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  1. welcome to the Jungle
  2. Buena guia recopilando los spam de hordas mas usuales del game, buen detalle agregar las bayas
  3. The most common pokemon that you can find in the first routes of hoeen, zigzagon, pochinita
  4. Supposedly says a theory that it is the arcane beginnings sideburns subject that is warwick and that I witnessed what jinx did
  5. OGRUB

    Hi hi

    If you have problems accessing your old account and you have the email you can try to put it and wait for the message that sends you happy night https://pokemmo.eu/
  6. I doubt they add this shortcut, but it's interesting.πŸ€”
  7. Welcome to pokemon MMO I hope you have a good time
  8. [Es] Hola Recuerda poner una traduccion en ingles cuando vuelvas a hablar por el foro, y no no hay ningun beneficio por denunciar a los tramposos, solo esta el sentimiento de limpiar la comunidad. [EN] Hello Remember to put an English translation when you speak again on the forum, and there is no benefit for reporting cheats, there is only the feeling of cleaning the community.
  9. Sure for chinese new year they come back
  10. Without a doubt, a very good series based on a video gameπŸ˜…
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