! 位置:巨人洞窟深草丛 13号道路深草丛 开喷雾遇怪等级:大嘴蝠55级 阿勃俊鲁55级 注意:55级阿勃俊鲁会灭亡之歌,要隔音特性的精灵,有时候也会遇到双怪! 推荐首发精灵:宝石海星55级发光特性 烈焰马55级逃跑特性 大尾立55级逃跑特性 隔音特性精灵:魔墙人偶爆音怪 如果有什么不足,可以在下边补充! 带个小偷,偷生命宝珠! 勿喷,谢谢!
  4. As for the moon cake, at present we can only get the moon cake by picking it up, but we cannot know when the moon cake will end or whether it is permanent
  5. Rottenko

    Hi Guys.

    Hi SleVoR Welcome to Pokemom Have fun😊
  6. I think Sinnoh was updated last year, so the developers didn't develop hiding capabilities so quickly🙂
  7. Soroa can be found day and night, and the maps are not accurate
  8. 偷金币闪了233 602=9-1
  9. Rottenko


    Hi, welcome to Pokemmo. Have fun😄
  10. 变化洞窟的精灵有图图犬 戴鲁比 熊宝宝 勾魂眼 布鲁 咩利羊 长尾怪手都是非常稀有的,所以说还是别去变化洞窟抓
  11. I'd love to see it, but I'm not sure they're in the works
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