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  1. Team Name: LC Rules Captain: KupoKun Players: SebbyKun, Susume, KupoKun, Crible, DragoXelsie, Ghostfaze, PedroUnicoLindo, ItsGrey, Complutum, LunaDarkRose Subs: RareBush CheerLeaders: None
  2. In game name - Crible Country - Scotland/United Kingdom Tier - Doubles Discord Tag - ꧁Crible꧂#7821
  3. Money, Money for Everyone! Details Tournament | 6v6 OU | Single Battle | This tournament will work a bit differently. You will be sorted into brackets as normal. However whenever you win a match you will win a little bit of money. For example if you win your first match you will also win 25k. Then if you win my second match you will then also win 25k. If you then lose your third match then you will still win the amount you have collected from winning the previous two matches. So this way everyone who enters will have a chance to win just a little bit of money. Depending on how many people enter we may have more money leftover at the end for bonuses for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Or the money won for winning each match may be increased. Date Saturday 10th, April Time 2PM UTC | Time Zone Converter Registration Private message Crible with your IGN to be placed into a bracket for this tournament. This event is for anyone within the ENIX server. Place Will be held in Vermillion CH2
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